17 Clever Gadgets to Transform Your Bathroom Remodel

Planning to enhance your kitchen and bath, well, why don’t you start with a bathroom remodel? Look no further for ingenious ideas to upgrade your space. From handy storage solutions to high-tech mirrors, we’ve rounded up 17 of the hottest bathroom remodeling gadgets to take your remodel to the next level. Read on for practical products that blend form and function for a bathroom that’s as stylish as it is smart.

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The Luxury You Never Knew You Needed

There’s nothing like wrapping yourself in a warm, cozy towel after a soothing shower or bath. Towel warmers give you that little luxury every single time. Unlike standard towel racks or rings that leave fabrics cold and damp, towel warmers heat your linens. This small upgrade makes a surprisingly big impact, giving your bathroom a spa-like vibe.

  • Towel Warmers

You’ll find towel warmers in styles ranging from minimalist shelf units that neatly tuck beside the vanity to freestanding ladder designs that make a statement. Materials run the gamut too, from utilitarian metal models to intricate, decorative wood pieces. For the most cost-effective warm-up, electric plug-in versions easily mount to the wall. Or, select a radiator-style warmer that taps into your existing heating system. Prices span from affordable to premium. But any choice warms towels quickly while using very little energy overall.

A plug-in electric wall-mounted towel warmer adds a luxurious touch while taking up little space.

Make the Most of Small Shower Spaces

Shower stalls come in all different sizes and configurations to work within your unique bathroom remodel layout. Unfortunately, many tend to be rather compact. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for an inconvenient or uncomfortable space. Clever products let you transform even the smallest, narrowest shower into a functional area you’ll love to use.

  • Corner Shelves Solve Clutter Problems

One of the biggest complaints about downsized showers? Nowhere to put your shampoo, soap, loofah, and other items. Rather than an awkward shower caddy hanging from the shower head or suction cups sticking loosely to the walls, corner shelves offer proper storage. The triangular shape fits perfectly, taking advantage of wasted space. Corner shelves come in assorted sizes, materials like glass or metal, and designs to coordinate with your décor. For maximum convenience, choose an option with multiple layers to organize all your shower essentials in one easy-access spot.

Glass corner shelves provide a surprisingly roomy storage nook inside a small shower. 

  • Grab Bars Reclaim Balance and Safety

We all appreciate a steady hand climbing over slippery tub walls or standing under cascading shower heads. Add a secure grip both inside and outside the shower space with thoughtfully placed grab bars. These functional fixtures act as handles to assist entering and exiting. Grab bars are mounted horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, providing stability once inside too. As beneficial visual cues for those with disabilities, grab bars also meet ADA requirements. That makes them helpful additions for guests of all mobility levels. For universal design with style, choose grab bars in chic color finishes rather than basic utilitarian versions.

Strategically angled grab bars boost safety and accessibility.

Get Organized with Storage Solutions

Between makeup bags, blow dryers, extra toilet paper, and all those lotions and potions, bathroom storage easily gets chaotic. Bring peace and order with smart storage additions tailored to all your stuff. Well-designed pieces tuck everything neatly out of sight, making even the most crowded bath feel tranquil.

  • Under Sink Organizers

Maximize the space under your bathroom vanity with slide-out trays and pull-out cabinets. These interior fittings make use of awkward empty areas to neatly corral toiletries, cleaning supplies, and bulky paper goods. Custom tray dividers keep smaller items tidy. Deep roll-out drawers simplify accessing way-in-back items that normal cabinets swallow up. Smooth ball bearing slides mean opening, closing, and loading heavily stocked drawers stays smooth and easy. For serious storage, choose organizer systems that maximize all available under-sink space. Customize trays, drawers, and bins specifically for your particular products.

Custom pull-out cabinets transform awkward under-sink space into smart storage.

  • Space-Saving Medicine Cabinets

While ordinary medicine cabinets stash a few small bottles behind a single tiny door, space-saving cabinets blast storage wide open. Innovative cabinetry features designs like 60/40 split swinging or sliding doors that optimize access to the entire interior without anything getting lost behind another door. Some models even have adjustable shelving, smartly sized slide-out bins, and integrated LED lighting so you can see what’s inside. Mounted vertically or horizontally over the vanity or toilet, spacious medicine cabinets have storage exactly where you need it.

A split double-door design ensures easy, open access to medicine cabinet contents.

