7 Popular Bathroom Designs In Franconia, VA You Can Get Inspiration

Some of the most popular bathroom designs out there can make you feel in awe of the creativity and beauty of the space. That fact makes it smart to look for inspiration from one of the many popular bathroom designs in Franconia, Va.

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Whether you are looking into modern bathroom designs in Franconia, Va, or even a simple bathroom makeover, you probably want the best results. Understanding the concepts behind the popular bathroom designs of 2022 gives you a foundation to create an incredible space of your own.

For this post, our team of experts will discuss seven popular bathroom designs to give you an opportunity to see which features you would love in your home. This advice will give you a leg up to create a bathroom makeover that will satisfy you for years to come.

A Mixture Of Concealed and Open Storage

When coming up with your bathroom designs, you need to keep in mind that there are certain bathroom items you need to store. Having some bathroom cabinetry is expected, but it can also start to invade the space and feel cluttered. Well, if you’re having a hard time tidying up your space, you can always hire house cleaners to do the job for you. This way, you can focus more on beautifying your home, especially your bathroom. 

That is why many popular bathroom designs are incorporating hidden storage that appears like wall paneling or other features of the bathroom. You can be even more effective in your storage concealment by including some statement storage.

This way, you and others who enter the bathroom focus on your beautiful vanity or medicine cabinet, and aren’t distracted by your inset bathroom cabinets ideas. Many popular bathroom designs are using this technique with great success this year.

Dressing Room Tables For Getting Ready

In the past, you might have expected to include a dressing room table in your master bedroom, but we are not realizing it makes more sense to get dressed in the bathroom. Many popular bathroom designs carve out nooks for dressing room tables that fit seamlessly with the rest of the decor.

A dressing room table consists of a desk like countertop with a large mirror behind it and a place for a stool underneath. A pull out drawer gives you a perfect place to store your beauty products or anything else you might need while getting ready.

A dressing room table as part of your bathroom renovate definitely ups the elegance of the space. It shows that you take self care seriously and want to dedicate a space to making yourself the way you want to be seen in public.

Free Standing Tubs Bring Sophistication

You can bring a lot of the couture to your bathroom design with an elegant free-standing bath tub. You can pick the traditional white for a subdued look, or take a risk and go for black, which brings mystery and intrigue to your space.

No matter which color you pick, a free-standing bath tub is a must have feature for this year’s most popular bathroom designs. Even being favored over showers in some bathrooms, for more an Italian inspired bathroom.

You want to consider everything that surrounds your free-standing bathtub, and especially focus on the faucet. You can choose a color that will accept the resort of your bathroom design, whether that is a traditional chrome look, or even the modern matte black faucet.

Extravagantly Patterned Wallpaper and Tiled Floor

In today’s popular bathroom designs, folks are playing around with what could be chaotic patterns for the wall paper and floor tiles, and creating enchanting spaces. You might think all that patterning could overwhelm your senses, but when you get it right, it soars.

Many homeowners in Franconia, VA are turning to custom designed wallpaper that fits their personality and style. You can do that same thing with the tiles to create a totally unique bathroom that you can’t get anywhere else in the entire world.

There are several companies that you can explore who let you design and then print your own wallpaper and floor tiles. If you don’t feel confident in your graphic design abilities, speak with your bathroom team to see about bringing in an artist to work with you.

Statement Shower Enclosures

You don’t have to go with a frameless, and invisible, shower enclosure to have a sleek and elegant bathroom design. This year, many bathroom designers are choosing barely there glass with bold, curved frames for a stylish look.

These shower enclosures are meant to be seen and admired by everyone who enters your bathroom. They have a presence in your bathroom without taking up too much physical space.

Barely there glass shower enclosures come in unique shapes and several different finishes to integrate seamlessly with your bathroom aesthetic. The possibilities are endless for how you want your bathroom enclosure to be seen and felt in your bathroom makeover.

The Epitome Of Luxury For Your Bathroom Design

Following the global pandemic and lockdowns we all went through together, many popular bathroom designs strive to create a spa experience at home. This means earthy tones, soothing materials, calming light and lots of open space.

You never know when you might need to treat yourself to a spa experience in your own home, and it can pay off big time to spend your bathroom design on a luxury experience. Some designers have called this phenomenon “cocooning” because you envelope yourself in exactly the space you need to thrive.

This year, popular bathroom remodeling designs spare no expense to create the environment you need. This includes steam rooms, heated flooring, real stone tile, hydrotherapy baths and any other luxury you desire.

Green Accents Create A Popular Bathroom Design

Adding touches of green invoke the forest or jungle and can help you feel calm in your bathroom. You should also consider living plants in your bathroom that can cleanse the air and help you feel more peaceful.

Base colors that go especially well with green accents are:

  • Coffee splashed milk, 
  • Matte black
  • Taupe
  • Stormy gray

These colors allow a green cabinet or plants to pop and capture your imagination. There are a lot of interesting bathroom designs that are using this technique and creating incredible spaces.

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