6 Latest Bathroom Cabinet Color Ideas for 2022

When you are embarking on doing a makeover of your bathroom or painting bathroom cabinets, one important step is to get the best bathroom cabinet color ideas. Choosing the right color or colors for your bathroom cabinetry can make a huge impact on your bathroom’s atmosphere, so you should think long and hard about this.

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There are plenty of bathroom cabinet colors in 2022 to choose from, so narrowing down the search for bathroom cabinet colors can seem overwhelming. You can first decide if you want to find the latest bathroom cabinet designs, or maybe modern bathroom cabinets, then you could also consider a traditional bathroom cabinet color.

Whatever your desires for your bathroom storage cabinets, we have gathered the opinions of our bathroom cabinet experts in this guide to help you choose between bathroom cabinet color, ideas, and trends. Reading this article will help you make the for your bathroom cabinet ideas.

Traditional White Bathroom Cabinets

A tried and true bathroom cabinet color idea is to make them white. This color makes the bathroom feel clean and airy, which is important because it is easy for a bathroom to feel to cramped and it is a potential germ factory.

With white bathroom cabinets you know that they will never go out of style and they will always look good. If you ever plan to put your home on the market, white bathroom cabinets are the way to go because they are most likely to be picked by buyers.

White cabinets can also help a bathroom to seem bigger. They reflect more light and so the room will be brighter if you choose white bathroom cabinets. This could be especially important if you have a smaller bathroom.

The drawback of white cabinets is that they could be seen as boring and they don’t display much personality. You could spice up your bathroom with colorful decorations, plants, and intriguing accent pieces. 

Aqua Blue 

The choice of a deep aqua or royal blue can be a good way to add some elegant color to your bathroom. They can look especially good with a white quartz vanity top, which will really give your bathroom a nautical or beachy feeling. 

We like to pair dark blue colors with golden brass hardware. These colors go well together and can help your bathroom to feel more comfortable. 

Painting the walls white could be a good idea if you want to do a dark color like agua blue. This will still help the bathroom to feel open and not get too cramped feeling.

This color can help you to make a statement with your bathroom and will be a relaxing color to look at. Tall and thin cabinet doors look especially good in this color.

Green and Grey

This is a unique color combo that has found its way into a  few bathroom design magazines this year and it can look really amazing. You can create an almost forest like environment when you use green for the color of your bathroom cabinets

You can do multi colored cabinets in green and grey, but your could also go with solid green cabinets and then use silver hardware to make the combination come to life. This color combination will make you feel at ease and like you can take your time and get ready for your day or a night out on the town.

We like  the use of a dark green for the bathroom cabinets, as it brings that forest feeling to the next level. Rich satin finishes are a great way to make this color scheme really impress you each time that you see it.

You do have to be careful to keep the rest of the bathroom lighter colored, and it is best to have ample natural light. You might want to add a skylight to your bathroom to bring out the maximum effect from this color scheme. 

Lavender Bathroom Cabinets

If you really want that spa- like, calming effect from your bathroom, lavender is a great color to choose. Lavender just begs you to make the most of your skin care routine, and this color for your bathroom cabinets will definitely make sure that your skin is looking its best.

Lavender goes really well with many other colors so you can choose from many accent colors that could bring different moods to your bathroom. Even try some touches of cherry red for a very interesting pop that makes your bathroom seem fun.

Lavender is an important ingredient and scent in many grooming products, so if you use some actual lavender scent you can really make your bathroom design stand out. You will have an entire scenesthetic experience that will be amazing. 

The calming effects of lavender are the biggest reason that people choose this color for their bathroom cabinets. They are always happy with their choice and it makes them happier to use their bathroom.

Regal Grey Cabinets

Grey is a great theme color for bathroom design and you can use several different shades throughout your bathroom for some amazing results. Grey is next best to white in making a bathroom feel clean, so if you just don’t like the idea of an all white bathroom, add some grey bathroom cabinets and you could have a perfect solution.

We really like to see a bathroom vanity painted in a dark grey, with a lighter shade of grey for the upper cabinets. This helps to balance out the room and it will give you the effect that the bathroom is bigger than it really is. 

There are so many interesting ways to incorporate grey as a bathroom cabinet color, you will have a great time find the shades that are best for you. It is good to try out a few different color swatches, to find the one that looks the best with the color factors in your bathroom.

Black Bathroom Cabinets

If you decide to go black for your bathroom cabinets, it is a great opportunity to play with some stark contrasts. We really suggest using a white vanity top to really play up the differences between light and dark. 

To keep with that bathroo cabinet idea, we like a matte black faucet in the white sink. This just ups the ante and make the black and white commbination stand out and impress anyone who sees it. 

You may be thinking black could be too dark, but when combined with plenty of white, this is a classy look that you will love. We also suggest black hardware on the cabinets just to really play into the dark and light theme.

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