Top 5 Peninsula Kitchen Remodeling Ideas In Beltsville, MD

If you are searching for some kitchen remodeling ideas with a peninsula, you might be getting overwhelmed with all of the choices. You want your kitchen ideas for remodeling to satisfy you for years to come. 

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There are some great kitchen remodeling ideas in Beltsville, MD right now that can make your space come to life. You can create an amazing peninsula as part of your kitchen home remodeling ideas. To aid your hunt for the top kitchen remodeling ideas with a peninsula, our kitchen and bath remodelers will share their opinions on the subject in this blog post. These kitchen ideas for remodeling will inspire you and get your project off on the right foot.

Peninsula and Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Ideas

One of the great aspects of having a kitchen peninsula is all of the potential for adding cabinet space. Of course, you can get some great lower cabinets below you peninsula, but there are other remodeling kitchen ideas, such as:
  • Cabinets above the peninsula- this is more of an old school look, and you need to make sure it doesn’t make your kitchen feel closed off. But if you are desperate for cabinet space, this can work.
  • Drawers under the peninsula- drawers are handy places to keep many smaller items that are useful to the kitchen.
  • Cabinets on the corner of the peninsula- the corner of your kitchen peninsula could hold some beautiful and unobtrusive kitchen cabinets. They will add some great space, without getting in the way.
You want to also think about the style of cabinets to choose for your kitchen peninsula. Each style will create a unique atmosphere that you need to enjoy. A shaker cabinet might be a more traditional or classic look for your kitchen peninsula. Alternatively, flat panel cabinets help create more of a modern motif in your space. On the other hand, frameless cabinets give you more space inside and a minimalist appearance.

Choose The Best Top For Your Kitchen Peninsula

A top reason why so many people love including a peninsula in their kitchen remodeling is the counter space it adds. Select a stunning top for your peninsula to ensure your home shines the way it should. The material you choose will be part of your kitchen remodel design, so if you have enough kitchen remodeling budget, you need to spend on them. There are many great kitchen peninsula countertop materials, including:
  • Marble- this natural stone is one of the most elegant materials out there. But its beauty comes with a little extra maintenance that you should look into.
  • Quartz- this is an engineered stone that has nearly the same appearance as a natural one. It is easy to care for, looks great and has antimicrobial properties.
  • Butcher block- this is one of the most popular materials among millennial home remodelers. The wood brings some warming and cheery vibes to a peninsula.
  • Granite- this is one of the hardest natural stones available for countertops. It comes in amazing colors and grain patterns.
You can choose a color for your peninsula countertop that matches with your overall kitchen theme. This will make a uniformed appearance that will make you feel satisfied. Lighter kitchens feel brighter, but darker colored kitchens can be rich and sultry.

Kitchen Peninsula With Bar Seating

A lot of homeowners hope to create a cool bar area with their kitchen peninsula. According to kitchen remodeling services in Beltsville, VA, this is a great spot to entertain friends or gather with your family. Depending on how much space you have in your home, you can have bar seating for two or up to six people in most cases. This creates an atmosphere of fun in your home that will help you create some wonderful memories. You might want to choose your bar stools before you even choose your peninsula countertop. That way, you can make these two pieces match and create a sleek look that you can appreciate. Some neat ideas for bar stools and color combinations are:
  • Dark brown wooden stools for a classic look.
  • Stainless steel stools for a more modern or futuristic look.
  • Ceramic seated tools for a more rustic cottage feeling.

The Right Size Peninsula For Your Kitchen

Some folks forget that you need to create a kitchen peninsula that is proportional and functional to your space. You can even step outside of the box and choose a shape besides a rectangle for your peninsula, such as:
  • Rounded edges give your kitchen a sleek and personalized look.
  • Triangular shaped peninsula could be a versatile and unique organization.
  • Long and narrow peninsula gives your kitchen a fresh appearance.
You don’t want your kitchen peninsula to be so nice that you can’t move around your kitchen comfortably. But, a kitchen peninsula that is too small won’t support much activity like chopping vegetables or doing some drawing. You must measure your kitchen plans and decide which size of kitchen peninsula makes the most sense. It doesn’t always work out to make the peninsula the same depth as the other countertops, so keep an open mind to find a solution.

Put Your Personality Into Your Peninsula

It’s important to remember that you are the one who will use your kitchen peninsula, so it needs to reflect your character and be useful to your kitchen routines. That means ignoring some of the trends and creating a space that has meaning to you. You should do some soul searching and discover what you need from your peninsula. You can ask yourself some questions before starting your design process, including:
  • What do you want the main function of your peninsula to be?
  • What are the secondary functions you want from your peninsula?
  • How will your peninsula relate to the overall design of the space? What does it bring to the table?
Once you have looked deep inside yourself and know the answer to those questions, you can more confidently design your kitchen peninsula. Knowing your real motivations for the project gives you a big step ahead of the curve. Visit our showroom today or check us on Instagram, so you can view our wonderful designs.


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