20 Stylish White Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

When designing your kitchen cabinets you will almost certainly have to consider going with white kitchen cabinets, as they match with almost all design themes and they will look elegant and beautiful no matter what the fashion of the moment is. With all the versatility of white cabinets, you are sure to find a way to bring this charming design element into your kitchen.

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When working with white kitchen cabinets you want to use them as a sort of base color, then to bring some life into your kitchen you can play around with different hardware, backsplashes and wall colors. The only stumbling point could be to leave your white kitchen cabinets looking too sterile and unfriendly, you need to bring in some other colors to add warmth and a welcoming energy to your kitchen.

Even if you are going with stock cabinets from big kitchen cabinet suppliers, you may want to go with a basic white color and then play around with changing the hardware or your backsplash color to complete the modern white kitchen that you desire.

When you are coming up with white kitchen cabinet ideas remember that you will be spending a lot of meaningful time in your kitchen and you want a design that you will be proud of for at least a decade. In this article we will share some links to photos of white kitchen cabinets that you can look at and see if it could work in your dream kitchen.


A floral wallpaper as a background to your white kitchen cabinets can lend an english country cottage feeling to your kitchen. You will feel like baking some delicious scones on a rainy day in such a kitchen.


The small dark, blue tiles in a pattern with the larger white tiles makes a sort of transition from the upper white kitchen cabinets to the stark blackness of the stone countertop. The shelving of the upper kitchen cabinets makes the kitchen feel more airy and open.


This white kitchen cabinet idea uses a bold lighting under the cabinets to bring some sparkle to this kitchen. The white lights bring out the grey backsplash to make a nice transition to a black countertop. White and black play well together in this kitchen, and the glass doors of the kitchen cabinets make them look elegant but also harken to the black undertones.


You can keep your kitchen decorations in mind to avoid your white kitchen cabinets looking too boring. This kitchen uses glass cabinet doors with white trim to display colorful blown glass. The use of lighting inside the cabinets brings so much to this kitchen and shows you some of the most creative ways to use white kitchen cabinet ideas.


Picking interesting fixtures and hardware is an excellent way to bring some life to white cabinets. This kitchen uses golden brass handles, light fixtures and faucet to make the pure white cabinets look like a kitchen from a palace. The wood under the kitchen island also works well with the white cabinets and brass hardware, bringing a lot of warmth to this white cabinets kitchen.


This kitchen uses a medium grey wall behind the white cabinets, which allows just enough contrast for the white cabinets to really catch the eye and look brighter. Here they have used excellent cabinet top lighting to also help make the contrast between grey and white stand out.


Employing some colorful tiles behind the stove, this kitchen puts a lot of focus there and lets the white kitchen cabinets be in the background for the eye. The steel colored hardware also blends nicely with these white cabinets to put all the attention onto that splash of colorful tile.


Using a unique tile layout like in this kitchen will bring some excitement to a kitchen without using too much distracting colors. Having open shelving here gives more texture for the eyes so that they don’t just focus on the stark white kitchen cabinets.


For this kitchen the designer chose to use very stylish shelf brackets over the vent hood to give a lot of visual interest to these white kitchen cabinets. There are so many styles of mouldings to choose from and they can really add a lot to white kitchen cabinets.


Adding some finished wood shelves can bring an earthy and warm feeling to a white themed kitchen. The plants that decorate the shelves even add more of this grounded feeling that mixes well with the light airiness of the white shelves.


This kitchen uses yellow tiles to bring a lot of liveliness to the kitchen and also employs an interesting tile layout. This works well as the eye can’t quite decide what to focus on, as the white kitchen cabinets are closer, but the colorful and interesting pattern tiles call a lot of attention.


The natural dark veins of this countertop bring some chaos to an otherwise orderly kitchen that makes it just interesting enough to hold your attention. Incorporating natural elements like this can really bring another level of beauty to your kitchen.


Hardwood floors have such a warm and charming feel that really balances out white kitchen cabinets. This kitchen takes the warm feeling a step further with a yellow tile backsplash that completely puts the white beadboard cabinets into the background. Beadboard does bring some interesting texture to white cabinets that you should keep in mind for your design ideas.


This kitchen uses a rich forest green paint to color underneath their kitchen seating counter. It really makes a stunning contrast for the eye to enjoy while still preserving a clean white feeling for the rest of the kitchen.


Subway tiles are a classic finish for the kitchen that are having a sort of renaissance in modern kitchen design. The thing is that though they are white, the texture they bring to your white cabinets kitchen and their timeless appeal are sure to leave you feeling good about your design.


Yes, yes, we are talking about white cabinets and now I am showing you some two color cabinets. It really can make the white cabinets up above more effective to have a contrasting darker color like this olive green below. Two tones may be the way to go if you just feel too bored by all white but still want the elegance.


In this kitchen they have gone with some wavy, dark jade tiles for the backsplash to really make a statement. Only the lower cabinets are white, with the upper open shelves made of wood with some copper shelf brackets to bring a whole different level of interest.


The dark grey lower cabinets here make everything white above it look brighter and more stunning. This styling goes so well with the stainless steel appliances as well. Having a good lighting design will help bring this style to life.


Picking a colorful scheme for your kitchen furniture and fixtures can make a kitchen look awesome. Notice how this kitchen matches colors from the seats of the bar stools, to the finish of the light fixtures as well as the faucet. It is all tied together and looks so professionally coordinated.


Going with a unique tile shape can add some visual interest to your kitchen. This kitchen does very well with two tone cabinets, baby blue on the bottom and white up above with golden hardware for a great accent.

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