5 Ideal L-Shaped Kitchen Remodeling Plans In Poolesville, MD

Discovering the right L shaped kitchen remodel ideas can transform your space to be the best fit for your cooking style and personality. Remodeling a small L-shaped kitchen can feel like a huge challenge, but there are many people who have taken on the task and found incredible results.

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Taking on L-shaped kitchen remodeling in Poolesville, MD might make you feel like you are all alone in the world. In reality, there are plenty of L-shaped kitchen remodeling plans in Poolesville, MD that will surprise you and leave you feeling satisfied.

To help you with your L-shaped kitchen remodeling project, our expert design team has created this blog post with five inspiring plans that will get your creative juices flowing. This article will show you some small L shaped kitchen remodeling ideas that will improve your process.

Remodeling L-Shaped Kitchen Color Choices

Whenever you’re planning for a kitchen renovation, you need to focus on your color scheme first. You need to talk with your kitchen remodeling contractor about the colors you want. However, it’s best to go with light colors, and white is always a good choice in that situation.

The smaller section of an L shaped kitchen often needs help to feel more open and using light colors is a great option. There are some standard color choices you can select for your L shaped kitchen remodeling ideas, including:

  • Dark blue kitchen cabinets with white walls – this is a look that has a decidedly beachy feeling and can work well in an L shaped kitchen remodel.
  • Robin’s-egg upper cabinets with white lower cabinets – for a relaxing and laid-back L shaped kitchen, these colors are a perfect fit.
  • All white kitchen with black countertops – the black countertops contrast with the white and create a nice and clean division in the L shaped kitchen. Well, for those who are not into all white, there are many granite countertop color ideas you can surely choose from. 

One of the big goals of L shaped kitchen remodeling ideas is to help the space feel more open and light, without big shadows. Overall, choosing lighter colors will help you to get the right mix in your L shaped kitchen to make you feel comfortable.

The Classic L-Shaped Kitchen For A Foundation

You need to understand the basics of the classic L shaped kitchen before you can create new L shaped kitchen remodeling ideas. The traditional L shaped kitchen has four walls, with two legs of cabinets and countertops on two of the walls.

Normally, one of the legs of the kitchen is smaller than the other. The major countertops space is located on the longer leg, with appliances in the shorter leg. You might locate the sink in the angle of the L, or you might want to have it in the longer leg.

The classic L shaped kitchen plan gives you a good flow for working between the refrigerator, sink and the stovetop. You definitely need to consider this work triangle and make it as easy to get between these critical locations as part of your L shaped kitchen design.

Kitchen Island For L Shaped Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Adding a kitchen island to your L shaped kitchen remodeling ideas list is a great way to add counter, storage, dining or cooking space. A kitchen island is a clever idea that countless kitchen designers install in an L shaped kitchen. Though an island could add more to the overall kitchen remodeling cost, but if you think you can manage, it would be a great deal!

This L shaped kitchen remodeling idea helps create the modern, open kitchen that so many folks are hoping to have. You can also add in a large dining area adjoining the kitchen to open up the space even more.

Even when remodeling a small L shaped kitchen, you might benefit from adding a kitchen island. There are many kitchen island ideas that work in small L shaped kitchens, including:

  • Island On Wheels – this allows you to roll the island into the kitchen when you need it, and roll it out when you want more space.
  • Repurposed Island From A Table – You can go antique hunting to find a suitable piece of furniture for your kitchen island that doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Fold Out Island – If you just need extra counter space, you can have a collapsible island so you simply pull out when it’s needed, then tuck back away when it’s not.

Open Floor Plan With L Shaped Kitchen

If you are designing a new home or you have the freedom to remove some walls, an L shaped kitchen is perfect for an open floor plan home. In this design, you create a large room with separate areas for living space, dining space and the L shaped kitchen in one corner.

When you want to create an L shaped kitchen in an open plan living area, some people have trouble with separating the spaces, metnally or physically. Some of the best techniques designers use to create that feeling of separation and openness are:

  • Sunken Living Room – putting your living room one step down from the kitchen keeps the space open, but gives you a clear boundary for those zones.
  • Different Colored Walls – using a different color of paint or even a wallpaper in different areas of an open concept room can also change the mood of each space.
  • Use Lighting For Separation – Getting a great lighting design can help create a different atmosphere in the different sections of your open concept L shaped kitchen.

The open floor plan is an essential element of modern design, and you can find some amazing ways to use this concept in your home. Having an L shaped kitchen gives you many options for making the space match your lifestyle.

Small Dining Area Adjoining The L Shaped Kitchen

Not everyone can have a huge open concept room for their L shaped kitchen, but with some effort you can still have a comfortable dining area. A four person dining table should fit well into an L shaped kitchen to give you all the benefits of this layout.

With transitional floor space, you can move about freely between your L shaped kitchen and the dining area. This makes for a cozy layout, but one that is also extra functional for hosting small and intimate dinner parties or family events.

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