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It is our belief that you want and deserves bathroom remodeling services that’s so much more than just functional.

We want to give you a bathroom you are proud of, a bathroom in which you can luxuriate. We provide top-notch bathroom remodeling services, from the first step until the very first time you turn on the tap.

Our plumbers and contractors are licensed professionals who do only first-rate work. We do not miss a single detail, from the bathroom cabinets to the sink, from the toilet to the shower and bathtub, and all the finishing’s, including vanities.

Besides, we can work within any budget, whether you want a full renovation or a minor update. The size of your wallet does not matter – we will work with what you can afford to spend. We will make sure that your bathroom remodel before and after will be worth it!

And we will not stop working until you’re satisfied, 100 percent. That’s our promise. That’s our guarantee. We want you to have the bathroom renovation you’ve always dreamed of, maybe modern, maybe traditional. That’s your choice. Any way you choose, we deliver the dream!

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Extensive selection of quality kitchen cabinets. Our showroom contains several complete kitchen designs to help you fully experience the form and functionality of your dream kitchen.


From simple granite to exotic stones, from natural marble to exquisite quartz, the possibilities are endless. Our highly trained designers will help you select the perfect stone for your project.


From cabinet hardware to kitchen fixtures, we can help you select the perfect shape and the correct size to complement your overall design.


Our design professional can help you achieve the look you desire with our wide variety of flooring possibilities. We offer an endless possibility of tile choices to suit every style and fit every budget.

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Bathroom Remodeling Service

Aside from remodeling your kitchen, planning for a fresh remodel of your bathroom is a wise investment. Bathroom remodels boost aesthetics and creates a relaxing atmosphere. However, it won’t be easy to handle this project by yourself. Fortunately, we provide an amazing bathroom remodeling service at USA Cabinet Store that will help you fully realize your dream bathroom space.

We employ only the best designers and contractors to manage our professional bathroom remodeling solutions. With our 10+ years of experience – in addition to our modern design & installation technology – the USA Cabinet Store is one of the most trusted local bathroom remodelers across the country.

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Bathroom Remodeling

We believe that every bathroom remodel deserves the best design and layout available to enhance functionality and perpetuate a relaxing ambiance. With that being said, our bathroom remodelers are highly trained and experienced in every small or large upgrade available for your shower, tub, toilet, and other fixtures.

Moreover, we guarantee timely project completion and strict adherence to detail during your bathroom remodel. Since we have professionally licensed bathroom remodelers available for any remodel, we are able to begin your project near-immediately. At the USA Cabinet Store, we are confident we will fully realize your bathroom oasis or spa-like spaces for a reasonable price.

Additionally, you can visit our showroom at any time to find a stunning bathroom design and fixture that will fit your lifestyle.

bathroom with white bathtub and mosaic tile wall

Bathroom Remodeling


Renovating your old bath demands a lot of effort and creativity. We want to ensure that every bathroom remodels on a budget counts. Starting from planning your new bathroom layout down to installing the last tile on your floor – our pros will accomplish it with poise and finesse.

Whether you are going for a complete remodel or just a small bathroom update, our contractors and bathroom designers will install your dream shower and tub without issue. Moreover, we can seamlessly work around your budget to give you the most reasonable bathroom renovation cost to match your creative vision.


We create stylish and space-saving bathroom and kitchen cabinets that can withstand high moisture levels inside your kitchen or bathroom. Moreover, these cabinets are spacious enough to store all of your linens, toiletries, and bathing products – with room to spare.

