How Much Do Bathroom Cabinets Cost?

A huge part of planning your bathroom remodel or simple makeover is to figure out the bathroom cabinet cost. Getting to know bathroom cabinet prices in your area can help you to pay the right amount for a quality product.

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The cost of a bathroom cabinet can depend on several factors and you can do some research to discover the best bathroom cabinet for your project. Heading down to your local bathroom cabinet store is a good idea so you can see how different cabinets look in real life.

To help you figure out how much bathroom cabinets cost, we have created this handy guide. We have asked our experts for some great tips for getting the right price for some excellent bathroom cabinets.

Three Categories of Bathroom Cabinets

There are three major categories of bathroom cabinets that will give you a quick idea of how much bathroom cabinets cost. The three categories of bathroom cabinets include:

  • Stock
  • Semi-custom
  • Custom

Stock Bathroom Cabinets

Stock bathroom cabinets are made in large cabinet factories and are one-size-fits-all. You don’t get many options when you buy stock cabinets, either you like them, or you don’t.

Stock cabinets are the least expensive option for bathroom cabinets. The typical price for stock cabinets is from $50 up to $500.

You can have stock cabinets delivered to your house or pick them up at a bathroom cabinet store. You will normally have to assemble stock cabinets and install them yourself or hire someone to install them for you.

Semi-Custom Bathroom Cabinets

This type of bathroom cabinet can also be called semi-stock bathroom cabinets. They are pre-fabricated cabinets, but they have more options of colors, door style, and hardware. 

You can find semi-custom bathroom cabinets from $80 up to $550. Sometimes you pay extra when you make changes to a semi-custom cabinet, but some come with all possible changes included in the sticker price.

Semi-custom cabinets can be picked up from a store, but you might need to wait for any changes to be made in a warehouse. Once at your home you are responsible for installing semi-custom cabinets yourself or hiring a contractor for the install.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Custom bathroom cabinets are designed specifically to fit your bathroom. They are built in your bathroom by a cabinetmaker.

With all the artistry and skill that goes into custom bathroom cabinets, you can expect to pay the most for this type. They will cost from $300 up to $600 per cabinet, and a full bathroom custom cabinet design could cost as much as $10,000.

You get what you pay for with custom bathroom cabinets and they will last for more than a lifetime. They will maximize your storage space and look like a work of art.

Cost To Remove Bathroom Cabinet

Getting rid of the old bathroom cabinets is the first step to having new ones installed. Most bathroom cabinets are small, so the removal step takes less than a day of work.

The cost to remove a bathroom cabinet could be as low as $20, or as high as $100 if hauling the cabinets away is part of the job. It should be a fast job, depending on how careful the work needs to be if there are breakable items remaining in the bathroom.

Habitat for Humanity accepts donations of used building items like bathroom cabinets. Some used building supply charity organizations will even do the removal and haul away of your old but usable house wares.

Bathroom Cabinet Installation Cost

The cost to have your bathroom cabinets installed by a professional will depend on the size and complexity of your bathroom cabinets. You can normally pay a handyman an hourly wage to install bathroom cabinets.

A single bathroom cabinet could take as little as one hour of work, without cabinet assembly. This could cost anywhere from $30 to $50, though you might have trouble finding someone who only wants to work for one hour because of the hassle of getting to your house.

For more complex bathroom cabinet installations it could easily take a full eight hour work day. The cost of a more complex cabinet installation can range from $240 up to $450.

Bathroom Cabinet Refacing Cost

If your bathroom cabinets are still sturdy, but the doors and paint job are looking a little ragged, a refacing could be a great solution. Bathroom cabinets are made to last for many decades if not forever, so you should look into reusing your current ones if you like their size and appearance.

To have your bathroom cabinets refaced by a professional, you could be looking at spending $100 to $200. This includes stripping the old paint or varnish, sanding any rough spots and then applying new paint.

Refacing bathroom cabinets is a fairly simple DIY project that you might think of attempting yourself. The supplies to do a full bathroom cabinet reface would cost about $30 to $50. The job would take you two or three days because of drying time, but probably only five hours of actual work.

Bathroom Cabinet Cost Per Size of Bathroom

If you want to get more accurate about how much your bathroom cabinets cost, you can figure out the square footage of your bathroom and do a calculation of how much they will cost. To find the square footage of your bathroom, you need to figure out the length and the width of the room and multiply the two numbers..

The prices of bathroom cabinets by bathroom  square size are:

  • Powder Rooms or half bathrooms = 20 square feet. Cabinet cost = $1,500 to $3,000
  • Three-quarter bathroom = 40 square feet. Cabinet cost = $2,500 to $4,300
  • Full size bathroom = 145 square feet. Cabinet cost = $8,000 to $15,000
  • Two Person bathroom = 160 square feet. Cabinet cost = $12,000 to $18,000
  • Master bathroom = 210 square feet. Cabinet cost = $15,000 to $30,000

These numbers will be depending on the type of cabinet you choose and the cost of labor in your area. Bathroom cabinet installation is a tricky job sometimes and you need to find the best contractors to do it for you. They can also give you bathroom cabinets color ideas that match your kitchen and do not cost much.

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