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When you start to think about doing a project to remodel your kitchen, one of the first things you need to do is find some great kitchen remodeling ideas. One of the things about finding the best kitchen remodeling ideas is that there are actually quite a few kitchen remodeling ideas with pictures out there and it can be difficult to know which ones to focus on.

Ideas for kitchen renovations can be a matter of preference, and you will have to see some kitchen ideas for remodeling that you don’t even like. When you do find some kitchen ideas that you think could fit into your plans, then you can begin to think more seriously about how to implement them in your finalized remodeling kitchen ideas.

In order to help you narrow down your search for kitchen remodeling ideas, we have made this list of the ten latest kitchen remodeling ideas. These modern kitchen remodeling ideas will add some spice to your research so that you might find some interesting features to add to your kitchen.

Modern Remodeling Ideas

When it comes to kitchen ideas for remodeling, the modern design look incorporates minimalist features that have a streamlined appearance. This year it is popular to mix some industrial looking materials, like bare steel, exposed plumbing and smoothed concrete in with some natural elements like clear coated wood.

If you want to go for the modern look, which actually started a long time ago, just after the first World War, you want to create a certain balance in the kitchen where nothing stands out. Slab or flat cabinets fit this aesthetic well because they have only a flat panel with no hardware for the doors.

One element that is a great part of a modern kitchen design is pendant lights. These offer that sleek look that many people associate with a modern kitchen design.

Black Cabinets With Wood Countertops

Black is a sort of break through color this year for kitchen cabinets which has not always been looked at favorably. They are often perceived as too dark and uninviting for a kitchen, but a great solution to balance out black cabinets is to pair them with a wooden countertop.

The warm feeling that wood brings to the space really helps to counteract the darkness in the black cabinets to create a homey and delicious feeling. The wood color sort of brings a velvety feeling to the blck cabinets and can create a rich atmosphere that you are almost certain to enjoy.

Also having some wood colored flooring can complete this look and make your kitchen seem like an amazing place to cook and gather with friends. 

Supporting Local Businesses

One trend we have seen since the pandemic started is that folks are looking to find local vendors for decor and other kitchen items. You can start by doing a quick internet search to see what sort of artisans you have in your area and finding items they produce that you could incorporate into your kitchen.

A metal worker near you can create a beautiful sink of some great metal like copper. Finding a ceramic artist in your area could lead to you finding the perfect set of plates to make serving food a real joy and artistic experience. You can also look to local furniture designers and have them create a set of dining room chairs and even a table.

Especially with interruptions to the supply chain making ordering things from far away more difficult, looking for businesses in your local environment can save you time and create a better community.

Design With Plants In Mind

Inviting more plants into the living spaces is becoming very popular this year for the splashes of color and lively, yet calming atmosphere that they bring. Some designers are having homeowners pick out some house plants they are especially fond of and then designing the kitchen to match the plants.

This creates a very unique look that has a really special feeling. Having the entire kitchen designed around a unifying theme creates an interesting look that will make a lot of people ask how you came up with such a beautiful idea.

Mix Materials and Textures

Many designers are playing around with mixing various materials and textures this year and homeowners are pretty happy with the results. One popular texture and material to use is the rough edges of reclaimed wood for the walls. This brings a certain rustic and warm feeling to the kitchen.

With wood on the walls, some super glossy finished quartz countertops can be a great contrast. These two materials together make for a beautiful design and you will surely feel good about it.

You can also use concrete as a material, with some acrylic cabinets. This is a way to use a lot of smooth surfaces and unify the design of your kitchen.

Colorful Cabinets

You can really create a fun atmosphere in your kitchen by painting your cabinets a bright color. This adds a playful feeling and you will find that cooking with your colorful cabinets is that much more joyful.

This look is certainly not boring and will get people excited to be hanging out in your kitchen. You can go with one color to unify the kitchen, or even multiple colors can add some extra spice.

Install A Skylight

Getting as much natural light into your kitchen as possible is going to be a great bonus of doing a kitchen remodel. Cooking a breakfast by the light of the first rays of the sun is a great way to get ready for the challenges of the day. 

Skylights also open up the kitchen and make it feel more airy and light. You will also have a nice view of the moon and the stars which will inspire you to cook up some amazing dinners.

Better Ventilation

Improving the ventilation in your kitchen will help to make it feel a lot more comfortable. You won’t have to worry about smells from certain meals lingering for a week to the point where you never want to cook some of your favorite dishes. 

Adding better ventilation to your kitchen is one of those little improvements that can really make your kitchen a lot more enjoyable for the whole family. A kitchen remodel is a perfect opportunity to improve your kitchen ventilation so that you won’t be always worried about setting off fire alarms.

Stunning Stone Features

People are also turning to stone as a beautiful and functional addition to the kitchen. This year many people are installing stone backsplashes which bring a natural look that you will really enjoy looking at.

Some folks are finding success with a waterfall stone island. This is when the stone is cut to create a look like it falls off the edge of the countertop and goes down to the floor.

Thinking About The Ceiling

We often don’t think about the ceiling when we are thinking of the kitchen remodeling process, but it is an important part of your kitchen that you should not neglect. Make use of your kitchen ceiling to help to create a more unified atmosphere.

You can think about what sort of texture you want on your ceiling and if you want to give it a typical white color, or to go with some other color that may fit your style. Ceilings are important to consider and plan out well.

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