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Founded in 2011, the USA Cabinet Store has quickly become a leader in the kitchen and bath remodeling industry because of our philosophy.
Kitchen Renovation Wine Cellar


Closets are no longer just a place to hang your clothes. The design of your closet goes a long way toward helping you have a good day – an organized day, a day of accomplishments. A custom-designed closet lets you walk in, view your clothes and shoes, and make informed choices about how you want to look that day. We can help create an innovative, uncluttered closet that meets your needs and gives you space. Your closet can be so much more than a place to hang seasonal clothing!


Garages are evolving too – they aren’t just the place to store your vehicle anymore. Space can be created for tools, pantry items, kitchen necessities and so much more.

The better organized your garage is, the more it becomes an extension of your home, not merely an afterthought.

Kitchen Renovation Garage
Kitchen Renovation Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

You can truly have fun here, whether you’re a serious oenophile or an amateur wine enthusiast. We help you create the correct, thermal-controlled shelving and cupboards for your whites, sparkling wines, champagnes and reds, while keeping it all out of the reach of curious children’s hands!

Entertainment Units

Another wonderful option for your den or family room is a multi-media unit. This unit can contain all your entertainment needs in one spot – TV, stereo, computers, and more. And we can install the best lighting for this area that meets vision care standards and needs.

Kitchen Renovation Entertainment Units
Kitchen Renovation Home Office

Home Office

You’ve got a space dedicated to work but don’t use it? Let us help, by installing the right shelves, lighting, closets and storage units you need to create a productive, energetic space you will look forward to each morning. All you will be missing is your morning coffee!

Mud Rooms

These tend to be spaces where shoes, boots, sweaters, and coats collect each season. But a mudroom can be beautiful as well as functional. With the right floor, shelves, cupboards, lighting and other features, the mudroom can become more than a place folks simply move through. It can become the room that creates a welcoming impression when family and friends take off their coats, a warm space that says, “we’re pleased to have you here.”
Kitchen renovations Mud


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