Add Function and Flair with Mirrors

An ordinary flat pane of glass only gives you a quick glimpse to check your appearance. But creative mirrors do so much more, morphing into high-tech command centers or artful focal points showcasing your unique style. Now, this can add to the total bathroom remodeling cost, but with amazing outcome.

  • Tech Savvy Mirrors

Upgrade your mirror to the modern, smart home era with integrated lighting, anti-fog heat, voice controls, built-in speakers, and LCD screens. Motion sensors let touch-free mirrors turn lights or defoggers on automatically when you enter the room. No more squinting to see in dim lighting or wiping clean a foggy reflection mid-shave. Built-in Amazon Alexa allows you to get news and weather updates, stream music, or control other devices around your home completely hands-free. And the LCD embedded behind the glass mirrors your smartphone screen to stream entertainment and see notifications.

This high-tech mirror has motion-activated lights, anti-fog properties, and a cleverly hidden digital display.

  • Artistic Statements

Take your bathroom décor up a notch with artistic, eye-catching mirrors. Intricately carved frames, beveled glass, metallic finishes, creative shapes like ovals or rounds, and even custom etching transform traditional-looking glasses into stunning showstoppers. Cluster colorful framed mirrors together for a mosaic-like display. Hang an oversized mirror sideways to instantly draw attention. Mix multiple mirror shapes to build visual interest. Add warmth with rustic wood edges and carvings. The options for infusing personality with artistic flair are endless.

Creative round wood framed mirrors inject rustic warmth and style.

Give Your Faucets Hands-Free Function

In an age where we’re all hyper-aware of good hygiene, touch-free faucets are an essential upgrade. Rather than spreading germs by turning dirty handles after washing your hands, sensor-activated and automatic faucets turn the water on and off without ever laying a finger. These high-tech fixtures help keep your bathroom – and your family – healthy.

  • Touchless Operation

Touchless faucets feature advanced motion sensor technology. When you wave your hand in front of the faucet, the water turns on. Run your hands under the stream to soap and wash up. Then wave again to deactivate. Some models allow customization of the sensor’s range for convenient activation. Others have a built-in setting ensuring water shuts off if the sensors fail to detect motion for an extended time. For ultimate flexibility, select options with the ability to switch modes and also manually control water as needed.

  • Beyond Basics

While touchless faucets excel at improving sanitation, technology does more than turn the water on and off minus mess or smudges. Digital faucets now provide exact temperature control, limit flow for water conservation, automatically shut off to prevent overflows or leaks, and even supply purified drinking water. Truly smart faucets think ahead to address problems before they ever occur. And hands-free soap and towel dispensers complete the advanced automation for an ultra-hygienic bathroom.

Touchless bathroom fixtures boost convenience and cleanliness.

Give Your Derriere the Royale Treatment

When it comes to ultimate bathroom luxury, nothing beats the royal treatment of a heated toilet seat and warm water bidet combo. Replacing your standard commode, these high-class thrones turn every bathroom visit into a soothing spa-like experience.

  • Toasty Toilet Seats

Imagine lifting a frigid toilet lid on cold winter mornings and instead finding a warm, welcoming seat. Heated options maintain a cozy 88-98 degrees to banish that startling chill. Simple standalone bidet seats fit standard toilets to add warmth along with a cleansing posterior rinse. Or for the utmost opulence, replace your old toilet with a model sporting both amenities built right in. Heated bidet toilets let you customize temperature settings for maximum comfort. Built-in fans and deodorizers keep the air fresh while heated water and warm air dryers do their magic below.

High-end smart toilets provide the ultimate in warmth, hygiene, and luxury.

  • Pampered Posterior

Standard dry toilet paper just can’t compare to the gentle cleansing of water. Upgrading to a warm water bidet gives your bottom the fresh, nurturing care it deserves. Adjustable wands provide a soothing faucet fountain to perfectly cleanse and stimulate. Air dryers gently finish the job fast minus irritation or mess. And built-in deodorizers neutralize odors. For affordable luxury, standalone electronic bidet seats with all these features easily attach to your existing toilet. Or go all out with a luxury model sporting heated water, dried, and seats for the ultimate bathroom throne. Let’s just say once you go bidet, you’ll never go back.

Say Goodbye to Foggy Mirrors

Few things are more aggravating than a fogged-up, unusable mirror, especially when you’re rushing to get ready. Innovative defogging mirrors save you from blindly guessing as you shave or apply makeup.

