6 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas In Frederick, MD Perfect For The Holidays

When you find some good ideas for a kitchen remodel, it is smart to keep them together for when you start planning out a home project. The best ideas for kitchen remodeling can come at any moment, so you need to keep your mind open to finding them.

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This time of year there are many kitchen remodeling ideas in Frederick, MD for the holiday season that is coming up. These fun kitchen ideas for remodeling in Frederick, Md work anytime of the year, but are more inspiring during the holidays.

For this blog post, our team of design experts will share their top six kitchen remodeling ideas that are perfect for the holidays. Having these kitchen ideas for remodeling on your mind will get you prepared for making your home as amazing as you dream it can be.

Kitchen Island Remodeling Ideas For The Holidays

A kitchen island is a wonderful way to make your kitchen more inviting during the holiday season, but it’s also helpful no matter what season. You can add many important features with your new kitchen island, including:

  • More storage space – kitchen islands can feature cabinetry underneath so you can have more space for holiday dishes, kitchen gadgets or anything you could need.
  • More countertop space – Many people add kitchen islands solely for the fact that they need some extra space for baking holiday cooking or chopping veggies for a hearty stew.
  • Add a sink – You can even plumb your kitchen island and make your sink in a better location, or add an extra one for when you host a lot of people during the holidays.
  • Create a kitchen centerpiece – If your kitchen feels like it lacks a wow factor, you can make a waterfall marble island that will make people feel impressed with your design skills. 

There are endless possibilities to make your kitchen island the perfect part of your holiday kitchen remodeling ideas. If you don’t feel like you have the space for a kitchen island, create a rolling or moveable kitchen island.

Non-fixed kitchen islands are great for smaller kitchens that need a boost during the busy holiday cooking season. When all the craziness of the holidays are over, you can put your kitchen island into a place that is out of the way and have your normal kitchen back.

New Appliances Can Make The Holidays Easier

If you are dealing with some older appliances that just aren’t cutting it anymore, you should definitely upgrade this holiday season. Having all new appliances as part of your kitchen remodeling ideas is a smart choice that you can enjoy for years to come, not just at the holidays.

You might need a bigger refrigerator during the holiday season to keep all the food you will need for entertaining. You might think that it could be a waste of space the rest of the year, but really with the better energy efficiency of modern refrigerators, your electric bill will probably go down.

You might also consider upgrading your washing machine for the holidays because it can save you a lot of time doing dishes. This is another kitchen appliance that is more efficient, but they save a lot of precious water that so many of us are concerned about right now with kitchen remodeling.

New Kitchen Cabinets Can Be A Life Saver

There are not many kitchen remodeling ideas that can revitalize your space like bringing in new kitchen cabinets. There are several reasons that new kitchen cabinets should be included in your kitchen remodeling ideas, including:

  • Your old cabinets are worn out and outdated. Some kitchen cabinets weren’t made to last and you should treat yourself to some modern, quality ones. If the cabinets look somewhat outdated, but still in a really good condition, painting kitchen cabinets is the best and affordable way to go. 
  • You don’t have enough storage space. The function of kitchen cabinets is to hold everything you need. If your cabinets feel too cramped and it is hard to organize them, get some better sized ones.
  • The style just doesn’t fit your personality. Kitchen cabinets can easily dominate a space, and if they don’t fit your style, you need to get some that are a better match.

There are so many beautiful and functional kitchen cabinets out there that you would be silly not to consider this kitchen remodeling idea. You can find the perfect kitchen cabinets that make you feel at home in your space.

Kitchen Floors Make Their Mark During The Holidays

Many homeowners don’t have their kitchen flooring high on their priority list, but this is one kitchen remodeling idea that makes a lot of sense to invest in. New floors can transform your kitchen from feeling dirty too often to being a sparkling clean oasis.

When you have new floors installed in your kitchen, you might find that they are much easier to clean. This is a game changer during the holidays when you might have multiple gatherings in your home and find yourself cleaning the kitchen floors often.

There are so many options for flooring right now, and you can pick a type and color that will make your kitchen remodeling ideas come to life. Many people are choosing vinyl plank flooring because it looks like real hardwood, at a much lower price and with less maintenance.

Find Some Time For New Holiday Lighting

We’re not talking about a string of colored light bulbs here, we are speaking about adding a new lighting design in your kitchen for the whole year. But especially during the holidays when days are shorter, you need great lighting in your kitchen to feel more comfortable. 

When you are thinking of your kitchen lighting design, remember the three types of lighting, which are:

  1. Ambient lighting – this is the main light source for the kitchen, usually in the form of overhead leight. Choose some dazzling pendant lights as a centerpiece of your kitchen.
  2. Task lighting – this is a light that you can use for performing specific actions. An example is a light over your countertop where you like to knead bread.
  3. Accent lighting – this is a light that highlights a part of your kitchen design. Use this to show off your range hood, or give the appearance of a bigger kitchen.

New Kitchen Countertops

You should really think about upgrading your countertops as part of your kitchen remodeling ideas. Know which type of kitchen countertop suits you. This will add a lot of beauty to your kitchen and you can use them as a centerpiece, or even an accent to the rest of your design.

One of the most popular countertop materials right now is quartz because it looks amazing like real stone, but has less maintenance needs. This makes it a perfect material for the holidays when you might be too busy to care for your countertops.

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