Open-Concept Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For Apartment Living

It might seem like a contradiction, but an open concept small kitchen remodel is a great idea for those wishing to revitalize their apartment life. A small open concept kitchen is possible, you just need the right techniques and materials to do it.

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One of the best things about an open concept small kitchen remodeling ideas is that it really integrates into the rest of your apartment smoothly. The small open kitchen concept gives you a chance to widen your horizons and have an amazing apartment.

For this blog post, our kitchen and bath design experts will explain the small kitchen with an open concept so you can start creating your own ideas. After reading this guide, you will have the tools to create a successful open concept kitchen in a small house or apartment.

Integrating Your Small Kitchen and Living Room in Open Concept

For many kitchens in smaller homes or apartments, the problem can be that they are too separated from the rest of the home. People used to like being able to close off parts of the house for heating or cooling, so they made a door between the kitchen and the living room.

In today’s world of better insulation and HVAC technology, that is not a concern and we want an open kitchen. If you have the means, you can take down the wall between the kitchen and living room and integrate the two in an open concept. 

Doing this is a major project that you will need lots of help and resources to complete. The truth of the matter is that this is one of the only ways for some homeowners to achieve an open concept kitchen.

Sleek Kitchen Cabinets To Create An Open Concept Kitchen

One thing to keep in mind for an open concept small kitchen remodel is to keep things neat and unbusy. This helps your eyes to not feel distracted in the kitchen and makes the space feel bigger and full of air.

Having a sleek style of kitchen cabinet for your small open concept kitchen remodel is one of the most important steps you can take to find success. Flat panel cabinets are the go to choice for getting a sleek look that is perfect for open concept remodeling.

You might also consider frameless cabinets with flat panels for doors. This type of cabinet has the added bonus of having a few extra inches of storage space inside, which can be a game changer in a small kitchen.

Create A Multifunctional Space

If you are struggling for space in your apartment or home, but still want an open concept kitchen, you might need to make your kitchen work harder. You can do this by adding some features to your kitchen that you might not otherwise include there.

One thing you could do is add a combination washer dryer to your kitchen, that way you don’t need to have a separate laundry room. If you don’t like the look of a washing machine in your kitchen, you could hide it behind cabinetry so you would never know the difference until you need to do laundry.

You could also consider creating your dining space inside of your small open concept kitchen. This might be done by having a pull out dining table, or a moveable table that allows you to use the kitchen as a kitchen while cooking, then it can transform into a dining area when the food is ready. There are many types of kitchen countertops you can use for this idea. 

Mini Kitchen Islands Give Your Kitchen A Boost

Part of your small kitchen open concept remodel could be to add a tiny kitchen island into the layout. This could give you that little bit of counter space, storage space, dining space, or all three. A mini kitchen island could be a big help.

You could even put the kitchen sink into the kitchen island if that made sense for the flow of your small open concept kitchen. This might free up the rest of your countertop space to use for other kitchen duties like cutting up broccoli or making sourdough bread.

A two seat bar at your open concept kitchen island can give you a place to have a meal or a snack that is part of your kitchen. This is a wonderful small kitchen remodeling idea, as it adds to the overall charm of the space.

The Color Scheme Makes A Difference For Open Concept Kitchens

The color you choose for your open concept small kitchen remodel will make a huge impact on the success of your project. The standard route is to choose lighter colors that reflect the light in the room and help it feel bigger and more open.

White is an excellent choice for a small open concept kitchen and you can’t go wrong with this shade. If it feels too boring, add accent colors and let the walls and cabinets play the role of background in your small open concept kitchen. If you need more help, there are top trends of kitchen remodeling that could assist you. 

You can also opt for different colors, but stick with lighter shades that will reflect the light in the kitchen. Some colors you could try in your small open concept kitchen are:

  • Light yellow for a sunshiny glow
  • Light lavender for a calming effect
  • Light orange for a more fiery charm

You Need Great Lighting For Your Small Open Concept Kitchen

An impeccable lighting design will enhance your open concept small kitchen remodel. With the right lighting, you can create the effect of a bigger and more open space that matches your expectations for open concept kitchens. Make sure you check with the right kitchen remodeling service to assist you. 

It takes an expert design to truly enhance a small kitchen, but there are some lighting concepts that you need to understand. The three types of lighting you should pay attention to in your open concept small kitchen remodel are:

  1. Ambient lighting – this is the main light source in the kitchen, usually from overhead lights.
  2. Task lighting – this is a light that helps you when you are doing a specific task, such as lights over your countertop.
  3. Accent lighting – an often overlooked lighting, this one illuminates a design feature in your kitchen. Use this one to create this illusion of more space and your open concept kitchen will be a success.

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