  • Warm and Clear

The secret to fog-free mirrors lies in heating technology. Integrated defoggers raise the mirror’s temperature ever so slightly above the ambient air. This differential prevents dampness from condensing as troublesome droplets that obscure your reflection.   Both portable compact mirrors and permanently installed wall-mounted bathroom mirrors now feature clever warming functions. For occasional use, cordless rechargeable compact mirrors provide ideal visibility for short-term grooming tasks. Hardwired electric mirrors installed over your bathroom vanity warm up right along with your lighting automatically anytime you’re in the space.

Defoggers keep both portable and permanently installed bathroom mirrors clear.

  • Hot or Cold

Quickly switching from steamy showers to frigid AC temperatures no longer spells disaster for your mirror. Advanced defoggers automatically sense rapid humidity and temperature changes to activate protection. Some even allow custom setting your ideal temperatures for the fastest dissipation of fog or frost. Getting ready on hectic mornings just got a whole lot easier.

Creative Bathroom Upgrades

Ready to modernize your bathroom beyond necessities? Clever gadgets and accessories inject style, convenience, and luxury with unique appeal. Small touches make an outsized impact creating a designer bath that’s distinctly you.

  • Spa Transformations

Transform vanilla bathrooms into relaxing home spas with soothing steam showers or air-jet tubs. Steam showers come equipped with built-in generators that infuse your regular stall or enclosure with moist, gently heated vapor. Unwind after stressful days surrounded by calming steam perfect for unwinding tight muscles. For the ultimate bubble bath, swap a standard air tub with thousands of jets that blast your body with revitalizing tiny bubbles.

With chromotherapy lighting, wireless sound systems, and even inline heaters for neck and shoulder massage, modern tubs turn bathing into a multifunctional home spa experience. Add coordinating features like wall-mounted aromatherapy diffusers, towel warmers, and radiant heated floors for a completely customized sanctuary.

Plush warm air bubble bathtubs transform bathrooms into home luxury spas.

  • Soothing Sounds

Set a serene mood in your bathroom hideaway with an integrated wireless sound system. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers seamlessly blend in or stand out with vibrant finishes. Control your favorite audio conveniently from your smartphone or tablet. Crisp audio fills the room removing the echo effect prevalent in hard-surface bathrooms. With quiet operation and easy opportunistic charging when not in use, wireless speakers make listening to podcasts, news, or music as you get ready each morning a joy.

  • Light it Up

Creative lighting instantly shifts ordinary bathrooms into glamorous dressing rooms perfect for applying makeup or evaluating hairstyles. Bright, non-shadowing lighting ensures flawless grooming. Install sconces, pendants, vanity strips, or recessed can lights. Dimmable fixtures allow customizing illumination levels from daytime grooming to nightlights to prevent middle-of-the-night falls. Go glam with lit mirrors surrounded by Hollywood-style decorative bulbs. Or mimic sunrise-sunset lighting with customizable color-changing LEDs to energize or unwind. Even taps and faucets shine with colorful effects or temperature-indicating illumination. The right lighting dresses up your bathroom while ensuring you always look your best.

  • Function + Flair

When styling your bathroom, don’t sacrifice form for function. Cleverly designed products blend cutting-edge tech and on-trend finishes. Touchscreen smart mirrors operate advanced features inside simple sleek frames. Stylish anti-fog shower mirrors have convenient built-in storage shelves. Voice-activated kitchen faucets come in trending matte black with a smart minimalist look. If white porcelain doesn’t inspire, colorful toilets, sinks, and even vinyl wrap bathtubs infuse personality. Don’t hold back on infusing your unique flair. Any bathroom, no matter how small or quirky the layout, can feel like a luxurious designer oasis with the right gadgets.


Remodeling a tired, outdated bathroom doesn’t mean going over budget with lavish built-ins and massive makeovers. As you’ve seen, relatively affordable products transform ordinary spaces into luxury hideaways. Invest where it counts with warm towel bars, space-saving organizers, hands-free faucets, and anti-fog mirrors delivering outsized impact for reasonable cash outlay.

More dramatic splurges like bidets, steam showers, and jet tubs also promise a lifetime of indulgent enjoyment. With the right mix of clever gadgets and small-scale solutions, that dream bathroom can easily fit your remodel reality.


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