Our bathroom remodeling contractors will install the most suitable vanity tops for your project. We ensure that all of our bathroom vanities are easy to clean and maintain by utilizing industry-standard finishes. Additionally, we can custom-tailor the final color of your vanity to match your cabinets and walls.
Our professional technicians always prioritize functionality and style while upgrading your shower enclosures and showerheads. We will work tirelessly to achieve a spa-like ambiance for your remodel. Besides that, we also look into upgrading your plumbing, electrical connections, and shower doors, if applicable.
We combine safety and design when choosing the best flooring materials for your bathroom remodel. Consequently, we ensure that your new bathroom floors will be non-slip and aesthetically pleasing.
Whether you want a freestanding, corner, or alcove bathtub, our contractors guarantee that we can match your lifestyle and budget. Bathtubs are ideal for enjoying warm baths during cold nights in the winter – or year-round!
We have trained and licensed contractors that can professionally install your desired toilet. Whether that be a flushing toilet, one-piece, two-piece, or wall-mounted toilet, our pros will ensure you have unmatched peace of mind when answering the call of nature.
We will choose and install the most appropriate bathroom fixtures to enhance your bathing experience every time you step in the bath. Moreover, there is a variety of gorgeous finishes available to increase the comfort and appeal of your master bath.
We will install the right color and design of tile or slab backsplash that will provide a refreshing spa-like aura in your bathroom. Meanwhile, we are going to install a durable and stylish sink vessel and faucet combo that can withstand high-traffic bathroom usage.
Our pros have extensive experience making sure your plumbing projects are done professionally, as it will directly affect the performance and fitting of your bathroom fixtures.
Painting is a critical job that can make or break a bathroom remodel. Consider choosing the best color that matches your preferences. We ensure the paint used in your bathroom are moisture resistant of your walls and ceilings. Moreover, we will ensure that your wall and ceilings’ paint colors complement all other fixtures inside.
We also have trained, licensed, and insured pros that will handle the demolition and removal of damaged drywall, floors, ceilings, and fixtures inside your outdated bathroom. They are fully equipped with the proper tools to efficiently complete this task.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Here are some of our portfolios for your inexpensive bathroom updates. If you have chosen any one of our sample outputs but find that you want to change some details, don’t worry – we can seamlessly do it for you.

Our bathroom designers have a wide variety of bathroom remodeling ideas and will create your free design and layout of your dream simple bathroom updates.

Space-saving Easy Transition Bathroom Design

The walk-in shower area and bathtub are placed close to each other, so you can easily shift from one spot to another. Notice how the alcove shower door maximizes spatial consumption, and the white acrylic tub complements the entire setup.

Additionally, we can do minor bathroom updates in case you are on a budget.

Frameless Walk-in With Dark Cabinetry

This bathroom design provides a luxurious master bath with its frameless walk-in shower and stone vanity tops. The dark-colored mirror frame, wall, and base bathroom cabinets create a beautiful contrast with the off-white color of your vanity counter and floor.

Also, the finish of its cartridge faucet blends well with the tan-brown undertones of your vanity tops.

Drop-in Tub With Corner Shower

The classic and homey ambiance of this bathroom design is amazing. You can create a luxurious setup with a drop-in tub and corner shower. Also, the wide vanity mirror increases the brightness and spaciousness inside the bathroom.

Additionally, the white recessed panel cabinet doors provide a cleaner look in your newly finished bath.

Gray and White Theme

To achieve a fresh and modern bathroom remodel, this bathroom went with white and gray colors for the bathroom fixtures, walls, and ceilings. It doesn’t just make space look cleaner – but wider as well.

We have your standard white freestanding tub, and on the opposite side is a frameless shower with a hinged door. Meanwhile, the lightings near your vanity mirrors provide sufficient illumination for beauty routines.

Coastal Inspired

We can do minimal – yet stunning – upgrades inside your bath, particularly for your vanity cabinets, sink, faucet, and mirror. For this idea, we’ve taken a semi coastal theme which is perfectly reflected by the blue cabinets, gray vanity counter, and a floating sink vessel on top.

Moreover, the lighting placed underneath the mirror following its edges is simple but functional. It gives you ample illumination when you’re getting ready, while also adding additional brightness to the room.

a bathroom with two sinks and a shower

Bathroom Remodeling


Implementing your budget bathroom renovation is a challenging project since there are many moving parts you may want to upgrade. Alongside this, we observe that most homeowners who do DIY bathroom remodeling don’t always know how to begin. So, we are including this bathroom renovation guide for your reference.


