Transitional Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Embrace Now

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, the options and opinions might make your head spin. While a small kitchen remodeling  project is exciting, there can be so much you want to accomplish and you might not feel like you have enough space.

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The best small kitchen remodeling ideas maximize the space you have and never leave you feeling cramped or crowded. You might also be wondering about remodeling a small kitchen ideas to create a transitional style space. To help you narrow down your remodeling small kitchen ideas, our kitchen and bath remodeler have created this in depth look at transitional small kitchens. With these small kitchen remodeling ideas, you will have all the insights you need to create a fabulous space to enjoy for decades.

Remodeling Ideas For Small Kitchen Basic Concepts

If your goal is a small, transitional kitchen, you need to focus on some of the fundamental ideas that can make your kitchen great. To remodel a small kitchen like this, you need to blend contemporary and traditional styles for a unique space. When you get a transitional kitchen right, it has a timeless look that you can enjoy no matter what the current trends are doing. This makes a transitional kitchen an excellent investment that people will recognize the beauty in no matter how kitchens trend. With a transitional kitchen, you want to keep your design simple and subtle. This gives you a lot of freedom to create a kitchen that exudes elegance and timeless beauty without going over the top of feeling overwhelmed in your space.

Neutral Color Schemes Give Your Small Kitchen A Transitional Appearance

There are so many opportunities to use amazing colors in a small kitchen remodeling project. Neutral colors don’t have to be boring, they just have to be more complex than they appear. Some neutral colors you may want to consider include:
  • Taupe
  • Gray
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Black
  • White
You might be under the impression that neutral colors lack pizzaz, but the truth is that they change appearance depending on the light and your mood. This gives your transitional kitchen a dynamic look that you won’t easily get tired of. The neutral colors of your small kitchen will give you a base to create the rest of your transitional style kitchen. Once you have your underlying neutral color palette, you get to make the rest of your kitchen match this look.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Have That Classic Touch

If you know anything about kitchen cabinets, you know that shaker cabinets are a timeless style that you can depend on. These fit perfectly into your small kitchen remodel for a transitional style and feeling that will never get outdated. Shaker cabinets have two rails and two styles that frame an inset panel. They do well with many different colors of paints, but neutral colors are especially effective if you don’t want to leave the cabinets with a wooden appearance. This cabinet design was first popularized by the Shaker religious movement that sought simplicity and function in their homes. This is a perfect concept to include in your transitional small kitchen remodel and will let you feel at peace in your space.

Include Wooden Aspects For The Natural, Timeless Touch

A wooden kitchen has been popular for millenia and will go on being popular forever. That makes wood a great material to incorporate into your small kitchen remodeling ideas with a transitional style.  There are many places that you might consider to add some wooden touches, including:
  • Kitchen cabinets are one of the obvious choices and you can leave them unfinished, or put on an oil or varnish coat to protect them and help them maintain their appearance. Painting kitchen cabinets could be a really good choice to bring its life back.  
  • Kitchen countertops can be made from wood and you could use a solid piece of wood or a butcher block collections of different boards.
  • Kitchen furniture could be made from wood to give it a timeless look.
  • Kitchen doors could be made from a beautiful type of timber that you can admire with all its natural grains or knots.
  • Hardwood flooring can fit into a transitional kitchen to have that timeless look.

Minimalist Decoration Enhances Your Small Kitchen Remodeling

Keep your small kitchen simple for a transitional look, and that usually means going easy on the decorations. Of course, a few decorative pieces that show off your personality can work, but you want to be careful about overwhelming the space. When we talk about decorations, we don’t just mean knick knacks or whacky magnets, we are also talking about elaborate trims, cabinet doors or anything that could distract you. Aim for simple lines and proportions to help everything blend together and feel cohesive. Your transitional kitchen needs to focus more on functionality and put style at the bottom of the totem pole. This will give you a kitchen you can work in for years without superfluous items getting in the way of your enjoyment of the room.

Create A Practical And Illuminating Lighting Scheme

You’re going to need to be able to chop veggies and fry up some hot dogs in your kitchen, and being able to see is critical to that. Lighting also creates ambiance and mood in your kitchen, where you might be doing some entertaining with friends or family. The lighting in a small kitchen is especially important to design with care. A small mistake could lead to shadows that stop you from being able to fully get the best out of your kitchen. Remember the three types of lighting when doing your small kitchen remodeling, which are:
  • Ambient Lighting – this is the main illumination, usually in the form of overhead lights. 
  • Task Lighting – for specific actions you take in the kitchen, such as washing plates, you can have a task light that helps you do your work.
  • Accent Lighting – this type of lighting shows a specific aspect of the kitchen. Use accent lighting in a small transitional kitchen to add depth and stretch the visual field of the room.
A properly lit small kitchen feels bigger than it really is. You can make your transitional kitchen a lot more comfortable when you focus on lighting and making your kitchen amazing. There’s just a whole lot of kitchen cabinet design ideas you can take to make your vision come to life.  Visit our showroom today or check us on Instagram, so you can view our wonderful designs.

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