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Take A Look At These Questions And Think About Your Answers. Your Response Will Set The Parameters For A Remodeling Budget.
Define the scope of your kitchen remodeling or bathroom project as a starting point. Is this a “rip and replace” with few changes in the room’s design? This is one way to cut the costs and help define product selections.
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Some Other Questions to Ask Before You Begin:

How can you define the scope of the remodel project?

Is this an addition?

How will other rooms be affected or changed?

Will you be getting new appliances too?

Will the project require an changes to the plumbing?

How will the switches or outlets be effected?

Will this require new wiring?

Will you replace the floor too?

Each Time You Say Yes To These Questions, The Budget Will Need To Increase.

Remember to check home values in your neighborhood. Are they holding their value? If so, an updated new kitchen or bathroom can differentiate your home for resale now or in the future.

Can’t figure out the budget for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project? Contact us for a tour and an estimate as a starting estimate of your kitchen remodeling project.

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