Best 7 Inspiring Before and After Bathroom Renovations

One of the ways to make sure that your bathroom renovation planning goes as well as possible is to look at some examples of a bathroom remodel before and after. Getting some bathroom before and after makeover ideas lets you see all of the possibilities of your task.

When you look at bathroom remodeling before and after photos you can imagine the way your bathroom looks and see the incredible changes you could make. If you look at only examples of a finished bathroom, it is hard to imagine how big of a change you can really make with your project.

To help you see what your bathroom can become, the expert designers from our bathroom remodeling service will give you their take on remodeling a bathroom before and after. This article will show you some before and after bathroom remodel photos that will blow you away and inspire you to greatness. This will also make your bathroom remodeling budget worth it!

This vanity top had a massy look that just wasn’t conducive to a refreshing bathroom experience. This bathroom looked pretty dark which can make getting ready or anything else you want to do difficult. 

The drawers on the vanity just look pathetic.They seem like they are wasting space because the false drawers are so obviously false. Yes, you’re not going to try to open those false drawers, but they look straight up bad.

This bathroom remodel was a huge win for the designer and the homeowner. You gotta love the way they put the tall drawers under the sinks so that there is no false drawer that could trick you or look ugly the way the old bathroom did.

The floating vanity gives this bathroom such an elegant appearance and the interesting tile pattern below is a nice sort of visual candy. Going with white makes this bathroom so much brighter and easier to work in than it was before.

Uh oh, mom and dad brought their bathroom from the 90’s and I think it is haunting us! All jokes aside, this bathroom was in serious need of an update and the sooner the bathroom remodel service could tear this tired dog out the better.

While this bathroom probably worked fine, it could not have been much fun going in there and trying to get ready for the day or a night out. You would have felt totally out of date and like it was impossible to look like a modern person.

Talk about modern, this bathroom turned out futuristic in an amazing way. The most stunning feature of this bathroom is that mirror, with an incredible lighted frame that makes it look pretty much unreal.

The marble walls behind the vanity are a real hit here that give you such a sense of grandeur when you are in this bathroom. The golden handles on the vanity are pulling some subtle, but appreciated weight in this bathroom invigoration.

We can’t judge this old bathroom too harshly, clearly the toilet was having a bad day and needed to be taped shut. This is your basic old, small bathroom that needs an update with urgency.

It is difficult to tell what that flooring is. It could be an ugly tile that was not placed well. It could be laminate. It definitely needs to go.

It is impossible to imagine that this is that same small space from before. Installing the walk in shower opened up this bathroom so much and it looks like a great place to get clean and ready for the day.

The niches in this walk in shower give you plenty of space for some soaps and keep the shower and bathroom from looking crowded. The doors are nice and tall, which makes you feel like the bathroom is bigger than it really is.

This bathroom was fortunate to have a pretty good start, that window is a gift to work with and you can see so much potential in bringing a modern look to this space. 

The tile floors in here were starting to show their age and even look a little dirty, which could be just from their color. This bathroom was very interesting to start with, but needed some help for sure and getting to see what the designers did is titillating.

Those waterfall vanity tops tying in with the sink is just an amazing stroke of genius on the part of this bathroom designer. The bright cleanliness of the vanity tops, tub, and flooring is playing so well with the mahogany drawers and glowing creme brulee walls.

Framing the window with different lengths on both sides was a real challenge, but the designer pulled it off and then some. It looks so luxurious to have all that vanity top space on the left side and it doesn’t feel crooked like it so easily could have.

This bathroom was sort of a mess before, it felt cramped despite its large footprint. The designer really opened it up with that frameless glass shower enclosure. 

The large format marble tiles look so incredible here it feels like you could be stepping into ancient Greece. The gray of the vanity and cabinets have a real soothing feeling that feels like it would be nice and cool after a hot summer’s day.

That enormous shower stall is talking, and what it is saying is that it is time to get clean, destress, and get ready for an amazing day or week. There is some incredible tile work going on in this bathroom that is making it feel like a palace bathroom for sure.

The golden fixtures matching with the mirror frames is helping this whole space to glow under the expertly designed and installed lighting system. It is hard to imagine a bathroom that could be more inviting and amazing than this one here.

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