When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Remodel Your Kitchen?

Starting off a new year can make you excited for all of the projects you can take on, including possibly a kitchen remodel. The next question you may want to answer regarding this is “When is the best time of year to remodel a kitchen?”

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With the incredible amount of kitchen and bath remodel ideas out there, the truth is, any time could be best. It all depends on why you remodel your kitchen and what the scope of the project is. With that said, our experts want to share their greatest kitchen remodeling ideas to match the seasons. Read on to discover how to remodel your kitchen to last a lifetime, during any time of year.

Choosing To Remodel A Kitchen Based On Weather

In your area, there might be the best time of year to do a kitchen remodel or add some more kitchen cabinets because of the weather. Sometimes, if it’s too hot, too cold, too rainy or otherwise, you might want to hold off on starting a project. You might want to wait for a mild season, so workers have a better time and deliveries aren’t delayed. Ask around at your local hardware store or with a contractor about their favorite time for kitchen remodeling. Luckily, kitchen remodels can be largely indoor projects, so the weather doesn’t have too much sway. This means that any type of weather can be overcome during a kitchen remodel. Ultimately, you have a lot of options because of the indoor nature of this project. If you want to start a remodel, it would be best to be aware of the latest kitchen remodeling costs as well. 

Winter Weather Remodeling

You might think that winter is too cold for kitchen remodels, but it can be a great time. Especially after the holidays, when your kitchen isn’t expecting too many guests. But, if you live in an extremely cold climate, the roads and other storms could cause delays. You should ask your contractor if they like working in the winter.

Springtime Kitchen Remodel

The spring is traditionally a time of refreshment and rebirth. This can make it an ideal time for a kitchen remodel. Do watch out, if there are heavy rains or muddy roads, that could affect your schedule. If moisture is an issue, you might want to wait for a more dry time of the year than spring.

Kitchen Remodels During Summer

Summer time might be an ideal time of the year to do a kitchen remodel if you need to spend time away from your house. Pack up some camping gear and take a week away from the noise and disruptions. But, the heat could make for some difficult working, so you need to think about that. For the most part though, summer is an awesome season for a kitchen remodel. If you think you have enough budget for kitchen remodeling, then this would be best for you. 

Fall Kitchen Remodel

Overall, fall might be the ideal kitchen remodel period because of good weather and timing. After summer breaks and before the holidays is a great period to revamp your home.  The drawback could be that you will need your kitchen if you have children in school or other needs. You need to think about if it’s worth it to be without a kitchen for this busy period.

Select Your Kitchen Remodel Based On Contractor Availability

Next, you might want to look into when most other homeowners choose to remodel a kitchen. Choosing to remodel during the slow season might get your project more attention and a faster schedule. On the other hand, contractors and construction workers might take their vacations at that time. So, be clear with your team about how you want your work schedule to look. One of the classic periods to do a kitchen remodel is the fall. This is after summer vacations, and before the holiday season. It’s a great time to remodel your kitchen, but you might have extra competition to deal with at this time. You might also want to check the latest bathroom renovation ideas that will fit to your liking. 

Consider Shipping Times For Your Kitchen Remodel

If you’re ordering a lot of items that need to be shipped in, you might be wise to wonder if the time of year might cause delays. Typically, there is more shipping activity just before and through the December holidays. Therefore, you could expect some delays at that time, especially in today’s global economy. There isn’t much worse than having your kitchen remodel held up because your crew is waiting for a range hood to arrive! This topic could be especially important if your kitchen remodel includes items from overseas. Shipping can get hectic at certain points. It’s worth it to check with manufacturer’s about the best times for timely arrivals. You should expect such, especially for your kitchen countertops. 

When Do You Need Your Kitchen Most?

The best time of year for a kitchen remodel could be a deeply personal decision. You can think of when you use your kitchen most, and plan around that schedule.  If you use your kitchen constantly, you’re going to need to consider renting another space for the remodel period. Other than that, you might think about what types of cooking you like to do, such as:
  • Do you love spending cold winter days cooking up soups? Don’t remodel in winter.
  • Maybe your passion is cooking the fresh produce of spring? Consider having your kitchen ready for that period.
  • Does summer spell hosting dinner parties in the garden? Hold off your remodel for after those wonderful months.
  • Is fall a time for delicious cookies and pies? Maybe wait until after or plan to have your kitchen ready for this season.
You might also consider your work schedule and when you need to have your kitchen the most. There could be busy periods where you simply don’t have time for cooking. That could be a good choice for your project.

Create A Seasonally Themed Kitchen

You can also choose to create a kitchen that reflects the time of the year. This could be accomplished through decorations, or even certain details in your space. You might want to have windows that take in more light during winter, then protect your home from the hot rays in the summer. There are a lot of amazing kitchen remodel ideas to help your space reflect the times of the year. Visit our showroom today or check us on Instagram, so you can view our wonderful designs


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