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Kitchen and Bath are two of the most important rooms in your home. Not only do they need to be highly functional spaces, but they should also reflect your personal style and make a statement. USA Cabinet Store Atlanta, GA are experts at transforming outdated spaces into magazine-worthy masterpieces. We’ll guide you through all the latest trends, from cabinet door styles and countertop materials to tile, hardware, lighting, and smart technology options. One room or whole home, big project or small, we can’t wait to wow you!

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Why Choose USA Cabinet Store?

When investing in home upgrades for your cherished Atlanta property, customer trust means everything. At USA Cabinet Store, we know that a kitchen or bathroom makeover is more than just swapping out cabinets and countertops. No matter if you live right here in the Atlanta metro or anywhere in 16 locations across, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, New Jersey, Texas, Missouri, and North Carolina, our approach always starts with understanding lifestyles and relationships first.

From there, our designers masterfully create rooms as unique as you are. And with our entire team guiding each detail from product selection to professional installation, you can feel confident entrusting us with your home project.



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One-stop Shopping for Your Dream Kitchen and Bath

We are currently offering a free initial consultation and free custom VR 3D kitchen design to all new clients. This is a great opportunity to learn more about our services. There is no obligation to purchase anything, so you have nothing to lose.
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Bathroom Remodeling

Starting from planning your new bathroom layout down to installing the last tile on your floor

Kitchen Remodeling

Choose the best kitchen layout to maximize the functionality, style, and resale value of your home

Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

Our professionals will help you choose the best cabinet style that matches your needs and budget

Kitchen Finance Options


Interest Free Credit

Spread the cost over up to 12 months, with absolutely no interest to pay

Buy Now, Pay Later

Pay a low deposit, and then nothing else for 6 months

Pay Monthly

Spread the cost of your kitchen monthly for 2,3,5 or 6 years

Our Testimonials

Trustworthy Kitchen Remodeling Company With Amazing Reviews.

Years of Experience Designing and Renovating Kitchens and Baths

The USA Cabinet Store has been providing first-class professional kitchen and bathroom remodeling services since 2011.

Meet the Team

We’re thrilled for you to meet our talented team of designers who genuinely can’t wait to hear your vision and bring it to life! From initial inspirational chats to showroom visits or virtual demos, our motto is no pressure and no rush – just understanding lifestyle needs first. Feel free to come take a tour and ask us anything with no obligation. We simply love collaborating with homeowners like you to craft that perfect kitchen or bath whether in our Atlanta showroom, online, or in your own home. Let’s have an open, fun, caring conversation about how we can help build your dream!

Trusted by Homeowners just like you across Atlanta, GA

Our design service

Starting with your first, free consultation, your experienced Kitchen designer will be by your side to walk you through the design process and give expert advice at every step.

In-Store Design Consultation

Meet with your designer at your chosen showroom.


90 min


3D kitchen design & quote

Virtual Design Consultation

Meet with your Kitchen designer on a video call.


60 min


3D kitchen design & quote

Quick Advice Session

An introductory online chat with a Kitchen designer.


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Planning advice & guidance

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When it comes to transforming your kitchen or bathroom into a space that reflects your style and meets your needs, choosing the right remodeling partner is crucial. This is where USA Cabinet Store steps in as the premier choice for stunning kitchen and bath renovations in Atlanta. With their expertise, experience, and dedication to customer satisfaction, they have established themselves as industry leaders.

The Atlanta Renovation Scene

Atlanta has become a hotbed for home renovations in recent years due to its growing population and vibrant real estate market. The city’s residents are constantly seeking ways to enhance their living spaces, particularly their kitchens and bathrooms. And with good reason – these two rooms play such pivotal roles in our daily lives that upgrading them can significantly improve both functionality and aesthetics.

In terms of kitchen renovation trends, several design styles have gained popularity among homeowners across Atlanta. Transitional designs blending traditional elements with modern touches are prevalent since they offer timeless appeal while catering to contemporary tastes. Sleek finishes like matte black hardware complemented by light-colored cabinetry provide an elegant contrast that many Atlantans adore.

Additionally, various must-have features are revolutionizing kitchens throughout the cityscape. Smart appliances integrated with voice-activated technology make cooking tasks effortless while also adding convenience through automation capabilities. Furthermore, open-concept layouts advocating seamless transitions between cooking areas and entertainment zones encourage social interaction during meal preparation.

