Get Started The Project Begins

You Made It! The Selections And Tough Decisions Have Been Made And It Is Time To Begin Your Remodel Of Your Home!

So let’s think about how the remodeling process will effect your home, family and day-to-day life. Next, let’s look at ways to keep the disruptions to a minimum:

white kitchen cabinets and black chairs

Set Up > a Temporary Kitchen

Setting up a temporary kitchen is easy – avoid eating out every night.

You will need a hot plate, microwave, toaster-oven and coffee-maker to make this work. A slow cooking crock-pot will come in handy too. You will need to stock up on paper and plastic kitchen products: plates, utensils, paper-towels and cups. We have found it very handy to have some sort of sink, weather it’s a tub, big wash basin or using the powder room near the kitchen.

Here is the key: plan ahead, it will make it much easier. Also, it’s a good idea to keep your refrigerator on and working – even if it’s in the garage to store food.

Clean Out > Your Old Cabinets

Cleaning out the old cabinets – it’s like a peak into your past…

If you do not use it or cannot remember why you bought it: let it go. One tip we have found handy set up temporary shelves somewhere near the project to store the items in the cabinets.

You will need packing boxes for this and a large felt tip pen to label what is in them – don’t forget to keep the coffee mugs out for use in the temporary kitchen.

kitchen with white cabinets and marble counter tops
white kitchen cabinets and black chairs

Prepare > Adjacent Spaces

Clear out items from rooms that are adjacent the space under remodel.

Sanded joint compound and dust from drywalls will get everywhere – everywhere. The actual work being done by the carpenters will spread it further than you can imagine. Our team of professional installers use plastic walls and coverings to minimize the dust – but controlling it is difficult. You should take down and store all art on the walls, nick-nacks, mirrors and anything upon which the dust can land.

Also, buy a large pack of filters for your furnace and change it weekly during the remodel process. Keep the furnace fan off as much as possible.

Create > Staging Area

Cabinets will arrive in a few weeks, depending on the brand – be ready!

Take a look at your home’s layout and find a place to store and stage the cabinets and appliances as they arrive. Keep it close to the project work space and under climate control similar to where they will be installed this can help prevent cabinets warping.

When the products arrive, you want to make sure you are there and have them placed in the staging area.

kitchen with white cabinets and marble counter tops
white kitchen cabinets and black chairs

Be > Available

Visit the jobsite regularly and be available for important questions/decisions.

You will get to know your installer very well over the course of your remodeling project. This is a partnership that requires your input.

We have a binder on site with contact information for all of our team members. Make sure we the onsite team has your phone number and access to your designer for questions or issues that come up.

We use lock boxes to allow installers access while you are away and recommend this to our clients.

During the remodeling project, there will be important events, like the delivery date for cabinets and appliances and the measurements for your countertops which require you or another decision maker onsite for consultation.

Expect > the Unexpected

What is lurking in your walls?

Sometimes, we find conditions behind the walls that affect the installation, for example: a drainage pipe in the soffit, unexpected duct work, water damage, outdated wiring, etc. These will need to be reviewed and addressed before the work can continue – either to make the design work or to meet building code standards. When these corrections require additional time, we outline the costs and time frame and work to get back on schedule. These things happen in construction, we handle them professionally.

Sometimes, products arrive damaged in transit or incorrectly manufactured. Manufacturers can also have material delays that increase lead times. Our team professionally and diligently works to resolve issues as they are presented.

kitchen with white cabinets and marble counter tops
white kitchen cabinets and black chairs

Avoid > a Major Event

A remodeling project is going to disrupt your life and family’s time together. Remodeling is a process that takes time – the time estimates targets.

We are in this together: remodeling project. During the kitchen remodel, change orders, unknown issues and re-orders, measuring for the countertop and its installation and then final inspections can increase the length of time the on the project.

Sometimes, there will be days when there is no work done in the home. Here is the key, communication between you, your designer and installer can help address the issues as they arise.

Communicate > Concerns

Communication can always solve problems. If you notice something is wrong, a stuck door or a cabinet door out of alignment, communicate concerns! These types of issues can be fixed with simple changes and adjustments on the final punch list.

The punch list will include open items and those minor issues you notice too, keep a small list so we don’t miss anything.

We will review the final job on a walk-through with you and use the punch list as our guide to delight you and make you proud of your home.

kitchen with white cabinets and marble counter tops
white kitchen cabinets and black chairs

Change > Orders

Change is always occurring

Sometimes, clients want to change orders for additional work completed after we start the problem – we have a clear and direct process for this. Simply contact your USA Cabinet designer and we will take care of it.

We cover each element of what will be done and the cost. You and the USA Cabinet team member sign it and keep it in the remodeling project binder to track the changes requested; we accept payment in full for Changing Orders prior to working on it.

On your remodel project site, only a USA Cabinet Store team member (not any of the trades or installers) at your job site is authorized to quote, draft and sign the Change Order before additional work can be completed.

Depending on the type, we extend the finish date.

The End > Is In Sight

Have faith: we will complete your kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project the end in sight: During the remodeling process, we encourage our clients to keep the dream of the finish project insight.

While it may not seem it a week or two into the remodel, but one day, it will be completed and you will be enjoying your new kitchen or bath in peace and quiet!

We provide these insights to make this the best experience now and into the future.

USA Cabinet Store is a cabinet distributor offering multiple cabinet lines for all types of projects, including kitchen cabinets, bath cabinets, custom built-ins, office areas, entertainment areas, and more. We offer high-quality Custom, Semi-custom, and stock cabinets as well as our “cash and carry” option for select vanities. Our cabinets are plywood construction with solid wood frames (as well as full access European style frameless) with dovetail drawers and full extension drawer glides. These lines include a number of different door styles, with options of Solid Wood or Wood Veneer door and drawer fronts.

kitchen with white cabinets and marble counter tops
white kitchen cabinets and black chairs

Budgeting > questions

Our first question to a new client is: “what is the purpose of the remodel?”
Budgeting questions: This helps us determine a budget based on your goals. Generally, the industry rule of thumb is that a kitchen remodel project should cost between 5% to 10% of your home’s current value.

Here is the thing though: what you invest in your kitchen remodeling project (or bathroom remodeling project) is really up to you.

So, ask yourself “why am I doing this remodeling project”

Typical reasons we see:

  • Planning to sell the home.

If this is the case, we suggest you keep the budget in the 5% (or less) range for your kitchen remodeling project, this will help you to get the investment back as a sale.

  • This is going to be my dream kitchen.

Here, do it right and set a budget of 10% or more (financing options are available) on a kitchen remodeling project so you can get that dream kitchen. Think of this as an investment – we have cabinet lines that after 15 years (see some of our displays) still look new! Think long term.

Budgeting for a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project can be tricky our team can help. Contact us for a tour of the store and get ideas – we are not high pressure, and cover some preliminary questions on how to create a budget for kitchen and baths that will be very helpful.

We also offer convenient financing options as well as a way to get a new kitchen or bathroom. Please, contact one of USA Cabinet Store Showrooms for more information.

USA Cabinet Store is comprised of kitchen and bathroom design professionals and experts in installation. Our service ratings speak for themselves.


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