What Kitchen Countertop Color Should You Choose?

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February 22, 2021
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What Kitchen Countertop Color Should You Choose?

Kitchen Countertop

Are you easily overwhelmed by the many materials available for your indoor and outdoor kitchen countertops? Instead of focusing on that, it’s better if we look at the most suitable countertop color that’ll set the mood and style in your kitchen remodel. 

Our kitchen designers have extensive experience and training in this aspect, so we guarantee to make your kitchen sink countertops pop out or blend seamlessly with your cabinets and backsplash.

Let’s get started with the best hues and tones for your countertop upgrade this year.

Sage or Greenish Gray Stone Countertops

Do you have those reddish kitchen cabinets made from cherry or mahogany? In that case, you can choose to install stone countertops with greenish-gray or sage color since it complements those cabinet hues.

The subtle color of your granite or quartz countertops will make a stunning contrast with your darker tone wall-mount and base kitchen cabinets. Meanwhile, if you want to emphasize the green undertones of your affordable kitchen countertops, then you can pick a sage color for your kitchen walls. 

Violet or Gray Kitchen Countertops

This kitchen countertop tone sets a nice complement with your blonde maple kitchen storage cabinets. The lighter hue of your cabinets will make the stronger color of your modern kitchen countertops pop out from the view.

Alongside, you can further reinforce the contrast by installing a Brazilian slate kitchen floor, which helps emphasize the neutral tones of your cabinets.

Make It Warm and Glow

Conversely, if you want your kitchen to remodel to have a warm and glowing ambiance, then pick a palette that’s side by side in the color wheel. For instance, you can choose your best kitchen countertops in a red-orange palette, while light-orange for your maple kitchen cabinets.

Light Gold Kitchen Countertops

Whether you have a light gold granite or quartz kitchen countertop, it marries well with your dark walnut kitchen cabinets. Consequently, we can install a backsplash with a reddish-gold hue to connect these two palettes and create smooth blending.

White or Off-White Stone Kitchen Countertops

If you’re asking for the most popular kitchen countertops, then those in white or off-white tones are one on the list. You can choose granite, quartz, or marble for this matter as long as it projects that color.

Well, the amazing feature of this choice is the subtle and flowing veining patterns found on your white or dirty white stone countertops. The gold and black undertones also add color richness to your new kitchen countertop.

Stark White Beauty

Some homeowners love the minimalist ambiance of white countertops which you can find in Corian and Caesarstone. So far, it’s quartz and marble that can suffice your need for plain and smooth white slab countertops.

Nevertheless, there are different types of kitchen countertops in our collection, and our designers can help you pick the right one for your kitchen remodeling. Anyhow, getting a white counter projects a contemporary, clean, and organized kitchen scene.

Moreover, it’s great for small kitchens because it makes them look larger and elegant.

Black or Dark-hued Kitchen Countertops

Conversely, you can also choose black or charcoal toned kitchen countertops, as it’s also trending these days. Typically, this palette creates a gothic yet fancy ambiance in your kitchen remodel. 

To create a seamless appearance, you can pair that with darker tone cabinets. Meanwhile, to create an interesting kitchen scene, your stainless steel, brass, or nickel finished fixtures pop out from your black granite or quartz countertops.

Beige or Light Gray Kitchen Countertops

These palettes are neutral and blend well with your white creamy cabinets. Other things that pair well with your soft gray and beige granite countertops are rustic wooden cabinets and golden yellow backsplash.

Overall, it calms your senses when you set your eyes on these neutral tone kitchen islands and sink countertops.

Wooden Tone Kitchen Countertops

If most features and accents of your kitchen are contemporary, then you can add a homey feeling through your wooden countertops. Besides, it gives you an airy ambiance through its natural wood tones.

Furthermore, wood counters work well with your modern kitchen appliances and metal fixtures. Additionally, lighter wood tones give you a more homey and rustic vibe than darker wood tones.

Be Mesmerized with Bolder Veinings

Do you want a dramatic atmosphere in your newly remodeled kitchen? In that case, marble kitchen countertops best fit your purpose. Besides its consistent palette, its bolder veining patterns attract more attention from viewers, making it the centerpiece in your kitchen.

On the other hand, you need to embrace the vulnerabilities of marble, so you can appreciate it even more. It stains easily but we can seal that off so that it can wick off moisture and spills.

Also, it is prone to dents and scratches when acidic solutions (like vinegar and lime juice) stay on its surface for a few hours. Nevertheless, you can quickly fix that by lightly sanding or buffing its surface.

Additionally, we can give you an affordable kitchen countertops cost for customizing and installing your marble slab countertops. Additionally, we can readily customize its edge profile to match the elegance of your kitchen layout.

Looking for a Professional Kitchen Remodeling Company?

We hope you enjoyed reading through the stunning colors of kitchen countertops available today. Generally speaking, picking the right hue can either make or break your new kitchen design, so you need to hire professionals for this matter.

Inline, USA Cabinet Store is your trusted design center and remodeling company to call for upgrading your kitchen island, sink countertops, and even implement a full kitchen renovation.

To help you out, you can avail of our complimentary consultation service by either calling or emailing us for an appointment. Anyhow, you can also visit our showrooms in VA, MD, and TX to view our amazing kitchen designs and supplies.

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