8 Bathroom Cabinet Ideas and Designs For Storage

One clever way to make your bathroom as functional as possible is to add a bathroom cabinet for storage. You can design a bathroom storage cabinet that is beautiful, and holds all of the items you need to have in your bathroom.

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Bathroom cabinetry is an artform that blends a functional piece of furniture with your dreams about bathroom design and style. The best bathroom cabinet ideas come to life when you start with your desire to store bathroom items, and then find the most beautiful way of doing it.

In this article, our bathroom cabinet experts will share their best bathroom cabinet ideas of 2022 to inspire your designs. These bathroom storage cabinet ideas will make your bathroom look incredible and hold everything you need to get ready for the day or a night out.

Modern Bathroom Cabinets

In the olden days, bathroom cabinets could be an afterthought that people only put in so that they could have a place to keep towels and other things. These days, many bathroom designers are breathing life into the latest bathroom cabinets and coming away with incredible results.

You can create modern bathroom cabinets by choosing flat panel cabinets that have a sleek and simplistic look. This design is perfect for a modern bathroom that wants to keep things easy to look at, but beautiful and functional at the same time.

Modern design is popular these days and bathroom cabinets can be part of your modern bathroom. Remember to go neutral with your bathroom cabinets and let them be part of the whole bathroom, not standing out like a bruised finger.

Inset Medicine Cabinets

A medicine cabinet is a classic feature of bathrooms that has gotten a nice upgrade in recent years with the popularity of inset medicine cabinets. They create a sophisticated look that doesn’t intrude on the internal space in the bathroom.

You can keep more than just medicine in a medicine cabinet, but you might be limited because an inset cabinet can only be so deep. It is a great place to keep bandages, tooth care items and even makeup that is handy to access while doing your grooming.

There is also the chance to have a behind the mirror medicine cabinet light installed, which gives your mirror the illusion that it is floating on the wall. People will be impressed when they see it and it is functional because it doesn’t cast a shadow while you are looking at yourself.

Tall Cabinets Are In Style

You can extend your bathroom storage cabinets all the way to the ceiling to get more space to keep things and to be on trend. You might have some trouble reaching the top of your tall cabinets, so you might consider keeping a cute stool handy for those hard to reach items.

Shaker cabinets, one of the most classic cabinet styles that also look amazing in all sorts of designs, just like Mantra cabinets look amazing as tall bathroom cabinets. Making you tall cabinets thin can also help your bathroom seem bigger if space is a concern for you as it is for many others.

Colorful tall cabinets are a great look that you can use to match the style of your bathroom renovation trends, or even contrast the rest of your space. Planning out the color of your cabinets makes them feel more unified in your bathroom.

In-Cabinet Lighting For More Efficiency

If you have a lot of storage needs in your bathroom, you might choose in-cabinet lighting to help you find the things that you need, when you need them. You can have in-cabinet lights that turn on automatically each time that you open your cabinets so you never have to search for the switch.

This can be a really helpful feature if you feel like you have a headache at night and want to search your cabinets for some pain relievers. The lights come on automatically when you open your cabinet doors, making it easy to find your medicine and get back to resting.

There are different levels of light that you can choose from to set the mood from your cabinets or to give you the right amount of light for your needs. Everything is up to you with in-cabinet lighting, and you can make your cabinets just the way you want.

Floating Vanity Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Having some storage cabinets built into your bathroom vanity is one of the best ways to use your space efficiently. You can choose from so many styles of vanities, and right now the most popular option is to have a floating vanity installed. 

Floating vanities are attached to the wall behind the countertops, and they have no supports on the ground. This gives you a modern and elegant look for your bathroom remodel ideas, while also providing plenty of space for bathroom storage.

The cabinets in your floating vanity are the perfect place to store everything you need for your bathroom. A double floating vanity gives you two sinks and even more space to keep the things that you need for getting ready for the day or for sleep.

Bathroom Appliance Storage Cabinet

You can have an electrified cabinet built where you keep all of your hairdryers, curlers, shaving machines, and everything you need for your self-care routines. These drawers have plugs inside of them, so all you do is open up the drawer, pull out the appliance you need and start using it.

This helps to keep your bathroom much tidier because you won’t have chords and appliances tangled up and sitting on your bathroom countertops. You will save a lot of time looking for your appliances because you will always know they are in the electrified cabinet.

Freestanding Bathroom Storage Cabinet

If you want a more flexible and budget-friendly bathroom remodel cabinet option, consider a freestanding bathroom cabinet. They can be moved around to wherever you need them in your bathroom and they look amazing.

Inset Open Shelving

Having a nook made in your bathroom with some open shelving is a great look and a perfect place to keep towels. This leaves the rest of your bathroom for other activities, while you can look at your open shelves when you need the things that you store there.

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