Turning our attention towards bathroom renovations reveals another exciting dimension of creativity sweeping through homes across Atlanta—an array of innovative fixtures breathing new life into outdated bathing spaces.

Gone are conventional showers limited by walls. Today’s luxury lies within frameless glass enclosures offering unobstructed views reminiscent of spa-like retreats. Similarly, freestanding bathtubs serve not only functional purposes but aesthetic value that reigns supreme. Lighting choices span far beyond basic setups – LED lights are set strategically illuminating certain areas to create a rewarding ambiance for an ultimate rejuvenation experience.

The USA Cabinet Store Difference

With seemingly endless options available for kitchen and bathroom renovations in Atlanta, why should you choose USA Cabinet Store? The answer lies in their expertise, dedicated services, and exceptional client satisfaction.

USA Cabinet Store boasts years of experience specifically catering to the unique demands of Atlanta’s remodeling market. Their team understands regional tastes and trends like no other—ensuring that every project they undertake aligns seamlessly with the city’s aesthetic preferences.

Moreover, USA Cabinet Store takes pride in showcasing its previous successful projects throughout Atlanta. By browsing through galleries highlighting stunning transformations completed by their skilled craftsmen, potential clients gain valuable insight into what can be achieved when partnering with them.

However, nothing speaks louder than satisfied clients themselves – testimonials praising not only impeccable workmanship but also efficient project management from start to finish that further solidify the USA Cabinets Store’s reputation as a trusted partner.

Services Offered by USA Cabinet Store

Whether you’re seeking comprehensive kitchen remodeling services or elegant bathroom makeovers, when working with US Cabinet Store, you are guaranteed unparalleled quality, options aplenty, and expert guidance at each step.

In terms of kitchen remodeling services, USA Cabinet Store offers full-fledged design consultation, which is crucial for getting the closest iteration of your vision. They will guide you across key decisions such as custom cabinetry finishes, sizing, and optimal layout for maximizing storage space. Your countertop selection is also installed together with the flooring and backsplash solutions to round out the entire process.

Working with USA Cabinet Store: The Hassle-Free Experience

The remodeling process can often feel daunting, but working with USA Cabinet Store ensures a hassle-free experience from start to finish. They have developed a step-by-step guide to help clients navigate each stage of the journey and ensure that their vision comes to life.

Firstly, an initial consultation is conducted where they listen attentively to your wants and needs; guiding you through making the right decisions to get the perfect overview, from drawing floor plans and among collaborative efforts.

Then, as material selection becomes a critical choice at this stage, USA Cabinet Store experts are always available to hone down on the best options across the board. Every rudimentary logistical detail makes a difference between seamless project execution against hiccups, ranging from assessing optimized construction timelines. This helps homeowners make mindful decisions by carrying out installation integrated with superior craftsmanship, a streamlined experience, and the use of major factors such as convenience, timeliness, and quality.

Cost and Budget Considerations

The question you may be wondering now is: How much will all this cost? Kitchen and bathroom renovations vary widely depending on the scope of work, materials chosen, and level of customization desired.

On average, kitchen remodels in Atlanta can range from $15k to $40k or more. By identifying the brief parameters, we’re able to approach clients with preferences that best reconcile apprehensible budget constraints. In line with their missionary offering only exceptional experience, they offer payment plans for their clients. Of course, every homeowner’s financial situation varies significantly and feasibility always prevails. Providing flexible financing options enables our customers to get the kitchen and bath they desire without worrying about cost restrictions.


When considering kitchen or bath renovations in Atlanta, the choice couldn’t be clearer-USA Cabinet Store offers unparalleled expertise, result-driven services, and unmatched customer satisfaction. If you are one of those homeowners who want to have their dream kitchen come to life, then contacting USA Cabinet Store now is the best thing to do.

Frequently Ask Questions

In one of our showrooms, we provide 3D design and consultation without charge. We offer complimentary professional in-home designs and consultations to help customers create their dream kitchen or bathroom.

We sell particle boards, furniture boards, plywood, and solid wood cabinets. We offer both customized cabinets and standard cabinets. They have a wide range of options to accommodate different customer preferences and design requirements.

We are providing, inset, framed-overlay, and frameless-full access cabinets. USA Cabinet Store sells a wide range of cabinet types, including kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, laundry room cabinets, office cabinets, and custom cabinets. They offer various styles and finishes to suit different design aesthetics and budgets.

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