When you start to think about doing a project in the most important room in your house, such as your kitchen and bath, one of the first things you need to do is find some great kitchen remodeling ideas. Intriguingly, once you go beyond appliances and cabinets, there is a world of kitchen design out there to learn about.

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Ideas for a kitchen renovation can be a matter of preference, but overall you should strive to prioritize form and deliver an aesthetically pleasing space. Your new kitchen is a chance to break out of the ordinary head space and let your countertops, backsplash, and cabinetry harmonize.

For this blog post, our kitchen remodel service experts will share their ten favorite kitchens remodel ideas for the year. Reading this will guide you to realizing a tantalizing whole space from your kitchen makeover.

Modern Kitchen Remodel Ideas

When it comes to kitchen ideas for remodeling, the modern design look incorporates minimalist features that have a streamlined appearance. This year it is popular to mix some industrial materials, like bare steel, exposed plumbing, and concrete with some natural elements like wood.

If you want to go for the modern look, which actually started a long time ago, just after the first World War, you want to create a certain balance in the kitchen where nothing stands out. Flat cabinets, also called slabs, fit this aesthetic well because they have only a panel with no hardware for the doors.

In the end, this style fits many homeowners’ desires. Next, we will cover some inspiring kitchen ideas to make you excited about your project.

Black Cabinets Wooden Countertops

Black for cabinetry is a breakthrough color this year for kitchen designs that have not always been looked at favorably. They are often perceived as too dark and uninviting for kitchen cabinets, but a great solution to balance out black cabinetry is to pair them with wooden countertops.

The warm feeling of wood countertops bring to the room counteracts the darkness in the black cabinets to create a homey and delicious feeling space. The color brings a velvety feeling to the black cabinets and creates a rich atmosphere that you are almost certain to enjoy.

Also having some wooden cutting boards can complete this look and make your kitchen seem like an amazing place to cook and enjoy comfy seating with friends. Also, this is a perfect opportunity to show off some exposed beams. If you’re not into full black, then you can always check for more kitchen cabinet color ideas

Marble Backsplash Adds Another Natural Element

Enhance this space with a marble kitchen backsplash. The wooden countertops and the stone backsplash together make a brilliant trio with the black cabinets.

Next, you can choose black or white for your marble backsplash. Also, you can go for a white stone backsplash with black veining for some added intrigue in your space.

The backsplash, kitchen countertops, and cabinets all add up to create a contemporary kitchen. Rather than a marble tile backsplash, you might go for a large format backsplash that appears monolithic and expands the grandiosity of the space.

Butcher Block Is Perfect For Countertops

A wooden material that is incredibly popular for kitchen design is the butcher block. It’s made from laminated boards and holds up well in a kitchen.

Stainless Steel Appliances

The sleek, silvery appearance of stainless steel appliances is great for modern kitchen design ideas. Stainless steel appliances in a room give the space an elegance as few other materials can.

Interestingly, stainless steel appliances go well with more than just white cabinets and neutral tones. In fact, you can use them in a bright and energetic space just as well as a more sterile one.

In a small kitchen, stainless steel appliances help to reflect more light and make the space feel bigger. You might also add subway tile for some different textures and added reflective surface area. If you have enough kitchen remodeling budget for stainless steel appliances, then go for it. 

Matching Sink, or Not?

Many sinks are made from the same material as stainless steel, so, should they be the same? This depends on the overall design of your kitchen.

Overall, it might be best to choose a material besides stainless steel for your sink that matches your countertops. This could create a more balanced room that is easier to enjoy.

White Cabinets Compliment The Appliances

You can create a modern or contemporary kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. This fosters a feeling of professionalism and will be an appealing design to many.

Keep Your Hardware Consistent

When you plan to decorate a space, be sure to watch all the fixtures. It is the finishing touch to your renovation, so you’ll want to ensure that you have a beautiful and comfortable room.

The best way to make sure your hardware stays in a uniform state is to match everything from your faucets to the drawer pulls. With stainless steel appliances, it’s best to choose a warmer metal like copper or bronze.

Soften Your Corners

Design corners cause problems with cabinetry. Let’s say the door on the right of the corner of the cabinet covers the cabinet on its opposite side.

Fortunately, with stainless steel, softer corners take off some tension and make the room feel more relaxed. This is a great design technique for your kitchen.

Kitchen Ideas With Plants In Mind

Including more plants in the living space is becoming very popular this year for the splashes of color and lively, yet calming atmosphere that they bring. You might think first about appliances and cabinets, but plants are a great place to start your kitchen design journey.

This eye-catching look has a special feeling that connects you with nature. Viny plants are great for hanging over the edge of shelves and creating a near jungle in your entire kitchen.

Open Shelves Are Perfect For Some Greenery

Shelves are not only important for added storage, but they also give you a chance to decorate. Make your shelves a focal point by adding some plants. This is actually one of the top trends of kitchen remodeling, and you might want to try it on yours as well for a more open appearance. 

Keep An Eye On Your Accents

Having some plants in your kitchen gives you some flashy colors. You can enhance this with the right accent colors and pendant lights.

Choose accent colors to go with the plants, like red, yellow, and orange. Just a hint or two will help the entire space feel more impressive.

Mix Materials and Textures

Many kitchen design ideas play around with mixing various materials and textures to bring out the best in a space. One popular texture and material to use is the rough edges of reclaimed wood for the open shelves and walls.

Open shelving brings a certain rustic and warm feeling to the kitchen. Besides the atmosphere, you get some extra storage space to add to your lower cabinets.

With wood on the walls, some super glossy finished quartz countertops can be a great contrast. These two materials together make for a beautiful design and you will surely feel good about it.

