9 Steps to a Successful Bath Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is one of the projects around the house that can really make your life a lot better. Whether it be to get more storage, get more energy efficient, or just to update the space with a modern style, a bathroom remodel is sure to lead to a lot better quality of life in your home for years to come.

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It takes a lot of work to accomplish a successful bathroom renovation though, so we have made this guide with nine steps to help bathroom makeovers go as smoothly as possible. This guide is for those who are just starting out in wondering how to make their bathroom remodeling dreams come true, but if you are already deep in the process you might find it helpful as well.

Set Your Intentions

The first step to getting your bathroom remodeling to come out a success is to decide what exactly you want to get out of your new bathroom. You need to have some goals that you want to achieve with your new bathroom so that you can plan out what it will look like.

Try going into your bathroom and figuring out exactly what you do not like about it. Maybe you want a tub instead of a shower, or the opposite, maybe you need more space to store towels, maybe you don’t like the lighting. Make a list of everything you do not like, as well as the things you are happy with and would like to preserve.

Then one of the funnest parts of remodeling bathrooms is that you get to look for inspiration of how you want your bathroom to be when it is finished. Try keeping a special eye out when you visit other bathrooms, see what you like about them and imagine the features in your home. You can also search on many sites on the internet where designers share their work. 

There is so much inspiration in the world, open your eyes and heart and find the right bathroom stylings and features for your new bathroom.

Figure Out Your Budget

Finding the right budget for your project will be a really important part of the bathroom remodeling process. When you know your budget, you will know the types of finishes and changes you can have in your new bathroom. 

Common wisdom says that you should spend only about five percent of your home’s value on a bathroom remodel, so keep this in mind when you are going through the books. Of course, you want to create a budget that will not leave you feeling too poor to enjoy your new bathroom.

If you are able to pay cash for your new bathroom, that is a great option, but taking out a home equity line of credit is a great way that many people use to improve their home. Remember that a bathroom remodel will return about seventy percent of your investment on your home’s resale value, so a bathroom remodel could be more affordable than you think.

You also have to consider that the value of your home for tax purposes might go up, and you might end up paying a little more in property taxes. There is a lot to consider about your remodel budget, so you may want to consult with a financial advisor when creating your budget.

Find Bathroom Contractors

You may be considering doing the work of remodeling your bathroom on your own, as it is such a small space and it seems like an easy project. The reality is that bathrooms are complex with all the plumbing, electrical and ducting that can go into them and we highly recommend that you hire a bathroom remodeling service to make sure you get the best results possible.

When looking for bathroom contractors one of the best places to start is through word of mouth, maybe you know people who have had work done on their house or you see that a neighbor is having a construction crew working, these can be great sources of reference. You can also check online for local bathroom contractors.

You should find about three bathroom contractors to make bids for your bathroom remodel. Make sure you have good conversations with each one and look for one that you feel comfortable talking with who seems to understand your ideas.

Remember that they will be working in your home for at least a month, but probably more, so you need to trust them and feel at ease with them. 

Choose A Contractor

Once you choose a contractor that you feel you can trust to get your bathroom remodel done, you will have some paperwork to fill out and you will need to make a down payment. Be sure that you read everything in the contract that you sign.

You want to make sure that you have in writing the approximate time schedule and you should have an agreement about what happens to changes in the contract during work. The contractor should be able to make a good estimate of how long the does a bathroom remodel work will take and it will be important to have that figured out so you can plan to be inconvenienced with not having a bathroom and having work going on in your house. 

Design Your Bathroom

Work with your bathroom contractors to come up with the design for your new bathroom. You will probably want to work with an interior designer to get the best idea of what your bathroom will look like. You want to now choose all of the finishes, hardware, cabinets and everything that will go into your new bathroom.

One tip for saving money on your bathroom remodel is to leave the plumbing and electrical in the same place it is. This means not moving any drains, showers, faucets, the toilet, outlets or light fixtures. These kinds of changes take specialized tradesmen to do which can cost a lot more.

Make sure that you get everything you want out of your design. Once you have chosen a design, you don’t want to make any changes, as this can come with huge extra costs that will quickly destroy your budget. Be sure you are communicating well with your design team and you have a thorough understanding of what your bathroom remodel will look like.

Get Permits

Your bathroom remodeling service will take care of getting all of the permits you will need for your project, but you will have to secure them before any work will start. This could be a fast process or could take some weeks depending on where you live.

At this time you can prepare to have the work started and to not be using your bathroom. If you have other bathrooms in the house, that will be an easy thing for you to do, if not you may need to prepare to be using a portable bathroom while the work is being completed. 


The first part of doing a bathroom remodel will be the demolition. This will take only a day or two and may be pretty dirty and dusty. There will be a dumpster outside your house where all of the demolition debris will go.

If you are getting rid of old bathroom fixtures like toilets, bathtubs and cabinets that you don’t want but are still useful, consider donating them to a charity organization like Habitat For Humanity that will collect your old stuff and sell it to other people who can use it. This helps keep waste out of landfills and helps people who need to use your old things.


The average bathroom remodel takes twenty seven days of work, so with weekend breaks that is just over a month of work. Be ready to not have access to your bathroom for this time and to have workers in your home. 

Different days will see different workers coming into your home. First they will get all the plumbing roughed in, then the electrical, then they will start to get all the finishes started to be installed. At times different inspectors will come to make sure that all of the work is being done according to the building codes. If there are any mistakes they will have to be fixed.

Be kind with the workers who are in your home, offer them drinks and snacks and it will make them want to do a better job for you. You should also consider being out of the house as much as you can while work is going on, it could be loud and dirty and it will be better for everyone if you have some place to go during working hours. 

They will normally stick to eight hour days, but don’t be surprised if they want to work longer, or if a plumber shows up at six in the morning and then leaves at noon when the electrician will show up. They will all be working to get their jobs done and they may need space to work alone.

Finish Construction

Once the bathroom remodel is complete you will get to inspect your new bathroom and see if there is anything you want to have fixed or changed. There may be a break- in period of a few weeks where something could go wrong and you want to call your contractor as soon as you notice any problem so that they can fix it as soon as possible.

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