Winter-Ready Bathroom Remodeling Concepts In Lake Ridge, VA You Can Grab!

Getting ready to do a bathroom remodeling project is one of the most exciting times for a homeowner. And winter bathroom remodeling is a great option because it is an all-indoor project that shouldn’t require too much work in the frigid outdoors. 

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You can make your bathroom remodeling ideas into a winter-ready bathroom with a few simple bathroom remodeling concepts in Lake Ridge, Va. Bathroom remodeling in winter techniques keep the cold out and the cozy goodness in. For this post, our team of experts will explain the best bathroom remodeling ideas in Lake Ridge, VA that work in winter. After reading this article, you will have all the info to turn your winter bathroom remodel in Lake Ridge, Va into a success.

Winter Bathroom Remodeling In Lake Ridge, Va

Winter could be one of the best times of year to do your bathroom remodel because it is normally a smaller-scale project that is indoors. This means you can stay out of the rain and cold that often comes with the winter season. You could even be competing with fewer bathroom remodelers in your area who want to wait to do projects in the spring, summer, or fall. Some people like to rest from home improvement during the busy holiday season, so winter could be a time to beat the crowds. After the new year, there are often sales on last year’s bathroom remodeling materials so that stores can ramp up their supply for the spring bathroom remodelers. This means you could find some great deals because you choose to do your bathroom remodeling project in the winter. 

Heated Bathroom Floors Are the Perfect Winter Gift For Yourself

Doing a bathroom remodeling project during the winter is going to make you want to go the extra mile to create a cozy space. There is no cozier bathroom feature than heated bathroom floors that feel amazing when you wake up on a cold morning. This is a wonderful idea for bathroom remodeling because the smaller footprint of a bathroom makes this an affordable luxury addition. You can have radiant heating installed under your tile floors for an incredible price when you consider how much you will enjoy it. Radiant heated floors are now more affordable than ever because of advances in technology and installation techniques. Heated floors are not just for the wealthy anymore, and everyone should consider this option for their winter bathroom remodeling.

Add A Skylight For Extra Vitamin D

It can be really tough to get enough vitamin D in the wintertime when we spend more time indoors because of the bad weather. Adding a skylight in your bathroom will bring in that essential sunshine to a room where you spend a lot of time.  Besides letting in sunlight, you also get some passive heating from the skylight, which could help to lower some energy bills in winter. There are even skylights that open to help vent more hot air in the summer, so you get double the benefit.  Waking up to some sunshine, or even just natural light on a winter morning can help make you more alert and focused during the day. You need this little boost in the winter especially, and that makes a skylight a great idea for the winter, especially if you’re remodeling a small bathroom.

Heated Towel Racks Add Coziness

Staying warm in the winter is a big priority for most people, and having a warm towel to dry off with can help you feel better all day. You can have a heated towel rack wired in as part of your bathroom remodel in Lake Ridge to give yourself some extra warmth. You should also consider the problem of getting wet towels to dry in the cold of winter. If your towel doesn’t dry in between baths, it feels terrible and cold to touch it, plus, it can start to get that awful mildew smell. A heated towel rack completely eliminates the problem of wet towels in the winter so you never have to worry about a clammy towel again. Winter time is cold enough without getting out of a hot shower to realize that your only towel is damp from the day before.

Backlit Medicine Cabinet For Those Dark Winter Mornings

Many of us go to work before the sun comes up on a winter morning, so getting ready can be a challenge without the right lighting. A backlit medicine cabinet mirror helps you see yourself clearly without any shadows cast. A backlit medicine cabinet also adds a lot of style points to your bathroom remodeling project. It creates the illusion that your medicine cabinet is floating in a halo of light, which can be surprising and always interesting to look at. It makes it much easier to make yourself presentable when you have excellent lighting from a backlit medicine cabinet. You’ll never have to worry about casting a shadow over your face while you are making yourself look as good as you feel.

Luxurious Showers and Baths Help You Survive Winter

Sometimes we just have to try to get through the dark and cold months of winter. An amazing, custom-built shower or bath will make your winter blues manageable, and you might even start to enjoy the cold months a little more. You can create an enormous walk-in, a tiled shower that traps in all the steam and heat that you need to warm up your bones. You can envelope yourself in luxury so that you hardly even remember that it might be snowing outside. If soaking in a hot bath is your idea of winter survival, you can get the best bath you have ever had in your own home. Freestanding bathtubs are a popular option right now that really help you unwind and feel good when the weather outside doesn’t want to cooperate.

Think About Winter Storage

There are seasonal bathroom items that you might want to store away for a few months of the year. This keeps them out of the way and you can have better access to the things you need. You can create some bathroom cabinets with ample space to keep everything you need for winter handy, and everything you don’t need out of the way. Thinking about your storage options during winter bathroom remodeling is the smart choice that will pay off. Visit our showroom today or check us on Facebook, so you can view our wonderful designs


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