4 Simple Guide to Layered Bathroom Lighting in Dunn Loring VA

If you have your mind on bathroom lighting in Dunn Loring, VA you have a lot to learn and it could be confusing for some people. For anyone about to do a bathroom remodel in Dunn Loring, VA, one of the big challenges is to choose the best lighting for your space.

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One of the most popular trends right now is layered bathroom lighting in Dunn Loring, VA because it is a great way to get different types of lighting that helps you do everything you need to do. Layered lighting is made up of ambient, accent and task lighting to ensure that whatever you are doing, you can see.

For this article, the lighting experts from Dunn Loring, VA will share their best lighting secrets. These bathroom remodeling tips will get you bathroom lit correctly so that you feel comfortable and happy there.

What To Know About Lighting During A Bathroom Renovation In Dunn Loring, VA 

Lighting is a critical part of your bathroom because you need to be able to see what you are doing while you are getting ready for the day, a night out, or doing a skin care routine at night. When you have a well designed bathroom lighting scheme, you enjoy your bathroom much more.

There are three types of lighting you can think about before you plan to put new lights into your bathroom. The three types of lighting are:

  1. Ambient- The main lighting in your bathroom, usually the overhead light you switch on when you enter a dark bathroom.
  2. Task- Any lighting that you use for specific actions, such as putting on makeup, usually task lighting comes in the form of a vanity light.
  3. Accent- Lighting that highlights a certain part of your bathroom, usually a decorative piece like a painting or sculpture.

When you are first planning your layered lighting for your bathroom, you can think about how these three layers will interact. Plan your layers of lighting and you will find yourself more comfortable using your bathroom for whatever purpose it may serve you. 

Let’s Talk About Ambient Lighting

If you have ever found yourself fumbling for the lightswitch for the bathroom in the dark, you were trying to get your hand on the ambient lighting. It is the most commonly used lighting in the bathroom, and many bathrooms that don’t feature layered lighting only have ambient lighting.

For a smaller bathroom, one ambient light source in the middle of the ceiling should be enough to satisfy your needs. For large bathrooms like master bathrooms, you may need more than one ambient light source to feel comfortable moving about in your bathroom.

For bathrooms, can light fixtures are the most popular style because they don’t intrude into the bathroom and they make a beautiful ambient light. Most people don’t want an attention grabbing light fixture hanging from the bathroom ceiling because it will require too much cleaning.

Task Lighting: A Critical Layer

The more serious you are about using your bathroom, the more types of task lighting you will need. Some of the various forms of bathroom task lighting are:

  • Vanity lighting that helps you brush your teeth or see yourself in the mirror.
  • Shower lighting that gives you the clarity you need to get yourself clean in the shower.
  • Cabinet lighting that helps you to see inside of your bathroom cabinets ideas to find the things you need.

There are even more specific types of task lighting that deserve an entire article, so we will focus on the most popular types. You might want any or all of these types of task lighting for your bathroom and there are plenty of different fixtures that you can choose from.

One popular task light that has come out in the last few years is a behind the mirror medicine cabinet light. It is a perfect way to light your face because it doesn’t cast a shadow. It also has a cool effect that makes any kitchen cabinet colors look modern.

Accent Lighting: Highlight Something Special

If you are one of the many people who are in love with bathroom decoration, you might be interested in including some accent lighting in your bathroom remodel. Some things that you may want to use your accent lighting for include:

  • Showing off a painting you bought while on a special vacation.
  • A flower vase with seasonal bouquets to brighten your day.
  • An inspiring quote that helps you get through tough moments.

Accent lighting is a great choice if you want to light up something special and show it off to anyone who uses your bathroom. It also provides a certain amount of ambient light, so it is not purely a feature that is for highlighting what you love.

You could be in need of accent lighting if you have things in your bathroom that you feel should get more attention. You can have an accent lighting fixture hardwired and connected to smart devices so it will turn on at set times or on command.

Layered Lighting And Controls

Speaking of smart lights, if you are including a lighting upgrade as part of your bathroom remodel, you might as well get the latest technology and have smart lights. You can control smart lights from your smartphone so you never even have to turn on a light switch.

You can also choose to have voice activated lights, so you could program your lights to turn on when you give a certain voice command. These features make using your layered bathroom lights much easier and you can do it from anywhere.

There is another benefit if you want to sell your home someday because buyers are looking for homes with the latest technologies already working. You can get an even better return on investment if you make your bathroom lighting system up to date with the latest technology.

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