Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for a Classic and Modern Look

What affects the entire organization, face, and storage capacity of your kitchen? You got that right, it’s your kitchen cabinet and it’s the most expensive thing in any kitchen remodeling.

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You have to consider a lot of thi ngs for upgrading your kitchen storage cabinets since it can either make or break your classic or contemporary kitchen remodel. Moreover, there are several trends and designs available online and in any kitchen cabinet store.

Are you ready to undertake this project, yet you’re confused about where to start or how to do it? Luckily, our professionals at USA Cabinet Store are ready to handle your kitchen cabinet remodeling at a reasonable price.

In line, we’re sharing the trending kitchen cabinet ideas you can look into for your affordable kitchen remodel. Also, you can avail of our complimentary consultation service today, just contact us.


We can never deny that when doing a kitchen renovation, your kitchen cabinet plays a great role in influencing the overall design of your kitchen. You often tap the help of a designer to give you amazing kitchen cabinet ideas for this year.

All great cabinets come from creative minds that can balance functionality and aesthetics. When you’re planning on replacing your existing cabinets, you should research what’s trending in cabinet colors for modern homes.

You have hundreds of options for the color and style of your cabinet doors. We are going to go over them and help you pick the best one starting from your floor-to-ceiling cabinets.


Stained wooden cabinets are somehow dated when you want a spark of modernity to pop out from your kitchen cabinets. The best alternative these days are colored ones for your modern kitchen cabinets.

In selecting the paint for your cabinets, make sure it portrays your personality, and that it blends well with the other hues in your kitchen. Harmonization of styles and colors is important, so your kitchen theme doesn’t look messy.


Pastel and vibrant colors are the dominant colors for today’s cabinet doors. But of course, you want some balance so that your kitchen retains its serene and cozy ambiance. You can do that by choosing a dark color for your wooden cabinet doors.

Dark cabinets or dark-stained cabinets are coming back to life! They balance too much brightness on your kitchen while being cozy and warm. It’s like having balance inside your modern kitchen by combining traditional and contemporary hues.


This one falls in between the glass and solid wood cabinet front. A metal grate can give your custom kitchen cabinets breathability and visibility of the things you’re storing inside.

In comparison with glass fronts, there will be no 100% transparency with a metal grate, so you’ll never be pressured to beautifully wrap your kitchen wares.


Just like dark cabinets, glass doors are now trending today. If you happen to be one of those homeowners who have a small kitchen, these types of doors fit you. They help in increasing your line of sight, making your kitchen look bigger. You have various kitchen cabinet ideas to think about for your glass panel cabinet doors, and how they can complement your walls and floors.

The glass panel is commonly used on your wall cabinets, but it can be on all your cabinets. With glass doors on your upper cabinets, you can also showcase your elegant porcelains and ceramic wares as decor in your kitchen.

A glass cabinet door can also complement your pastel-colored walls. When illuminated, it can reflect some of the light and brighten up your walls and countertops. This is great to help highlight the fresh coat on your base cabinets.


Besides selecting the right color, a textured finish on your new kitchen cabinets will add more sophistication and personality. In line, wooden kitchen cabinets are a prime choice for this matter, and we have the best brands in the industry.

You can even visit our showroom to see our collections of various cabinet brands from Fabuwood, Showplace, Evo, Ultracraft, Mantra, and Wolf Cabinets.


On your next project, don’t forget that replacing your old cabinets with new cabinets is critical. Regardless of the many kitchen cabinet ideas, the shaker is never going out of style. It is your timeless elegant furniture to add to your kitchen makeover.

Shaker doors create a cozy feel that blends with any cabinet color and furniture in your modern or traditional kitchen. Whether you paint your cabinets with pastel or bold colors, this cabinet style is like a chameleon that can effortlessly blend in.

While increasing storage space, you will never have a problem matching this door profile to other accents and finishes inside your kitchen. It becomes the focal point of your kitchen design and layout.


When we say “Green Cabinets”, we are referring to the traditional look of your cabinets. There are plenty of kitchen cabinet ideas out there, yet most homeowners want a simple and clean appearance. That being said, we recommend brand-new wood cabinets with a warm coat of paint.

It could be that the final coat will be a clear glossy finish to protect your cabinets from moisture and dust. We can apply this one once we are done applying the paint color you desire for your cabinet doors.

It could also be that the finish and paint color of your drawer fronts and open shelving will be the same as the door or not. But oftentimes, it will be the same. Now, you will have more storage space while timeless beauty to the heart of your home.


When you are limited to adding cabinets on your floor, take advantage of vertical storage. You can construct ceiling-high cabinets on top of your kitchen countertops. To give it an industrial edge, you can frame the door profile with aluminum or brass. The hardware must be the same metal and finish with your door frame to have a cohesive design.

You can add crown molding to give it a taller look. Crown molding adds a touch of finesse to your vertical cabinets. Also, choose a cabinetry style that will marry with your wall and other furniture present in your kitchen. You aim to create a new life in your updated room.


When it’s time to do your full kitchen renovation, you aim to create a warm and comfortable space for your loved ones and guests. There are many kitchen cabinet ideas you can try, yet a traditional style cabinet with warm paint color would be your best option.

