Make the Most of Your Walk-In Shower Space

Walk-in showers can offer a spacious and luxurious bathing experience, with their large size and minimal obstructions. However, all that open floor space presents opportunities to incorporate functional and decorative design elements that enhance both aesthetics and utility. From built-in storage nooks to seating areas, there are myriad possibilities for optimizing that glorious extra footage in your dream shower. If you need more space in the shower, then walk-in shower storage is the best answer for you.

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When the expanse of your walk-in shower begins to echo because of the lack of adornments beyond the rainfall showerhead on one wall, shower curtain on another, and mosaic tile floors underfoot, it may be time to reimagine what that spaciousness could provide beyond elbow room. Before you hire a kitchen and bath contractor, planning allows for creativity when it comes to making use of the large shower wall space and floor area that a walk-in model provides over a more standard shower stall.

Storage Solutions for Shower Essentials

According to experts at HomeAdvisor, built-in storage solutions like recessed shelves and corner nooks are great ways to maximize unused space in large walk-in showers. This also helps keep shower essentials organized and frees up the counter area.

One major advantage all that open space in a walk-in shower allows for is installing storage nooks and shelves. Recessing shampoo, conditioner, razor, and soap holders directly into the shower wall itself free up counter space around the sinks. Corner shelves offer room for those shower items and then some, especially if you opt for a multi-tier design. Niches cut into the shower walls also work wonderfully for neatly tucking away all those bathing accessories.

Freestanding shelving and hanging caddies are also options for keeping your various soaps, loofahs, etc. organized inside your large shower, without requiring built-in nooks. Portable units give you the flexibility to rearrange configurations or remove them completely. Just ensure any freestanding storage solutions are made of water-safe materials that won’t get damaged by all that humidity and hot water spraying about.

Built-In Seating Extends Relaxation

One of the most luxurious upgrades you can install in a roomy walk-in shower is a built-in bench or sitting area. Creating a miniature spa experience every time you step inside, it provides space to sit back and truly relish your shower. Multiple showerheads from multiple angles cascade water over tired muscles when you install a marble or tile seat. frosted glass shower doors and bright white subway tiles surrounding you complete the atmosphere.

For a seamless look, use matching materials for your shower bench and surrounding shower walls, whether that’s marble, porcelain, natural stone, or precast concrete. Based on guidance from Angi’s professional bathroom remodeling experts, waterproofing any custom wood or metal elements is a must for humid shower environments.

The position of your shower bench depends on the size and layout of your particular shower. Typically built into one wall, corner benches optimize smaller spaces best. If working with a more spacious area, you can incorporate an L-shaped design or even a U-shaped built-in wrapping around two or three walls, offering room for multiple sitters.

Eye-Catching Design Elements

Once you’ve handled all the functional aspects like storage nooks and seating, the fun part remains—selecting aesthetically pleasing design features. When it comes to walk-in showers, clean, minimalist styles keep the openness from feeling too busy. However, modern materials, pops of colors, creative tiles, and textures can all add lovely visual elements without detracting from that simplicity and airiness. Now, these changes could ask more in terms of bathroom remodeling costs, but if the benefits are worth it, then you need to go for it!

Naturally soothing and bright options for your walk-in shower walls and flooring include white subway tiles, marble mosaics, quartz, and granite. Wood-look porcelain planks and faux wood tiles can lend warmth. Cool metallics like silver, pewter, and brushed nickel finishes on fixtures and hardware inject more contemporary appeal.

Glass is another material that allows light to permeate and keeps things airy. Use it minimally with clear glass shower doors if desiring more privacy or go for stunning full glass wall panels surrounding a completely open shower interior. For natural texture and beauty, incorporate actual driftwood, stone, or greenery on the shower walls or as part of the design motifs in engraved tiles.


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