This is the most important step since it will impact the entire outcome of your bathroom remodel. First, our bathroom designers will help you find the best style that matches your lifestyle and home decor. Alongside this, you have to decide whether to keep your existing layout or modify it.

Secondly, we are going to help you finalize your bathroom remodel cost. If you’re on a budget, then we’ll have to choose cheaper alternatives for some of your bathroom fixtures. Moreover, you can make use of our free estimation service to know your possible bathroom remodeling average cost


Our pros are well-trained and experienced in removing damaged fixtures, drywall, ceiling, and flooring in your bathroom. All items that need to be replaced or fixed will be taken out from the area, so we can better visualize your new bathroom design.


Whether you are changing your bathroom layout or not, our pros will check and replace any damaged pipes, wood framings, and electrical wiring. After that, we will let the city or municipal personnel inspect it, so they can issue a permit for your bathroom remodeling.


We will install the most suitable cabinets, vanity tops, and backsplash to create a spa-like ambiance in your newly finished bathroom.


Selecting and installing the right bathroom fixtures is important since it affects the overall beauty and function of your master bath. These fixtures must fit with your new pipes and coordinate with the style of your bathroom countertops and cabinets.


Once we are done updating all your bathroom fixtures and amenities, our pros will do some final touches for all of the surfaces inside your bath. Then, we inspect every detail to ensure everything was completed in the remodel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Transform your bathroom into the space of your dreams! Our free consultation will help you discover how much it would cost to achieve what’s been in your head – without any surprises.

Fortunately, we can always work around your budget to give your bathroom a fresh face and better functionality. Also, you can utilize our free design quotes – just call our office, today.

On average, remodeling your bathroom takes around six weeks, yet if there are inevitable delays and holidays, then it can stretch to nine weeks. Fortunately, we can include the estimated time frame in the pre-planning phase to finish specific areas in your bathroom renovation.

Our contractors guarantee the timely completion of your bathroom makeover. You can call our office today for a free quote.

Renovating your bathroom will ensure an appraisal of your home’s value, beauty, and functionality. A mid-range bathroom remodel will cost around $20,000 with an ROI of 67.2%. Meanwhile, a luxurious bathroom renovation will cost around $65,000 with an ROI of 60%.

Our bathroom designers and contractors will work closely with you to implement smart upgrades that will boost your bathing experience. You can call our office today to ask for a free design consultation.

The national average for your low-cost bathroom remodel is around $6,500, yet it ranges from $1,500 to $15,000. Fortunately, we can help you realize your dream bathroom makeover for a reasonable price.

We have licensed and insured contractors who will upgrade all of your bathroom fixtures, walls, floors, and ceilings. Call our office today to receive a free design quote.

By upgrading your bathroom fixtures, vanity tops, cabinets, floors, walls, ceilings, and more, we are improving the aesthetics and functionality of your shower, tub, and toilet. If you are listing your property in the market, then you have a greater chance of obtaining a buyer who will be willing to pay your price.

With our licensed and bonded contractors and designers, we can seamlessly complete your bathroom remodel on a budget. Give us a call today for a free design consultation.

Your first way of finding a reputable bathroom remodeling contractor is by asking for referrals from your family and friends. Your second means is by searching online and then choosing at least the top three companies.

Once you have chosen three bathroom remodeling companies, you need to check on their company profile, experience, portfolio, and customer feedback. Finally, ask for a free design quote for your dream bathroom makeover.

Fortunately, you can save time and effort when you turn to us at the USA Cabinet Store. Offering full kitchen and bath remodeling service, we will give you a free design and consultation for your mid-range to high-end bathroom renovations.

Walk-in showers are great since it is user-friendly, easy to clean, and sophisticated for any bathroom remodeling. With that, our contractors will focus on the design, shower trims, showerhead, storage, flooring, backsplash, and lighting of your walk-in shower.

Do you like to see the layout and design of your bathroom makeover before implementing it? Then call our office today to receive a free design quote.


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