How to Choose the Perfect Shower Head

A luxurious shower is one of life’s simple pleasures. The right shower head can take your everyday experience from basic to spa-like bliss. With the range of today’s options ranging from rainfall shower heads to models with wireless speakers, selecting the ideal one for your home brings the opportunity to upgrade your bathing comfort.

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Beyond deciding on a finished look that matches your kitchen and bath design, understanding spray settings, special features, and easy installation tips enables you to zero in on how to choose the perfect shower head, to suit your family’s needs and budget.

Primary Considerations When Choosing a Shower Head

As you evaluate the variety of styles of shower heads available, first assess a few key factors:

Compatibility with Your Plumbing

  • Most standard shower plumbing has 1/2 inch National Pipe Thread (NPT) fittings which work with any typical showerhead. Measure yours to confirm.
  • If converting an old-fashioned 3-handle tub faucet to a shower, you may need adapters.
  • Look for showerheads with integrated or separate diverter valves if adding onto existing tub spouts.


Desired Spray Setting Types

  • Standard stream flow for efficient bathing
  • Full rainshower-style coverage for immersive relaxation
  • Adjustable settings like pulsing massage jets and gentle mist
  • Multifunction options that combine modes like rainfall with targeted spray jets

Get familiar with various spray setting names when product shopping to pinpoint and decide what best suits you – rainfall, atomizing, champagne, cascading, drenching…vendors use extensive terminology around water flow methods!

Top Materials and Finish Options

From classic chrome to sleek finishes like brushed nickel, chrome, or bronze, showerhead material, and aesthetic should coordinate with your overall bathroom decor.

Most Popular Metal Finishes

  • Chrome – Timeless, modern, affordable
  • Brushed Nickel – Neutral metallic with a soft sheen
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze – Richer deep brown character
  • Polished Brass – Stylish old-world appeal
  • Matte Black – Understated bold sophistication

Other Notable Choices

  • Gold – Glamorous warmth as 24k gold, champagne, or rose gold
  • Two-Tone Metal Combos – Mix a chrome faceplate with black handle accents
  • Unique Options – Copper, wood grain, painted art glass

Select metal colors echoing cabinet hardware suits traditional baths while black introduces modern contrast and finishes. Gold makes a stunning style statement for glam bathrooms.

Specialized Showerhead Features to Consider

Beyond standard adjustable showerheads, specialized additions enhance the shower experience:

Rainfall – Extra wide 8-12 inch diameter faced for a drenching downpour effect. Ceiling mount for fullest coverage.

Handshowers – Secondary flexible showerhead detaches from the mount for mobility and targeted cleaning. A popular addition for pet owners! Mount to wall or tub spout.

Body Sprays – Multiple horizontally mounted adjustable mini showerheads surround you with gentle spray.

LED Lighting – Color-changing lights at the face of the showerhead create a cool ambiance.

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers – Stream your favorite playlists right from your showerhead! Volume varies.

Filters – Filter out chlorine, hard water minerals, and bacteria from water flow.

If simplicity suits you, having just hand showers and a single standard showerhead keeps it straightforward. Or get creative by combining a rainshower fixture with hand showers – the options fit every preference!

Installation Tips

While a fancy shower remodel allows complex configurations, a basic showerhead swap generally takes under 30 minutes.

Follow these simple install steps:

  1. Turn off the house water supply and turn on the tub faucet to relieve pressure.
  2. Unscrew the existing showerhead by hand or using channel locks for stubborn buildup.
  3. Clean mounting arm threads with a steel brush or towel. Apply fresh plumber’s tape to the arm.
  4. Hand tightens new showerhead onto arm at least one full turn. Don’t over-tighten.
  5. Turn the water back on and check for leaks during first use. Enjoy!

Many showerheads come with adapters, extension heads, arms, or height adjusters allowing you to set the angle just right for your height and kids.

Top-Rated Showerhead Brands

Industry leaders known for quality craftsmanship and attractive styles include:

Moen – Lifetime warranty support, magnetic magnetic docking hand showers

Delta – Innovative H2Okinetic water droplet technology

Kohler – High-performing designs including statement Euro-inspired squares

Grohe – Immersive Rainshower systems with wireless remote, app control options

Hansgrohe – Multi-outlet rainfall mixes with adjustable jets

While internet searches can uncover a lot of more niche players and lower budget options, purchasing shower fixtures from reputable brands brings reassurance of durable construction that will function well for years with proper care.

Key Takeaways

Selecting the ideal showerhead may seem challenging given the vast range of available options today—from basic affordable chrome models to fancy rainfall showerheads with wireless speakers. It’s easy to second guess and be overwhelmed by all the decisions around spray settings, sizes, finishes, and bonus features. Keep in mind that the “perfect” type of showerhead is entirely subjective to your needs and taste.

Start by clearly defining the must-have elements you’d love based on how you envision using your next shower heads. Do you require settings like a gentle mist, massaging jets, or water-saving trickle flow? Is a handheld wand for cleaning tile non-negotiable? Make this wish list before shopping so you can target in on models meeting your core needs rather than getting distracted by every bells and whistles product that simply seems neat. Review which features are essential versus nice-to-have extras.

This helps guide you to quality shower heads that match your family’s priorities without needlessly overspending on non-essential perks. The right fixture for you brings delightful renewal that motivates you to shower more often!


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