Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas: 10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Space

If you are thinking of doing a small bathroom remodel, you are probably very excited but also wondering how to fit everything you need into your small space. Small bathroom remodeling can seem like a real challenge to some people, but with the right small bathroom ideas it can be a great opportunity.

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The key to successful small bathroom renovations is to use the occasion as a chance to employ your creativity and problem solving skills. Finding some incredible small bathroom design ideas will help you guide your experience and give you a solid foundation to get started.

To help you with your small bathroom remodel we have asked our expert remodelers to give us their best bathroom renovation ideas so we can share them with you. This article will give you some critical inspiration for small bathroom remodel and design so that your project will turn out successful.

Large Format Tiles

You may not guess this, but using larger size tiles will actually be a tiny bathroom idea that will make your bathroom seem bigger than it is. Especially when you get a great tile installer to help you make the grout lines small, the look will be amazing.

Going with an elegant tile like real marble or even a marble print will make your bathroom seem like a grand space. People will have a hard time believing it is a small bathroom with your big beautiful tile work that will captivate them.

Pedestal Sink

There is a bit of a trade off with pedestal sinks, they make a small bathroom seem bigger,  but they don’t offer storage space the way that a vanity can. You have to weigh your options and decide what you will need, but a pedestal sink is great for making the bathroom look larger.

Pedestal sinks have a classy look that will be great in a small bathroom. This type of bathroom sink is probably best suited for a guest bathroom, where you won’t need to be storing too many bathroom items.

Floating Vanity

If you are doing a small bathroom remodel for your master bathroom, a floating vanity will give you some storage underneath but it also has a sleek look that doesn’t seem so bulky. This will give you less crowding in your visual field and make your space seem bigger than it is. 

Floating bathroom vanities are mounted to the wall and have space between their bottom and the floor. That makes it pretty easy to clean underneath the vanity and makes the whole bathroom feel a lot more open and airy.

White Bathroom

Choosing the color white for a small bathroom remodel will help your space seem bigger because it will be brighter. The white color reflects more light, and that brightens up the whole space and makes it seem more airy.

A white colored bathroom is the best choice for your small bathroom remodeling project. It may seem boring to have an all white bathroom, so you can add some colors with the decorations that you choose. 

It might help to incorporate some natural wood colors which will bring some warmth to the space. Accent pieces made of natural wood can add some personality and help the bathroom seem less sterile. 

Add Some Natural Light

Adding some natural light will be a big help to make your small bathroom look incredible. You can do this in a few different ways that hopefully can work for you.

One of the more simple ways to add some extra natural light is to enlarge an already existing window. This should be possible in most bathrooms and your contractor can help you to plan this out.

Possibly the most incredible way to add natural light is by installing a skylight. This is only possible if the roof is above the bathroom, but it will add some incredible views and tons of natural sunlight to your space.

You could also consider installing a new window, to go with an existing window or to be the first window in the bathroom 

Glass Shower Door

Having a luxurious walk in shower is a great idea for a small bathroom, and a glass shower enclosure is the best way to make the bathroom seem bigger. A frameless door is the best option for this, as there will be no frame that intrudes into the field of vision.

With a glass shower door you will have that extra square footage that seems like it is part of the bathroom, but it also prevents water from splashing all around. A glass shower enclosure is a great idea for your small bathroom remodel.

Custom Cabinetry

If you are hoping to have adequate storage space inside of your small bathroom, a custom cabinetry set will make sure that you are using all of the space you have available. Custom cabinetry is designed to fit your bathroom and will make sure there is no dead space.

You can have bathroom cabinets designed for you that are tall and thin, helping to make the bathroom seem more spacious. You will have as much room as you need for storing towels, toiletries and any other items you like to have on hand in the bathroom.

Open Shelving

Installing some shelves for storage in your bathroom is a great idea that leaves the atmosphere open, but gives you some good storage options. Shelves won’t crowd the field of vision so much and you can put some cheerful decoration on them to liven up your bathroom.

We recommend having floating shelves installed, which don’t have bulky brackets that can take up some space. We love shelves that accent the overall color of the room and help to bring the whole small bathroom remodel into focus.

Wall Mounted Toilet

A wall mounted toilet is a great space saving device for a small bathroom remodel. It puts the toilets water tank into the wall behind the toilet, giving you some valuable inches near the toilet bowl.

This can create a lot more leg room in a cramped bathroom. You also don’t have to deal with that dead space that a normal toilet creates behind the bowl, where dust and other things tend to accumulate and are difficult to clean. 

Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Sticking your medicine cabinet into the wall will help to open up some visual space while also supplying the storage space that you need. Recessed medicine cabinets have an elegant look that will be amazing as a part of your small bathroom remodel. 

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