Top 10 Different Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

One of the most important elements that will create and shape the look and feel of your kitchen are the kitchen cabinet doors. Whatever style you are trying to create in your kitchen, the cabinet doors are going to be one of the first things people see and will make or break your design goals.

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This is why choosing the right types of kitchen cabinet doors is something a lot of homeowners have trouble with when planning a kitchen remodel. There can be a lot of pressure on the kitchen cabinets to be the centerpiece of a kitchen, so getting them right can be a challenge.

In order to help you choose the right kitchen cabinet doors, we have curated this list of the top ten different types of cabinet doors. Whether you are looking to find some modern kitchen cabinet doors or looking to change your kitchen cabinet doors only, learn from our kitchen cabinets designer, this list is sure to show you something you will fall in love with.

Glass Front Kitchen Cabinet Doors

One of the most elegant looking of all cabinet doors, glass fronts are a great way to show off some beautiful dishware that you own. Especially stunning is to have in-cabinet lighting, which can really display some of your best dishware.

The drawback of glass front cabinets is that you will always feel like the dishes inside need to be well organized and looking beautiful, so if you are the type who likes to just throw plates into your cabinets, this style might not be for you. Glass front cabinets can also help to make a kitchen feel bigger, if space is an issue in your kitchen.

One popular way to use glass front doors is to use just a few of them on some upper cabinets where you can put some of your fine china. This way you just have to keep those few doors organized and the rest can be more relaxed.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Doors

This style of cabinet door can be found in countless kitchens around the country, you definitely will recognize them in a few of your friends’ homes. These kitchen cabinet doors are so popular because they fit with almost any style, and look really great in a modern kitchen.

Shaker cabinet doors have four pieces that make up the frame of the door with a recessed panel in the middle. They look beautiful with colored paint to match the rest of your kitchen.

Slab Kitchen Cabinet Doors

These doors can also be called flat doors because they are a solid piece without a frame or any textures or designs. They look really great for a minimalist kitchen design because there is nothing busing about them.

You can have this style of door finished with a clear coat to show off the natural wood, or they look great painted a color to fit your kitchen design aesthetic. Choosing an interesting hardware can help to make these cabinets a little varied, or for true minimalism you can go with no hardware.

Louvered Kitchen Cabinet Doors

This type of cabinet door has horizontal slats, sort of like some window shutters. The slats have space in between them, which makes them great if you want the contents of your cabinets to be able to breathe. 

Louvered doors can be a little tricky to clean, as dust will collect between the slats and it can be difficult to reach there to clean it. This style fits well in a cottage style kitchen.

Chicken Wire Front Kitchen Cabinet Doors

For cheap kitchen cabinet doors, chicken wire front doors might be some of the best. You can probably transform your old cabinet doors into this style with a few dollars and some hours of effort. 

To do this, just cut out the center panel from your kitchen cabinet doors, then nail in some chicken wire and you will have some pretty cool cabinets. This looks great for a rustic or cottage style kitchen.

Distressed Kitchen Cabinet Doors

For a shabby chic kitchen, distressed cabinet doors are a great way to go. You can pretty easily DIY a set of distressed cabinet doors, or you can hire a professional who can do it for you.

A good thing about distressed cabinets is that you may be able to reuse your old kitchen cabinet doors, just give them a sanding and then apply paint with the distressing technique. You can find a lot of instructions online to find out how to paint a distressed look.

Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors

These types of cabinet doors have a frame on the outside and then the center panel sticks out from the frame. This is a classic style that you can find in many homes. 

This looks great if you are going for a timeless look and fits in with a lot of different kitchen styles. These can be painted a color to match your kitchen, or you can choose a beautiful solid wood to clear coat and then show off.

Frameless Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Popular in Europe, this type of cabinet has a seamless appearance and has a sturdier box so that it does not need a frame to support the doors. You get a bit more storage space from frameless kitchen cabinets because the frame takes up some space inside the cabinets.

This is a great choice for a contemporary kitchen and you can go with the best finish to match your kitchen design. Frameless cabinets have a sleek look that will impress your visitors.

Disguised Kitchen Cabinet Doors

You can actually make your kitchen cabinets look like a wall, which will help your kitchen seem a little more calm and empty. This is great for a modern look or even for a minimalist style. 

If you really hate a cluttered looking kitchen, this style hides your cabinets so that your kitchen looks very simple. This can be a really fun cabinet design that not a lot of other people have in their homes. 

Hammered Copper Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Copper is a pinkish, red metal that looks just stunning as the door of a kitchen cabinet. Hammered copper has a sort of handmade look that will impress you and make you feel like you are looking at something very special.

This type of cabinet door is really great for a cozy cottage look in your kitchen. Copper is a warm tone that will make you happy and will increase in value when the price of the metal goes up.

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