4 Kitchen Cabinets That Won’t Go Out of Style

One of the biggest choices that you will have to make if you are designing a new kitchen is what type of kitchen cabinets you want to have installed. There are so many types of kitchen cabinets out there to choose from, and they will make up such an important part of the kitchen, that it makes the choice of kitchen cabinets seem enormous.

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Your kitchen cabinet style will have a huge effect on the overall look of your kitchen and they are a piece of furniture that you will likely use each and every day. When choosing the kitchen cabinets for your home, you need to consider not only how they will look, but how they will function for you. 

Kitchen cabinets should last for a very long time, decades, so you need to find some that you will love today and in the distant future. To help you find the right kitchen cabinets that won’t go out of style, we have asked the experts from our kitchen cabinet store for some timeless kitchen cabinets that you will love for a long time. 

What Makes Timeless Kitchen Cabinets?

To choose kitchen cabinets that won’t go out of style, we looked at features that have made classic kitchen cabinets classic. The main attribute you will notice about a classic kitchen cabinet is that it has a simple design, with clean lines.

Cabinets with too much decoration tend to look great at first, but then wane in appearance over the decades. Fancy decorations can be really pretty and unique, but after you have been looking at them for a few years they tend to get boring and start to feel like a cliché.

So when you are choosing a set of kitchen cabinets that you want to last a long time and keep looking beautiful to you, keep it simple and you are more likely to enjoy them longer. 

Shaker Cabinets

These cabinets get their name for the shaker religious communities that invented them in the 1800s. They were a group known for their simplicity, and the shaker cabinets named for them are a simple and timeless addition to many kitchens around the country. 

You have almost certainly seen shaker cabinets in some of your friends’ kitchens. They consist of five pieces of wood, a frame made of two stiles and two rails which go around the center recessed board.

Shaker cabinets could almost be considered a type of modular kitchen cabinets because they can work with so many design styles. From modern kitchen cabinets to classic, they have been one of the most popular kitchen cabinets of the last century.

These kitchen cabinets look great with any color of paint that matches your kitchen design. While shaker cabinets look great with paint, you can aslo finish them with a clear coat to show off the natural wood they are made from.

Because shaker cabinets are so popular, it is possible to find affordable options to meet any budget. They are available from stock cabinet manufacturers and even custom cabinet makers.

Flat Cabinets

This type of kitchen cabinets is great for a minimalist look that will blend into many types of modern kitchen designs. They use just a slab of wood or metal to make a flat door for the front of the kitchen cabinets. 

Flat cabinets look especially good for showing off the beauty of the natural wood that they are made from. Going for a more expensive wood like walnut or cherry will bring a special atmosphere to your kitchen and will allow you to admire the beauty of what nature can produce.

It is no crime to paint flat cabinets either and they are easy to paint because there are no difficult corners or designs to reach paint into. 

You can also use different types of hardware to add some visual appeal to your flat kitchen cabinets. Try some different types of hardware, either a slender and sleek pull or a miniscule knob to achieve the kitchen cabinet design ideas that you have in mind.

For true minimalism, you can forgo knobs or pulls and go with handleless flat cabinets, which have grooves called channels in the lower edge to grip. This look can be a little too stark for some people, so you should look at some examples before choosing handleless flat cabinets.

Glass Front Cabinets

One of the most elegant styles of kitchen cabinets, glass front cabinets are a beautiful addition to any home.  They are not just a kitchen storage cabinet, they are great for showing off fine china and will make your kitchen look extra fancy. 

Glass front kitchen cabinets are also a great solution if you have a smaller kitchen because they allow your field of vision to extend into the cabinets, making it seem like there is more physical space. This can be a really helpful trick if you are feeling cramped in your kitchen.

The drawback of glass cabinets is that they can be more expensive than solid wood doors. You also may find that you start to feel paranoid that you are not keeping the insides of the cabinets organized well enough and won’t have a chance to relax and stop cleaning them.

Some people choose just to have a few of their cabinets with glass front and then keep their finest pieces of china in there. This can cut down on the cost and let you be disorganized in the other cabinets if you want to. 

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

The traditional style of kitchen cabinets are a lot like shaker cabinets, but they have a raised center panel instead of a recessed center panel. These cabinets are widely available and you should have no problem finding some in stock.

They look great painted to go with your kitchen design. They can also be finished with a clear coat to show off the natural wood. 

They have more of a classic look, and may not be the right choice for a modern style kitchen. They look especially good to match an older home and keep it looking the same way that it was built. 

There are loads of hardware that go with a traditional kitchen cabinet, and you will find that your options seem limitless. We especially like a formal metal like rubbed brass. 

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