Stunning Rustic Bathroom Remodeling Designs In Newington, VA

Your bathroom is probably not the first place you think of when you imagine “rustic bathroom remodeling designs,” but think back on your most recent trip to the country. Imagine yourself unwinding in the log cabin’s deep soaking tub after a strenuous day in the mountains.

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It’s a feeling we want to live by every day, so we compiled a list of the best rustic small bathroom remodeling ideas and designs to inspire your next renovation. Our team has compiled a list of the best bathroom remodeling designs with a cabin theme for bathroom remodeling in Newington, VA to help you get ideas for your next remodeling project.

Slope Ceilings

While a pitched ceiling adds a sense of drama to a living room or kitchen, it also adds a sense of warmth and coziness to a bathroom, making it the ideal choice for a country or rustic design scheme.  Wood paneling (which, sure, has made a comeback) can help you make your bathroom cozier, making it ideal for a relaxing soak in the tub. If you want this design, make sure you talk about it with your bathroom remodel service provider. 

Simple is Better

You don’t have to go overboard with accessories or decorations to get the look you want. Keep the design simple and unassuming.  You can achieve this look with little more than exposed beams, raw wood, and vintage furniture. You can always talk with your chosen kitchen and bath remodeling service in Newington, VA if you want a simple, yet elegant-looking design. 

Include Some Greenery

Consider adding some greenery to your bathroom if your decor is more jungle than forest. If there is no natural light at all in your room, fake plants work just as well.

Organize Using Baskets

A linen closet or vanity may seem like the perfect place to stow your curling iron and other beauty essentials, but a more rustic bathroom design gives you more options. Think about some woven baskets as a simple solution for storing all your daily essentials.

Consider Using Cement to Decorate

As of late, we’ve been loving the cement bathroom theme, which we believe is very rustic for a country-style bathroom. You may opt for a cement sink instead of a porcelain one or cement flooring instead of tile. This style is an excellent synthesis of rustic and country elements.

Use Vintage Items

Flea market decor is warm and inviting, so why not try it in your bathroom? Some antique mirrors, chandeliers, and rugs would look great when paired with modern furnishings.  Using this method, you may give your bathroom a rustic, homey feel reminiscent of days gone by.

Use Natural Wood to Decorate

The use of natural wood furniture is a quick way to achieve a country look and feel without appearing pretentious. To add rustic charm to your bathroom without detracting from its contemporary vibe, consider replacing your current vanity with one made of natural wood rather than painted cabinetry. If you have enough bathroom remodeling budget to get extra natural wood, then you can use it as a design. 

Use Shiplap as Décor

There are many variations on the rustic theme, but our personal favorite is the “modern farmhouse.”  Farmhouse style can make a bathroom feel warm and inviting, and it’s a terrific way to combine modern and rustic elements. In place of tiling, shiplap is an essential part of the farmhouse aesthetic.

Use Flooring Inspired by Hardwood

When you redo your bathroom floor, you might want to use porcelain tiles that look like wood instead of regular tiles. This flooring doesn’t have grout, but it looks like wood and is just as water-resistant as regular tile.

Add Some Mid-Century Details

There’s no need to go all-out log cabin for a rustic bathroom. Use different design elements instead to soften the effect and give it a unique feel. In a rustic bathroom, we adore the mid-century modern details. You can get this look by doing a big remodel or by adding a few MCM touches, like a bathmat or new fixtures.

Use Exposed Bricks

If you never thought about it, your bathroom could benefit from the exposed brick look. Exposed brick walls, whether painted or left unfinished, can give your bathroom a charmingly rustic feel.

Decorate Your Clawfoot

While a clawfoot tub in the bathroom already lends a touch of rustic charm, giving it a new coat of paint (maybe with some light distressing) will really set it off as a piece of vintage furniture.  Just bring in a wooden stool or table to hold your bath essentials, and you’ll be all set to relax in your own soaking tub.

Put Your Lights on Display

A rustic Edison light is a terrific addition to any space, but it really shines in a country-style washroom.  Edison bulbs add a warm touch to your home spa, so you might want to replace the bulbs in your sconces with them.

Tear Down Those Walls

You might go for a rustic look by leaving the bathroom’s natural beans and woodwork exposed.  You can’t have a truly rustic bathroom without some exposed wood; it’s a necessity for any rustic Newington Airbnb.

Use Wainscoting

You undoubtedly already know that wood paneling can be totally awesome, but wainscotting is a terrific way to give your bathroom a rustic, country feel.  Put on a coat of hunter-green paint to make everything feel more antique.

Put in a Patterned Rug

Put in a new, more interesting bath mat in place of your old one. If you want your bathroom to have a unique vibe, try adding a classic Turkish rug or a colorful braided rug.

Try Using Neutral Colors

While a real log home could feel rustic due to the use of dark colors and wood, a rustic bathroom can be kept bright and airy by using light neutrals. If you don’t want your bathroom to feel too heavy or gloomy, go for light wood, white, or gray. If you look at some of the popular shower remodeling ideas, they all use neutral colors as they serve this warm and cozy feeling. 

Add Some Art

Though a beautiful rustic bathroom should be understated and simple, it can nevertheless benefit from the addition of a wacky vintage painting.  Adding a painting from a secondhand store is a terrific way to make your bathroom a focal point and give it some character.

Consider a Wooden Ceiling

A wood-paneled ceiling is a terrific way to give almost any bathroom a rustic appearance.  Covering your walls with wood panels will instantly make your bathroom feel cozier, regardless of how big or small your space is.  Visit our showroom today or check us on Instagram, so you can view our wonderful designs.


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