Kitchen Remodeling & Bath Remodeling Process

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We are the best company for your kitchen Remodeling & bathroom remodeling project for building a national brand.

For most of our clients, this is a new experience and we provide you with the insights, information and resources to get your kitchen remodeling & bathroom remodeling project completed. We have fantastic kitchen design concepts and spectacular bathroom designs. We educate you so we can assist in the creation of your dream kitchen, bathroom and home. You will be proud of your home when we work together!

Kitchen Remodeling in Houston

Are you just getting started and thinking about kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling?

Maybe you have some kitchen design ideas or bathroom design ideas already. We know the basic common elements of all remodeling projects and can guide you.

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Step 1 – Information Gathering

Pull together information for your kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project

This is the exciting phase of the project – the possibilities! Remember though, that the time to get it right! These initial choices will effect the entire project. You have time, take it to make careful decisions.

At your initial face-to-face meeting, a designer will meet you in our showroom, answer all of your questions and provide a professional assessment with insights based on expertise that will help you make the right decisions along the way.

Kitchen Remodeling Budget or Bathroom Remodeling Budget?

This is the big question. Budgets are set based on a variety of inputs: the home value, your plans for the house (keep for years or sell in a few? – this makes a big difference in the budget and guidance). Our experts can work in any budget range and will provide help for you to determine the right amount to spend on your project. We have a variety of tools to give you a range of price options: from Good, to Better to Best.

So, once we know the budget, we recommend analyzing the different cabinet options so we know how to leave room for other items in the kitchen remodel project or bath remodel project. This is a deliberative process. Don’t rush and you will avoid mistakes, make the right choices and reduce or avoid the risk of unexpected costs and delays.



Once you know the budget, have made some decisions about cabinets, and we have visited your home for measurements, the design process begins. From our measurements, we create your new kitchen or bathroom in a virtual design from the cabinets selected. We suggest additional elements to highlight details as the design unfolds, like rails, moldings, extra cabinet storage systems, pull-out drawer systems, and other new options that maximize your space and add beauty.

The design process must be collaborative. This is your kitchen or bathroom. You will use it every day. It is critical that you ask questions, provide your input and are confident in every decision. The more you lead the process with your ideas, the closer we get to your dream kitchen or dream bathroom.

Kitchen Cabinets come in a variety of styles and materials. Gone are the days of simple oak cabinets… take it or leave it…

Older oak kitchen cabinets have been replaced by kitchen cabinets made from traditional woods (like maple or cherry kitchen cabinets) and exotic woods like alder and bamboo. Technology has changed kitchen cabinets, here is how:


A wide palette of stains exist for wood kitchen cabinets, from popular neutral tones to richer finishes of browns and reds. If stain is not for you, consider glazed or painted cabinet finishes. You are not limited to white kitchen cabinets or black kitchen cabinets (grey kitchen cabinets anyone?) – find a color you like or have one custom matched. The choice is yours!


All wood is different, even within the same species – expect unique characteristics and variations in appearance, from door to door. If that is not to your liking, consider painted or laminate kitchen cabinets.

Find your style

Do you like the idea of a traditional kitchen cabinet? Or perhaps a Contemporary or Modern kitchen design is more your style. Let’s determine your style and make the choices clear.

See our gallery of photos of the best kitchen cabinet wood species: Cherry Wood, Maple, Oak, Birch, Hickory and even laminated wood styles. This will get you started and we can always find additional wood species and special finishes (including painted finishes) that suit your style!



When presenting the initial design, we will also provide a quote for your new kitchen or new bathroom. We review pricing to make sure all elements of the design are included. Similar to the design process, it is important to make sure the specifics are clear and that all elements of your design are included in the quote.

What is the single largest cost driver in any kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project? The size of the space and the scope of the work. A simple “rip and replace” of old cabinets for new cabinets and countertops is much less than kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel which requires plumbing changes, electrical re-wiring or moving walls.

The NKBA estimates that the largest costs for an average kitchen remodel breaks down like this:

 Cabinets and hardware (29% of project cost)
 Installation (17% of project cost)
 Appliances (15% of project cost)
 Countertops (10%of project cost)

Additional costs include, faucets, backsplashes, plumbing, lighting, flooring among other items. We have found these averages to be correct in our work. You can learn more about the cost break down here :

Make a Budget

All told Phase 1 can last 4-6 weeks or longer if the scope of the work is more compel. We always check measurements carefully to make sure the kitchen or bathroom are designed correctly. There are surprises of all types on kitchen remodel or bath remodel projects, our professional team is always prepared to expect the unexpected and works to resolve issues as soon as they arise.