You can let your upper cabinets have a stained wooden finish, or paint kitchen cabinets with warm colors like orange or coffee brown. Doing that looks good, but to make that great you can use warm accents like copper or brass hardware for your upper and wall cabinets.


Typically, a hig gloss kitchen cabinet fits well for contemporary kitchens, because its sleek shiny surface increases spatial brightness while complementing other metallic fixtures inside.

Moreover, it’s pretty easy to clean those smooth surfaces, unlike the textured ones where the dirt can hide underneath the wood grain.


Meanwhile, if you want to lessen installing wall-hung cabinets, then we can build one into your island to maximize its storage capacity and function. We can have some extra drawers, pull-outs, or cabinets to store those cooking tools and utensils you’ll frequently while cooking on your kitchen island stove.


If you’re not an expert in selecting the right colors, then you can go for complementary colors for your lower and upper kitchen cabinets. Search for the color wheel and select complementary colors which suit well to your kitchen’s overall theme.

Another way is to choose one color and then paint a rich deeper one on your base cabinets, while a lighter tone on your upper cabinetry. This creates a stunning palette combination for your kitchen cabinet renovation.


Whether you have a small or large kitchen space, freeing up your floor makes your base cabinets more ergonomic and stylish. Typically, the lower kitchen cabinets are hard to access, but by slightly elevating them, you can easily access them.

Moreover, we can install underneath lighting on your cabinets to give them a fancy and modern look.


This cabinet style is popular in the European and American markets since the lighter wood tone projects a more contemporary vibe. Overall, it gives a fresh, clean, and modern appearance to your kitchen remodel.


Bamboo is also another promising material you can use for your kitchen cabinet remodeling because it’s eco-friendly, fresh, and durable. Bamboo emits very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so it’s pretty safe for your family and pets.


Tall corner kitchen cabinets are also a trending style for contemporary and classic kitchen layouts. However, you can also utilize the space on top of your fridge like almost touching your kitchen ceiling. This can boost the impression that your kitchen is insanely tall and spacious.


Well, not all homeowners are avid fans of modern designs for some find joy in the rustic texture of nature. Inline, you can use unfinished wood kitchen cabinets for your rustic or farmhouse kitchen layout.

Meanwhile, you can inject a little contrast by placing your modern kitchen appliances on top of your rustic storage cabinets. Overall, you’ll feel a balanced setting for this layout.


It’s also a nice thing when you combine the natural warmth of wooden cabinets with a stainless steel countertop on top. The latter gives an industrial-chic modern appearance while being balanced by the warmth of wooden cabinets.


White cabinets are no longer the star in cabinet remodeling since black kitchen cabinets are also taking the center stage. If you go with this hue, then it marries well with stainless steel countertops or any countertop material with a light gray color and glossy finish.


We also understand that some of you like cool colors, which is great for small kitchens because it gives an illusion of a wider space. Besides, these neutral palettes make an excellent contrast with any bold and dark-colored fixtures and items in your kitchen.


USA Cabinet Store is the most dependable design center and remodeling company you can call for your kitchen cabinet remodeling. We have been in this industry since 2011, and our continued learning guarantees the best results for your kitchen cabinet makeover.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worthwhile to replace your cabinets?

Updating your cabinets is an effective way to improve the storage of your kitchen. If you’re thinking about adding pizzazz to your home, starting by choosing from our top kitchen cabinet ideas is the way to go. Whether you have a one-wall or galley kitchen, we can help you make great cabinets for your home.

How to modernize your cabinets?

There are many ways to modernize your kitchen cabinets. You can update your kitchen cabinet hardware, so as the backsplash. After then, work towards your appliances that will be installed between these cabinets.

The metallic finish of appliances and hardware adds to their modern looks. It also balances the warmth of traditional wood cabinets. Overall, you create a balanced modern ambiance in your kitchen.

How much does it cost to install a backsplash?

You can allocate a budget of $10 to $40 per square foot for installing backsplash.

The average cost to install a tile backsplash is between $10 to $40 per square foot. Depending on the materials you will use, the more expensive it is, the higher will be your cost.

Do I need a new island?

Do you want an additional storage space? Do you need something in your kitchen that will add value and of course, function? If the answer is “yes”, then you need a kitchen island. Kitchen islands can solve most of your storage problems. Make sure that if you’ll have it installed, it goes with the overall design of your kitchen. You don’t want it to look isolated.

How much is a new range hood?

If you’re thinking about getting a new range hood, it would be best to allocate a budget of about $200-$500 for a basic model.

Will painting your floors improve your kitchen design?

Your floor occupies a large space12 in your kitchen, so painting it with a color that complements your cabinetry would be ideal.

Which is better, shelves or drawers?

Shelves and drawers go together. Having both of them in your kitchen is important. The good thing is that we can customize the compartments of your cabinets using the right drawers and shelves, only made for your needs. Whether you need more drawers or shelves, we can surely go for that. However, always keep in mind that drawers offer easy access to your essentials. We can add dividers on each of these drawers, so they would look more organized. It could strike a balance between your kitchen.

In contrast, open shelving offers easy access to your utensils and porcelains. If you have a small room, this is a better choice than having cabinetry.


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