Kitchen Remodeling

Complete Kitchen Remodeling Services by Professionals!
The Vision You Have for a New Kitchen Can Come True!
It is our mission to give you the kitchen remodeling services you’ve always wanted, the kitchen of your dreams! We will create a marvelous space, one that fits your lifestyle and tastes, with our professional designers, top-notch craftspeople, and installers.

Families spend an enormous amount of time in their kitchens. So do young, working professionals. We help you realize your dream kitchen by designing a space that suits you, no matter how hectic your life may be. No matter your taste, no matter your budget, we can help you realize your dream kitchen!

It’s a space where you cook….it’s space where you gather…it’s a space where you dream together. We can help build that space so it is comfortable, efficient, bright, and modern no matter what size budget you have. Do you need a complete kitchen remodeling or just an update? Some new kitchen cabinets or a redesign of the seating and appliances areas? Let us help you see your dream kitchen become a reality! Remember…our quality and craftsmanship are our promises to you!

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One-stop Shopping for Your Dream Kitchen


Extensive selection of quality kitchen cabinets. Our showroom contains several complete kitchen designs to help you fully experience the form and functionality of your dream kitchen.


From simple granite to exotic stones, from natural marble to exquisite quartz, the possibilities are endless. Our highly trained designers will help you select the perfect stone for your project.


From cabinet hardware to kitchen fixtures, we can help you select the perfect shape and the correct size to complement your overall design.


Our design professional can help you achieve the look you desire with our wide variety of flooring possibilities. We offer an endless possibility of tile choices to suit every style and fit every budget.

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Kitchen Remodeling Service

Your kitchen is considered the heart of the house. Therefore, your kitchen should be gorgeous, since you spend a lot of time here cooking food or spending time with your family and guests. Unfortunately, kitchens do not stay in good condition forever. Eventually, you will arrive at a point where you need to undergo a complete kitchen remodel.

When that time comes, the USA Cabinet Store will be your best kitchen and bath design center in town. Starting from your kitchen design vision down to their implementation, we will be there for you with our kitchen remodeling contractors.

You can contact us today to make use of our professional kitchen remodeling service.

Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen for listing or loving, our professionals can efficiently make your classic, transitional, or modern kitchen remodel come to life! We guarantee the success and timely completion of all upgrades. At the USA Cabinet Store, we have the right tools, people, and supplies for the job.

Regardless of your kitchen size and budget, we can efficiently lift its function, beauty, and storage for a reasonable average cost of a small kitchen remodel. Our contractors can seamlessly give you the best products for a fair price that will enhance your lifestyle.

Meanwhile, you can contact us today to inquire about our kitchen remodel consultation at zero cost and no obligations.  We also provide a complete design of your dream kitchen layout for free.

Brown Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

Kitchen Remodeling


Updating your old kitchen isn’t just about styling, as we need to balance comfort and functionality to suit your lifestyle. To make sure your kitchen fits your lifestyle, we will plan and design it together, step-by-step. Through this, we can produce the best kitchen design for your classic and modern kitchen remodel.

Here are some of the important elements we include in most of our kitchen remodeling services:
Our professionals will help you choose the best cabinet style that matches your needs and budget. We understand how vital it is to enhance the storage capacity and door profiles of your kitchen base and wall cabinets while accommodating your changing lifestyle.

All the upgrades in your cabinet’s materials, door style, and hardware will be professionally handled by our contractors for an affordable kitchen remodel cost.


We have endless countertop styles and materials available for your full kitchen remodeling. Besides that, we have affordable and space-saving countertops that will meet your requirements for a small kitchen renovation.

By installing a beautiful slab or tile backsplash, you will have a seamless style transition from your wall cabinets to your sink and kitchen countertops. Moreover, backsplash upgrades will take a minimal portion of your kitchen renovation cost.
Besides your kitchen countertops, your sink and faucet are two of the most utilized components inside your kitchen. It handles a lot of wear and chemicals when you’re preparing meals for your family and guests or doing the dishes.
Fortunately, our contractors will locate the right material and finish for your sink and faucet that will match your countertops. Additionally, it will be durable enough to withstand your high-traffic kitchen operations.

Similar to the backsplash, proper lighting inside your kitchen can change a lot of things, including the following.

