Top Trends In Kitchen Cabinet Design You Need To Know

We understand that there is more to kitchen cabinet design than just picking out new appliances and adding a few splashes of paint.

In this article, we will cover the most trending cabinet design ideas for both kitchen and bath, whether it’s wood cabinet kitchen design, modern kitchen cabinet design, or simple kitchen cabinet design.

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This multipurpose room needs to strike a good balance between form and function, with a clean design, plenty of storage, and beautiful materials that reflect your own taste and the character of your home. 

Range in Custom Black Hood Finish

Kitchen cabinets are the most important part of any kitchen design. They support the layout and storage needs of the room. The cabinetry in your kitchen makes a design statement as one of the room’s most eye-catching elements.

The design of your kitchen cabinets has a significant impact on how much you like spending time in the kitchen by affecting how simple it is to find necessities, clean and maintain the space, and more. However, you also need to know that the cost of kitchen cabinets isn’t cheap, so make sure you get your money’s worth. 

After you’ve laid this groundwork for your kitchen remodeling idea, choosing the right countertops, hardware, and tiles will be a breeze, and the finished product will be a beautiful, functional space that will elevate your daily routine.

Streamlined Design

Modern homeowners like to keep things simple in their kitchens, and this is reflected in the designs of kitchen cabinets. Modern farmhouse styles, whether they are updated or modern, all recognize the need to make a warm space that is easy to use and keep up.

Clean, modern cabinetry has a simple appearance that is easy to maintain, which helps to create a more relaxed environment. One way to do this is with floor-to-ceiling cabinets with simple flat panel or slab doors that give you a lot of storage space while still looking clean.

Alternatively, you might keep the upper cabinetry to a minimum and let the backsplash and wall decorations take center stage. If you decide to go with this style, keep the backsplash basic with slab tile, large format tile, or subway tile with a dark grout color that is more resistant to moisture and grease.

Remove the Upper Cabinets

You might take this trend even further by eliminating all top cabinetry. The initial step in creating this appearance is to thoroughly simplify the kitchen design.

Utilize your base cabinets to store the items you need daily, and designate alternative storage areas, such as a walk-in pantry, utility room, attic, or basement, for the other items.

Removing all top cabinets does not eliminate storage on kitchen walls entirely. Open storage like a niche or floating shelves can be both a place to put things and a way to decorate the kitchen.

Open Shelving

Depending on the material you choose, shelving adds texture and color to your room’s aesthetic. Think about how the shelves you choose will work with the material of your backsplash and other design elements like hardware, lighting, and countertops.

Open shelving close to your cooking and work areas could keep necessities such as seasonings and utensils if they are kept in containers that complement the aesthetic of the room. Limit the number of goods in open storage to prevent these places from becoming too cluttered.

Customized Storage Accessories

Cabinets in the kitchen are a design focal point that sets the tone for the entire space. Optimize the space you have and design a layout that works for your needs to make the most of your kitchen.

Your kitchen will work much better if you also add internal custom storage accessories that make cabinetry storage more useful.

Kitchen cabinets have long been used for storage, but the newest style trend is cabinets that are ultra-customized to your preferences. So, if you have enough kitchen remodeling budget for customized storage, then get them!

Focusing on the Multi-Use Island

Over the past few years, islands have become an important part of many kitchen designs. Look for a kitchen island that will fit in your space or think about expanding your kitchen by removing a wall to make room for your ideal island work area.

A multi-purpose island is the hub of activity in today’s busy kitchens, serving as a place to do everything from slicing vegetables to holding a book club. Outfit your multi-purpose island with cabinetry that fits your style and functionality goals.

Island cabinets in a bold color are a popular option, as this is a prime opportunity to include a favorite hue while maintaining a neutral color palette around the perimeter of your kitchen.

Designs for Kitchens With Multiple Islands

If your kitchen is large enough, you can afford to have multiple islands. Since the islands are freestanding, they can be used to create separate areas for cooking, eating, and socializing in a big kitchen.

It’s a great way to add to your room’s decor while also giving you more space to store and work. One island can be used for food preparation while the other is used for cooking on a built-in range.

Wooden Finishes

Even though various cabinet finishes are becoming more popular, white kitchen designs and other neutrals like beige, gray, and greige will always be well-liked. Kitchens can once again feel natural and warm thanks to the popularity of wood tones.

If you want your wood cabinetry to have a sumptuous appearance, choose high-quality wood with simple lines and a mild finish to let the lovely wood grain take center stage. There are modern kitchen remodeling designs you can look at to get inspiration from. 

Choices for Bold Colors

Bold colors used to only be seen on easy-to-change accessories, but now they are becoming popular for cabinets. Dark cabinets are trendy, and black cabinets are becoming more and more popular as a luxurious color for cabinets.

For a seaside look, dark or sage green, deep red, and blues from navy to pastel blue are also popular. If you’re ready to make a commitment, go ahead and give your kitchen a new look with colored cabinetry throughout.

Consider a two-tone cabinet design with colorful base cabinets and white upper cabinets or limit the bright color to the island cabinetry. You can also consider matching cabinet hardware, countertops, and backsplashes to complete the theme. By finding the right kitchen remodeling service, you could surely achieve all these ideas you have in mind. 

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