Best Types of Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges To Choose From

Getting the small details in your kitchen right makes a big difference, including choosing the best kitchen cabinet door hinges. Having the right  cabinet door hardware hinges for your kitchen and bath shows that your eye has the delicate sensibility to make a space complete.

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With all of the kitchen cabinet door hinges types out there, you could start to feel overwhelmed when you start digging deeper into the process. The best kitchen cabinet door hinges hardware for your kitchen will depend upon your cabinets and your lighting, as well as the overall design for your space. Such materials should always be included in your kitchen remodeling budget

To help you decide which are the best kitchen cabinet door hinges for you, our experts have curated this post with everything you need to know. With this information, you can choose if you need to get rid of your old kitchen cabinet door hinges and find the best ones for your cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges Soft Close

If you dread the sound of a kitchen cabinet door slamming, you should seriously consider installing some soft close hinges. This type has a hydraulic mechanism that takes over when too much force is applied to the door and slows it down to a gentle close.

There are several benefits of soft close kitchen cabinet hinges, including:

  • Extends the life of the cabinet door because it won’t absorb the impact of being slammed shut.
  • They are safer if you have children or pets who might accidentally slam parts of their bodies in the cabinet doors.
  • They look beautiful, with different options for finishes and styles.

European Hinges On Kitchen Cabinets

These hinges can give you a concealed look. They originally came about to fit the seamless cabinets that are most popular in Europe.

European kitchen cabinet hinges fit inset, partial or complete overlay cabinet doors. They support heavier doors and are a great choice if you need something heavy-duty. You will need two or three hinges per door, depending upon your needs.

These hinges won’t have to be cleaned so often because they are concealed. They are easy to fix with a screwdriver if they become misaligned.

Full Crank Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

This type of kitchen cabinet hinge gets its name from the way its arm bends, which allows it to be inset. In the end, the outer edge of the frame sits flush and is fully exposed.

This type of hinge is adaptable to being a soft close hinge. Full crank hinges are a common type used with both wood cabinets and even with glass doors.

Half Crank Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges

This hinge type is a lot like a full crank hinge, but looks less bent in the arm section. Half crank hinges cause the kitchen cabinet door to cover half of the cabinet’s side panel.

Half crank  hinges give you a range of opening angles from 90 to 170 degrees. In case you’re wondering about how to install kitchen cabinet door hinges, the cup holes for half crank hinges come in three sizes:

  • 26mm
  • 35mm
  • 40mm

Full Overlay Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

If you want to have full overlay kitchen cabinet doors, you must use full overlay hinges. This is another European style hinge and has a straight arm.

For a seamless kitchen cabinet look, this hinge type lets you hide the entire cabinet it is attached to thanks to its greater offset. The range of motion for full overlay hinges is from 95 to 170 degrees.

Surface Mount Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

This kitchen cabinet hinge type might be the most recognizable because it is used in various applications and is often exposed. You can mount this type of hinge on the inside of the cabinet for a concealed look.

There are many designs and finishes you can choose from for surface mount kitchen cabinet hinges. One thing to note, surface mount hinges require a small gap between the door and the frame. Therefore, dust could enter your kitchen cabinets through the gap. There are white kitchen cabinet ideas with nice hinges that works perfectly together. It’s time for you to check those out!

Butt Hinges For Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The butt hinge consists of two pieces of metal leaf joined by a pin and barrel. These kitchen cabinet hinges give your space a traditional and dependable look.

These hinges can be mounted on any two adjoining surfaces. To have a flush hinge, you have to create a mortise on the kitchen cabinet door. You can choose many different finishes for your butt hinges.

Flush Hinges For Kitchen Cabinets

This type of kitchen cabinet hinge has one leaf that fits inside the other leaf. Like butt hinges, they have a pin and barrel to hold the two leaves together. This is your best option if you want complete flush doors.

These hinges come in many different finishes to fit your design goals. For a no mortise cabinet door, you should choose flush hinges instead of butt hinges. Make sure you know the latest cost of kitchen remodeling, as the hinges could also add up to it. 

Semi Concealed Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges

You can’t see all of these hinges from the outside of the cabinet with its doors shut. The visible section of the hinge is called the frame wing and the hidden section is known as the door wing. These sections work together to hide the primary hinge mechanism.

A semi-concealed kitchen cabinet hinge offers many of the benefits of a European hinge. They are an easy to install option because of their adjustable slotted holes.

Wrap Around Hinges

This hinge wraps around the cabinet door by having its face fixed to the door back and the other leaf wraps around the exterior frame then goes inside. In the end it has an L shape, which makes it fairly painless to install. Such hardware can help in making your new kitchen look stunning and complete. To keep you inspired, you can always check before and after kitchen remodeling ideas. 

Wrap around hinges give the door extra support if you need that for your kitchen cabinets. You can choose many finishes for this semi-concealed hinge to make it more or less noticeable with the rest of your cabinetry.

Pivot Hinges On Kitchen Cabinet Doors

This hinge type is often overlooked and normally finds its place in lower cabinets. The entire hinge is hidden when the door is closed if you want a concealed hinge. Make sure you discuss this well with your chosen kitchen renovation service

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