  • Make your kitchen look more spacious
  • Highlight beautiful surfaces and fixtures
  • Improve the brightness and cleanliness of your kitchen
  • Provide sufficient lighting on workspaces

Fortunately, our professionals have extensive experience in installing the right lighting fixture in your newly finished kitchen. Whether it’s recessed, underneath your cabinets, or accent lighting, we can efficiently install it for you.

Our contractors are also well-trained, licensed, and insured in installing the most appropriate flooring material in your kitchen. Besides considering your taste, we also consider safety, cleaning requirements, prices, and your unique lifestyle when selecting the best kitchen floor material for you.
With the experience and tools of our contractors, we can accurately ensure there’s no leaking or clogging in your newly installed pipes. Additionally, we will use quality paints on your walls and ceilings that effectively resist moisture and dust.
Our professionals are highly qualified and well-equipped with the proper tools to safely remove those outdated cabinet doors, trims, fixtures, drywall, baseboards, and walls in your old kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

These are some of our portfolios for kitchen remodeling on a budget. If you’re loving one of them, yet you want to modify some features, Worry not, for our pros and designers can seamlessly do that for you

Our seasoned kitchen designers have a wide ideas for kitchen renovations and layout for your affordable kitchen remodel today!

L-shaped Kitchen

This kitchen layout is suitable for small and mid-sized kitchens where two walls join together at a 90-degree angle. Through this layout, you can maximize your corner and limited kitchen space.

The ideal length of the legs in an L-shaped kitchen is between 12ft to 15ft, so you can still utilize the space in front and at both ends of the legs. Likewise, we can also install a small kitchen island with hanging pendant lights for a more sophisticated design.

U-shaped Kitchen

This kitchen layout will utilize three walls in your kitchen, and its main function is to make your workflow smooth and easy from one counter to another. Also, you have plenty of kitchen storage cabinets with this U-shaped kitchen.

Meanwhile, even if you only have two walls in your kitchen, we can still achieve this layout by connecting a kitchen island as your third wall. Also, we can strategically install kitchen appliances that complement one another.

Nevertheless, if there is ample space at the center, we can install a kitchen island in that spot to serve as the common point for all three sides of this layout.

One-wall Kitchen With an Island

If you have a tiny kitchen area, then we can create a one-wall or Pullman kitchen in your residence. You can save and maximize space with this design. We can also install a small kitchen island opposite the main wall to add more counter space and visual impact.

Galley Kitchen

Technically, a galley kitchen is composed of two walls that are parallel with each other, with a walkway in-between them. We recommend this kitchen layout if you have a small space allocated for your kitchen.

Even when you only have a one-wall kitchen, we can still convert that to a galley kitchen by installing a kitchen island of the same length and width as your existing kitchen countertop against the wall.

kitchen with a sink and a countertops

Kitchen Remodeling


At USA Cabinet Store, your dream kitchen remodel will efficiently transform from an inspiration to a real-life kitchen space. Many of our clients were amazed by the kitchen remodeling before and after results. We have a proven track record for completing various kitchen renovations on a budget in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, New Jersey, Texas, Missouri and North Carolina.

Whether you opt for small kitchen updates or a complete kitchen remodel, we have talented kitchen designers and professionals that can make it come true. Accordingly, here are the basic steps we complete for our kitchen remodeling process:


Our kitchen designers will help you choose the best kitchen layout to maximize the functionality, style, and resale value of your home. For small kitchens, we can adapt a galley or one-wall kitchen layout. Whereas, for larger kitchens, we recommend an L-shaped or horseshoe kitchen layout.

Once we’re done choosing your kitchen design, we are going to move forward with budgeting. For this, you can either choose a full kitchen renovation or opt-in for kitchen updates on a budget. Alongside this, we observe that most homeowners who do DIY bathroom renovation don’t always know how to begin.


For a complete kitchen remodel, we are going to inspect and remove those damaged drywalls, baseboards, floors, and other kitchen fixtures. Technically, the coverage of our demolition will depend if you are undergoing a full kitchen makeover or not.


After removing your old drywall and ceilings, we are going to inspect and install new framings in your kitchen area. Alongside this, we will check and replace any leaking pipes or tattered electrical wiring in your kitchen.

Typically, we move pipe connections and gas lines when you are changing your old kitchen layout. Doing this incurs additional costs, yet it is necessary for improving your kitchen’s functional capabilities.


