Best Type Of Cabinets Suitable For Your Small Apartment Bathroom

You might know about the struggle to fit everything you need into a small apartment bathroom, but one of the best solutions is to have the right bathroom cabinets. You may not know it, but there are tons of great options from many different cabinet stores that goes beyond bathroom wall cabinets to help make your bathroom better.

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The best type of cabinet you can find for your small apartment will most likely be a mixture of different bathroom storage cabinets. You really need to know how to examine your space and estimate the type of bathroom cabinets storage will fit and what you require. Making sure that you’ll be able to achieve your small bathroom remodeling ideas are essential. 

It might seem like a difficult process, but with the help of a reliable bathroom remodeling service and experts, we will walk you through all the information to find the right bathroom cabinets. Keep reading to understand everything about bathroom sink cabinets, bathroom cabinets over toilet, bathroom vanity cabinets and more!

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets

One of the biggest helpers you can have in your bathroom cabinet arsenal is a wall mounted version. Siting a wall mounted cabinet in a small apartment bathroom can be difficult though if you don’t have very big walls.

You might try an ultra thin bathroom cabinet, protruding no more than six inches into the bathroom. This can give you a surprising amount of storage, without making you feel too cramped inside of your bathroom.

You might also be able to squeeze in more storage space by choosing tall bathroom cabinets that take advantage of the area above your head. Getting creative with some wall mounted bathroom cabinets could be the key to a great small apartment bathroom.

Free Standing Bathroom Cabinets, Help Or Hindrance?

If you have some space in your small apartment bathroom, free standing bathroom cabinets can help you add some storage. The problem is that they take up a lot of valuable floor space that could make your bathroom less comfortable to move around in.

Your decision about free standing bathroom cabinets could come down to if you are renting or not. If you have a lease that penalizes you from installing wall mounted bathroom cabinets, your only options might be to bring in some free standing cabinets. 

Luckily, there are many versions of free standing bathroom cabinets, so as bathroom vanities to choose from, and you can find one the right size to give you the storage you need without sacrificing your floor space. For example, think of a bathroom cabinet that fits under a pedestal sink or between the toilet and bathtub.

Inset Medicine Cabinets Add Storage Without Intruding

Having an inset medicine cabinet installed in your small apartment bathroom gives you many options for storage, without taking up much space from the interior of your bathroom. You can fit all kinds of things in your medicine cabinet, and you might be able to make it deeper depending on your wall thickness. There are also white shaker cabinet ideas that you can look into when it comes to additional storages. 

There is also the possibility of adding light strips around the medicine cabinet mirror to increase the brightness in your small apartment bathroom. Adding some extra light helps the space feel bigger, plus you get a cool effect that looks like a floating mirror.

The drawback of installing an inset medicine cabinet is that it takes more work than other types of cabinets because you need to excavate some of the bathroom wall. This could be a bigger job than your apartment will allow, so you must check with all of the regulations.

Corner Bathroom Cabinets Can Be Handy

A corner in a small bathroom can often turn into dead space. It’s not likely that you will be able to move around in the corner of your bathroom, and it really is just more area that you need to keep clean.

Adding bathroom cabinets into the corners can add some amazing storage options that really don’t intrude into the rest of the space. You can easily fit towels, soaps and even some decorations into your corner bathroom cabinets without problems.

Corner bathroom cabinets also create a cool look that you can use to your advantage to show off your interior design skills. Use a cool vintage cabinet door, or add a splash of vibrant color to make your bathroom more than just a functional space.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets, Are They Worth It?

You may have heard a thing or two about custom bathroom cabinets, but you may not fully understand what they are. Custom bathroom cabinets are designed by an expert cabinet maker to fit your space and your needs exactly. 

This means you can tell your cabinet designer what you want to store and they will find a way to do that in your small bathroom without taking anything away from the space. This gives you unique, functional and beautiful cabinets that last a lifetime.

On the other hand, custom bathroom cabinets are double the price of stock cabinets. While you may be wary of such an expensive bathroom cabinet, most people feel satisfied with them and say that they enhance their bathrooms in many ways.

Bathroom Cabinets And Lighting

We all know that the cost of bathroom remodeling is no joke. However, you need to know that the relationship between your bathroom cabinets and your bathroom lighting is a critical consideration in small apartment bathrooms. You need to avoid blocking your lighting with your bathroom cabinets at all costs.

If your cabinets get in the way of your lighting, it casts shadows that make a small bathroom feel crowded and uncomfortable. This also ends up wasting electricity, which we all need to do our part to avoid.

It is often easier to relocate bathroom cabinets than bathroom lights, so plan your cabinets with the lighting fixtures and windows in mind. Never sacrifice light for storage space and your small bathroom will be more comfortable and useful.

Bathroom Cabinets Under The Sink

The space under your bathroom sink could provide a great place to keep different bathroom necessities like cleaning supplies. Most people choose to have cabinets as part of their bathroom vanity, but there are latest bathroom renovation ideas that will give you a lot of options  too.

You do have to consider the plumbing that is under your sink. Make sure that any cabinets you make won’t stop access to the water lines or drain, as that would be a major headache if there is ever a problem down there.

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