15 Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas & Inspiration

The color of your kitchen cabinets can make or break the room. The cabinets are such a big part of the kitchen that you will notice them right away and they will set the tone. Cabinets will last a long time, so it is important to make them the right color so that you can get your full enjoyment out of them.

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Kitchen cabinet suppliers have so many combinations of colors to choose from, it can be overwhelming to make a final choice for exactly which color scheme to go with. To get kitchen cabinet color ideas, you can look at a lot of sources for inspiration and kitchen cabinet trends. One of the first places you can look is at your kitchen utensils and decorations.

The color of your cabinets can really make a big difference on how everything else in the kitchen looks, so you want to use the pots and pans that you already have as a foundation for how the cabinets will look. If you are starting all from scratch and getting custom kitchen cabinets, you certainly want to consider this as you go forward.

To help you choose the perfect color for your kitchen cabinets, we have put together this list of 15 kitchen cabinet color ideas. Click on the name of the color to see an image of a sample kitchen. Try to imagine walking into a kitchen with those colors, how you would feel and what you would think.


A classic color combo which can give a seaside vibe to a kitchen. White countertops give a clean contrast with the dark blue of the cabinet doors below. When there is navy blue only under the white countertops, you feel like you are at a white sand beach meeting a pristine ocean. If you like this look, keep upper cabinets white to continue that white sand or foam feeling.


White cabinets seem to jump out from the stone grey background. Works well with a grey and white marble or quartz countertop, for a cool and natural feeling. The grey background makes the white kitchen cabinets seem even brighter and whiter.


The reddish color of the brick brown makes a delightful accent that catches your imagination while the white soothes everything down to a calm atmosphere. A mint green tile backsplash brings a fresh forest feel while the wall’s cracking texture brings a whole lot of life to the retro kitchen cabinets.


The rich yellow of the egg yolk cabinets combined with the creamy shelf and wall makes you think of sweet desserts while the wooden countertop looks like a perfectly baked pie crust. Modern kitchen cabinets with these colors have a lot of fun to offer.


Using black for the color of cabinets can seem like a dark proposition. The color adds some mystery and can be a great way to show off some colorful decorations and plants. A great advantage of going black is that you will not have to be constantly cleaning them, as any sort of dirt will not show up.


The glossy greenish yellow spliced with the dark grey looks like a retro idea of a futuristic kitchen. Accented by the chrome hardware, the kitchen cabinets make you feel like you are living on a space station orbiting a far off planet or moon.


This color makes you feel close to the earth and at ease. Accented with some black appliances, two cabinets with a natural sun bleached wood look and the light olive wall, you feel like drinking a dry martini and enjoying an evening conversing with some friends.


A refreshing color for your kitchen cabinets. Paired with the black rubbed bronze hardware, it makes the wooden countertop look bright while the white painted brick wall sets the scene for a great morning drinking coffee before starting work.


White is such a clean color, it really works well on modern kitchen cabinets. This kitchen’s white marble backsplashe’s grey streaks are brought out because it is so surrounded by white. Adding a few natural wood lower cabinet doors can bring a little surprising life to this otherwise clean environment.


These forest green kitchen cabinets combined with some white look so elegant that you just know that whatever food comes out of this kitchen, it will taste good. Forest green makes you think of vegetables and nourishing foods that will keep you feeling healthy.


This beautiful kitchen uses pink bottom cabinet doors with stunning gold hardware and faucet. The wood shelving up above makes the whole bright atmosphere feel more natural and full of air. Pink may seem like a little girl’s dream color, but the beautiful golden faucet makes the kitchen seem like a serious space for cooking.


This color combination works well in a warm climate, and will make you feel like you might see a jaguar or a toucan at any moment. These fun colors will be a real conversation starter but you can always feel comfortable cooking around them.


A modern kitchen cabinet set does not have to be white or monochrome. These modern kitchen cabinets feature orderly splashes of orange that sort of wake you up and realize that the owner of the kitchen wanted you to pay attention to the way they decided to design their space. Having a big contrast can really get people to notice your eye for detail.


At first glance you may think that this light lavender kitchen cabinet is a regular old shade of grey, but looking closer you see that it is a soothing color that has a lot of life. A light lavender is nice when you do not want to draw much attention to your colors, but you also can not stand to just go with grey or white.


This color for kitchen cabinets certainly makes you feel soothed and ready to start cooking some delicious food. The bright bronze hardware, mixed with the yellow door and wooden countertop brings a lot of bright energy out of soothing cabinet color.

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