Not all kitchen remodeling requires a permit. The only time a permit is required is if we are installing new plumbing and electrical connections, or if there’s a change in your kitchen’s layout. Fortunately, our professionals will be the ones to handle this task for you.


We have different flooring materials available for you, and our installers will help you choose a suitable one that matches your kitchen base cabinets and kitchen island. In selecting the best kitchen floor materials, we will consider cleaning requirements, price, durability, water resistance, and design.


We have highly trained professionals with extensive experience in installing your desired cabinets and kitchen countertops.


Once we’re done installing your cabinetry and countertops, the next thing we are installing will be your brand new appliances (e.g. microwave, oven, cooktops, dishwasher, and toaster). These new appliances will provide you with more convenience and function in your newly finished cooking station.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Transform your kitchen into the space of your dreams! Our free consultation will help you discover how much it would cost to achieve what’s been in your head – without any surprises.

Some of the common elements affecting your kitchen renovation cost include area, materials, labor, style, and kitchen layout. Lastly, you can call our office to ask for a free estimate.

Here are the eight best ways for you to update your kitchen on a minimal budget:

  • Reface cabinet doors and update their hardware
  • Go for cheaper countertop materials like laminates, formica, porcelain, and granite remnants
  • Consider roll-out shelves
  • Update your light fixtures
  • Paint your walls and ceilings with a new color
  • Install new curtains
  • Update your faucet
  • Install tile backsplash
  • Buy new appliances on sale

Moreover, you need to do some of the work in your kitchen remodeling, so you can save on labor costs. Be sure to give us a quick call to utilize our free estimate service.

Around 80% of the prospective buyers in the market are more enticed to buy properties at a higher price when the kitchen is newly finished. In terms of ROI, the average for a mid-range kitchen renovation is at 40% to 55%.

If you go for minimal kitchen updates, it will cost less than $25,000, and your estimated recoup is 70% to 80%.

We can strategically plan which kitchen elements need an upgrade to enhance the beauty, function, and value of your house.

Asking for a recommendation from your family, friends, and neighbors can be your first step. Afterward, you can search online and choose the top three contractors in your city and then check on their references and experience. Also, you need to check on their company profile, permits, and certifications.

Meanwhile, you can save time and effort when you turn to us today. We are one of the leading local design centers for kitchen and bath renovations. Contact us today to get a free quote.

Planning is very important if you want to make your kitchen remodel as smooth as possible. Accordingly, here are the things you can complete during your planning phase.

  • Decide on your purpose for redoing your kitchen. Will it be for listing or loving?
  • Plan for your estimated budget
  • Select which elements and areas inside your kitchen you wish to prioritize for your kitchen remodel
  • Get free estimates from contractors – be sure to ask if the estimate is binding or non-binding
  • Try creating your future kitchen layout
  • Always go for quality since it’s for long-term investment

If you need professional guidance in planning and budgeting for your kitchen renovation, then give us a call today.

Technically, a small to a mid-level kitchen remodel will give you more value than blasting in a luxurious kitchen makeover. Most kitchen updates will give around 70% to 80% ROI, while a mid-level kitchen renovation is at 40% to 55% ROI.

If you aim for a kitchen remodeling budget of $65,000+, its approximate ROI is between 50% to 60%. Consequently, the amount you invest to remodel your kitchen is not a guarantee for a higher ROI. In fact, significant upgrades that improve functionality and style provide a higher ROI.

Call us today to book our free consultation service.

Before doing any renovations to your kitchen, make sure you’ve prepared for the challenges along the way since you can’t temporarily use it. Below are some things you can do to prepare your home for this project:

  • Decide where to place your temporary cooking station
  • Allocate a budget for the food you’ll be ordering from restaurants or fast-food chains while the kitchen is unusable
  • Pack and move some of your kitchen items and appliances out from the current kitchen
  • Secure your cutleries and other cooking utensils you’ll be frequently using in a temporary cooking station
  • Secure food packages where you’ll store your cooked food and fresh ingredients that were once inside your fridge

Yes, we do offer a free estimate and consultation to all prospective customers since we want to ensure you get the best quality and service available for creating your future kitchen. Likewise, we get to understand better your preferences and estimated budget for this project.

Also, we want to build a strong relationship with you, starting with our fair pricing and professional free consultation services.


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