Remodeling Features For A Timeless Bathroom Appearance

One of the most exciting rejuvenations you can make around your house is to do a bathroom remodeling project. When you have the right ideas for remodeling a bathroom, you can make your home more comfortable and feel more satisfied.

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Part of finding those fantastic ideas is spending some time looking around for inspiration, whether you’re thinking about a small bathroom redo or a big one. When you find bathroom design ideas that fit your personality and style, you can get going on making your vision a reality.

To help you narrow down your goals for a nice bathroom makeover, our kitchen and bath designers are remodeling experts and will share their insight on what makes a bathroom timeless. These ideas range from minimalist bathroom designs up to the most luxurious ones. It all depends on your personal tastes and references. Nevertheless, such ideas, so long as they’re executed professionally will last for years to come. 

White Marble Tile Flooring

A classic and timeless feature of architecture with millennia of case studies is marble flooring for your bathroom remodeling. You can really feel yourself in an ancient palace each time you enter your bathroom to take care of yourself.

One great feature of marble floor tiling is all the variations of natural veining and mineral deposits you can see. Your eyes will be endlessly entertained by the flowing swirls of gray, blue, and black tints.

This is one thing that can make a bathroom timeless. Each time you enter the space, you will notice a new shape or figure in your marble tiles. You’ll never get bored with this bathroom remodeling idea.

Choose A Timeless Finish For Your Faucets

One of the most difficult decisions many homeowners encounter is choosing which finish works best for their faucets. This is one bathroom feature that can set the tone for the entire space, and you want to be sure you get it right.

There are trendy finishes out there right now, but only time will tell if they stay relevant in the approaching decades. On the other hand, there are some timeless faucet finishes that you can’t go wrong with, including:

  • Golden – this finish always looks elegant and makes for a more high-class bathroom.
  • Rubbed brass – this darker finish is great for a more traditional look.
  • Silver – this is a basic finish for a reason, it simply works in so many bathrooms.

Just because the finish you like hasn’t made it to the timeless list yet, doesn’t mean it won’t work timelessly in your bathroom remodeling project. Taking a bold step is encouraged, but it’s important to know the foundations of your bathroom remodel ideas

Wallpaper Is In Style And Timeless!

Right now there is a trend to have creative wallpaper inside bathrooms, and it is taking the design world by storm. There are all sorts of different patterns to choose from, even unique ones created by graphic designers and artists.

You can connect with a local artist to create a wallpaper that will set your bathroom apart from all the others on the block. Meet with a maker who understands your style and can create an amazing piece of art for your bathroom remodeling project.

The wallpaper will go out of style again, but if you choose a timeless pattern that illuminates your personality, your bathroom will look amazing forever. When you have something special, like a unique wallpaper in your bathroom, you can feel proud for decades.

Large Tiled Shower With Glass Enclosure

A top priority of many homeowners is to have their own amazing shower. There is no better feeling than having a beautiful shower to get into when starting an important day or unwinding after a stressful one. 

Having a big, impressive bathroom shower to get into makes some people never want to get out of it. With a frameless glass enclosure, you really feel like you are enveloped in steam in a magical way.

Choosing some enchanting tiles for your shower will complete the space and make your bathroom timeless. You can use large format tiles with small grout lines that give your shower a monolithic and many Roman bath feeling.

Modern Toilets Are Here To Stay

While you might think that the old style of toilet is the timeless choice, the reality is that those things are too clunky and outdated. Having a modern, sleek toilet is the only way to go if you want your bathroom remodeling ideas to stay relevant.

New toilets take up less space and leave your bathroom feeling more open and enticing. Some of the modern toilet models you might consider for trendy bathroom ideas are:

  • Wall mounted – these toilets put the water tank in the wall behind them, so there isn’t that dead space that traps hairs and dirt behind the toilet bowl and under the water tank.
  • Hands-free – this toilet has a sensor so it opens when you approach, then flushes and closes itself when you are finished. This is ultra sanitary to keep you and your family healthy.
  • Self-enclosed toilet – the old shape of the bathroom is totally outdated, and these toilets have solved those old problems.

Choosing one of the many new toilet models out there will put you ahead of the curve. If you choose the old style of toilet, you might regret it in a few years when it seems plain old-fashioned.

Bathroom, Ideas, Remodeling, Go!

When it comes to choosing some timeless ideas for bathroom remodeling, you really have to go with your instincts. Nobody knows you and your style as you do, so run with your intuition and you will have a great outcome.

These ideas can serve as a jumping-off point, but you ultimately need to steer your bathroom remodeling project the way that your personality will enjoy. If you can satisfy your spirit with your brilliant ideas for a bathroom renovation, you will be happy with the results for decades.

Psychologists have proven that taking care of yourself needs to be your top priority, so don’t let others’ judgments cloud your unique vision. Be bold, take action, and know yourself when choosing your bathroom remodeling ideas to achieve wonderful, timeless results.

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