20 Clever Bathroom Cabinet Ideas for Every Style

Mornings can be so chaotic! People running in and out, someone waiting to shower or to do their makeup,  the bathroom can easily become the most used room in a house!

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Having  enough storage space and an organized room can really make the difference. A bathroom cabinet is one of the easiest ways to achieve this and at the same time is a fun way to capture your style in every corner of your home.

Besides being fundamental design wise, bathroom cabinets provide storage room. There are a lot of options to choose from when thinking about bathroom cabinetry, you have to consider size, color, shape, materials, setups and styles. You may also want ideas of bathroom cabinet trends. To help you out we have come up with 20 bathroom cabinet ideas to get you started. 

Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Working to get organized in a small space can be complicated. Bathrooms can be especially tricky,  that is why installing a bathroom storage cabinet can help you solve your storage problem and save space in the room. 

Bathroom Cabinet Organization

Getting organized does not have to be difficult! Having a bathroom cabinet organizer  is a simple way to resolve your storage problem. Besides, you can use different compartments depending on the function and type of objects you want to store. Extra toothbrushes, hygiene products can go in one, skin care and make up can go in another. You can arrange them depending on your needs. 


There are a lot of advantages to having custom bathroom cabinets installed. You can have exactly what you need in the exact way you imagined them. You can be creative with your space while still being functional. Play with different styles and see which one better suits your necessities. 

Over the toilet

If you’re struggling with  finding a place to set up your cabinet, remember that while working on a small space every wall and nook counts! Installing  modern bathroom cabinets  over your toilet is a really smart way to optimize a room and give your bathroom a cohesive look while maximizing the space. 

Painting your cabinets

A fun way to give your bathroom a new life is painting the cabinets. To do this you have to be very thoughtful about the color you are going to choose. It has to be coherent with the rest of the space, while giving a focus point. Playing with colors can be an interesting way to make your bathroom pop.  You can have your walls painted in a neutral color and your cabinets in a bold one. Or you can make it match to have a more minimal look. In the end, it is your choice!

Cabinet Hardware

The hardware in the bathroom cabinet can match the rest of the house or you could play with it and  use different knobs, handles, keys and accessories to make the bathroom a special place. 

Bathroom Sink Cabinet

The space under the sink is a wonderful spot to use as a storage space. You can take advantage of all the free room to install a cabinet. This will help you obtain a cleaner look and an easier access to all the items you use while getting ready to go out or to go to bed. 

Corner Bathroom Cabinet

Every corner counts! And we don’t mean this metaphorically. While working on a small space, every nook and every corner can be of assistance if you’re trying to get organized. Placing a cabinet in a corner is an excellent way to use the angled areas in your bathrooms.  You can use them to hold your toiletries, decorations, or rolled towels. 

Tower Cabinet 

Having a tower cabinet is a practical way to obtain extra space for storage in a small room. You can place it anywhere and have it match the style you are looking to portray. Besides, it can be a cool place to put some plants to bring your room to life. 

Bathroom Medicine Cabinet 

Medicine cabinets are a must if you are looking forward to remodeling your bathroom. They’re functional statement pieces and they can help you get extra storage space without being very obvious about it. They can be vintage or modern, it depends on what style you are aiming to portray. 

Towel Cabinet

You can not have a bathroom without towels. You need them to shower or bathe, to clean your face, to dry your hands. So it is logical to give them their own spot in the room. Having an exclusive cabinet for your towels allows you to have easy access to them and have a more organized space. 

Small Bathroom Wall Cabinet

When struggling with storage, a wall can become the land of opportunities. Bathrooms are usually high traffic and you do not want them to be crammed with stuff. Installing a wall cabinet will give you extra room to put away all the things you need to use but you do not need to see in plain sight. 

Mirror Cabinet

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? 

Having a mirror cabinet will help you achieve multiple purposes. It will help you get ready while providing extra storage room. Usually they come with several shelves to store smaller stuff like medicines or basic hygiene items. 

Built-in Bathroom Cabinet

The space near a shower, or a nook between walls is often overlooked when  in reality it can become an extra storage space. You can benefit from this by building a built-in cabinet. You can include several shelves that can either be fixed or that can be pulled out. 

Mix open and close

Not everything has to be hidden while finding storage space in your bathroom. You can play with having open shelves and drawers creating a balance of what you can see and what is hidden.


Cabinets with bins  are one of the coolest ways to portray your style. You can place them anywhere in your bathroom giving you extra storage room and having a statement piece. 


Having recycled and repurposed elements in your bathroom makes your space unique while being environmentally conscious. 


While applying your makeup or while looking for the right medicine, you need light in your bathroom. Installing a pair of LED lights can be the perfect solution. 


Playing with minimalism in your bathroom  will help you obtain a simple and clean look while being aesthetically pleasing. 


Adding metal cabinets  in your bathroom will help you display your bathroom items while giving it a very industrial look. 

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