Concrete Countertops Or Gray Cabinets

You can also use polished concrete as a material, with some gray cabinets. This is a way to use a lot of smooth surfaces and unify the design of your kitchen.

The gray tones of the lower cabinets and countertops go incredibly well with the wooden open shelving and walls. The room can also be enhanced with shiny, modern appliances.

Another way to add texture is a tile backsplash. Subway tile can be especially attractive in this atmosphere, but a backsplash with a tile texture is sure to win some fans, regardless.

Use Built-in Structures To Your Advantage

If your kitchen has some built-in features, don’t hide them, embrace them instead. Pay homage to the history of the space and include some new textures and materials in the process.

You might have plumbing, beams, conduit, or other structures to work with. All these can be benefits to a mixed material and texture kitchen design.

Colorful Upper Cabinets

You can really create a fun atmosphere in your kitchen by painting your cabinets a bright color. Furthermore, a playful feeling will envelop you and translate into delicious meals.

This look is certainly exciting and will keep you and your guests hanging out in your kitchen. You can go with one color to unify the kitchen, or even multiple colors can add some extra spice.

Works Well With A Kitchen Island

This is one of those creative ways to enhance the eye-catching feature of your bright upper cabinets. A kitchen island gives you more space to entertain guests, and added storage, and makes sense because it doesn’t block the focal point.

You can have more counter space and even add a sink to a more convenient location with a kitchen island. All this totally preserves the spacious kitchen look.

Of all the kitchen designs out there, one with a kitchen island is sure to be a winner. Combine it with colorful cabinetry and you are going to be enjoying this room for decades to come.

Get Creative With Your Layout

A great attribute of colorful upper cabinets is that they free up the lower section of your kitchen for creativity. You might find an interesting spot for your kitchen island that really highlights your colorful cabinets.

Invest In Your Materials

While it’s tempting to save a buck or two, you could suffer from this choice in only a few years. The smart remodeler pays for quality materials that will last longer than most of us.

Have Fun With Your Floors

We have been focusing on the upper section of this kitchen design, but the floors are important too. Make a bold statement with your floors, or leave them as a background player.

Install A Skylight

Getting as much natural light into your space as possible is going to be a great bonus for doing a kitchen remodel. In fact, cooking breakfast by the light of the first rays of the sun is a great way to get ready for the challenges of the day. 

Skylights especially help in a large kitchen where light from windows might fade towards the interior of the space. This helps you see your cabinets, appliances, cutting boards, sink, and shelves better.

Include Small Appliances In Your Remodel

There are plenty of small appliances that could fit on shelves or near the sink where you need them. Also, you might consider designing an appliances garage in your cabinets to store all the items you use.

White Cabinets and a Stylish Range Hood

Improving the ventilation with a range hood will help the space feel a lot more comfortable. Especially if your kitchen features a dining area, you won’t have to worry about smells from certain meals lingering for a week to the point where you never want to cook some of your favorite dishes. 

Adding better ventilation to your kitchen is one of those little improvements that can really make your kitchen a lot more enjoyable for the whole family. A kitchen remodel is a perfect opportunity to improve your ventilation so that you won’t be always concerned about setting off fire alarms.

A Farmhouse Sink Brings Coziness

Sometimes, adding different fixtures to your kitchen renovation can help make your space cozier. That is certainly true of adding a farmhouse sink to a kitchen with white cabinets and a decorative range hood.

Granite Countertops Add Solidness

Inspire a feeling of solid grounding with natural granite countertops as part of your kitchen remodeling project. There are many colors and geologic patterns in granite countertops to enhance your white cabinets and entirely new kitchen.

Stunning Marble Countertops

People are also turning to marble countertops as an aesthetically pleasing and functional addition to the kitchen. This year many people are installing a matching tile backsplash, which brings a seamless appearance.

Some folks are finding success with a waterfall kitchen island. This is when the stone looks like it falls off the edge of the countertop and goes down to the floor, creating a great spot for bar stools.

Be Careful With Spilled Food

One thing to watch out for is that you can change the appearance of marble countertops if the wrong food sits on them. Acidic foods such as lemons, tomatoes, or vinegar could etch the marble.

Fortunately, etching can be reversed, but it takes some effort. Do your best to prevent etching by cleaning your marble countertops after every spill.

Crown Molding With Custom Cabinetry

You can bring your kitchen to remodel to the next level with little details like custom kitchen cabinets. Top it off with some incredible molding, and your cabinets are sure to come to life.

Commit to a Palette You Love

Choosing the right marble to match your kitchen palette can make a big improvement. You can choose complementary colors or a striking contrast for an intriguing space.

There are many options out there to choose from with marble. The only setback could be that some colors are more expensive than others.

Thinking About The Ceiling

We often forget about the ceiling in the kitchen remodeling process, but it is an important part of your space that should be considered. A simple coat of fresh paint could be all the ceiling needs to shine again.

In a small kitchen, a white ceiling is almost always the best choice because it makes the space feel more like a large kitchen. A coat of fresh paint is a way to transform your space and save money too.

Remember The Little Things

Once you have a beautiful ceiling, you can improve small things for a surprisingly thorough kitchen renovation. You might think of decorating shelves or window sills with personal flair.

You can also add rugs for some beauty that protects your flooring. Even small appliances might add a new twist that will help you appreciate your space.

Paint Dated Kitchen Cabinets

Whiles, we discuss simple ways to breathe new life into a room, adding new paint to cabinets can extend their lives for many years. You can go with gray cabinets or white, but there is also the possibility to express joy with colorful cabinets!

Overall, kitchen cabinets are durable fixtures that should last many decades. Give your space a money-saving makeover by adding some new paint to your cabinets.

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