Top Galley Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Montclair, VA

When you are first getting the notion to do some galley kitchen remodeling in Montclair, VA it can be an exciting time. But there are some challenges with finding the right galley kitchen remodeling ideas in Montclair, VA to make your kitchen special.

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Doing a galley kitchen renovation can be tough, because you need to take your long and narrow space and make it comfy for cooking. You need to find galley kitchen ideas in Montclair, VA that are functional, but also fit your style.

To help you do an amazing galley kitchen remodel in Montclair, VA, we have asked out design experts for the top remodeling galley kitchen ideas from Montclair, VA. They have taken concepts from the best galley kitchens in Montclair, VA and shared them with you in this post.

White Galley Kitchen Montclair

Choosing a white color palette for your galley kitchen could be a great choice to bring some light and airiness to the room. Galley kitchens do tend to have a cramped feeling, especially if they are done with a darker color palette, so you need to take measures to alleviate that feeling.

A white galley kitchen reflects more light, so it feels brighter and easier to work in than say a galley kitchen with wooden cabinets. When you choose white for your galley kitchen, you are giving yourself the best shot at having a more open feeling kitchen.

White kitchens are also on trend right now, so you know that you will feel like you are in a modern space. It is not too likely that white kitchens will ever go out of style, making a white galley kitchen a timeless choice that you can enjoy for decades or more!

Stretch Your Cabinets Up

If you can find a way to make taller kitchen cabinets work in a galley kitchen, you will get more storage space and have a cool look. If your cabinets can go all of the way up to the ceiling, you can maximize the space available in your long and narrow kitchen.

You may have to incorporate a step stool if you want to fully utilize the upper reaches of your cabinet. This is a great opportunity to choose a stylish step stool to show off the fact that your design phase thought of each and every detail of your galley kitchen. 

Long and skinny cabinets also make a galley kitchen feel bigger than it really is. You may need to consult with a cabinet maker about designing and installing custom cabinets that will maximize the space in your galley kitchen and be a piece of art that you will feel proud of.

Let Your Lights Shine Bright

Focus your energy on the lighting in your galley kitchen and you will find it to be much easier to cook and clean in the long run. Especially think about doing some under cabinet lighting, as this will make working on your galley kitchen countertops that much easier and more efficient. 

The kitchen cabinets in a galley kitchen can block light and make you feel even more cramped. Ask your kitchen design team to work on lighting that will cast fewer shadows and feel bright no matter which angle you see it from or where you are standing in the kitchen. 

A lighting system that casts lots of shadows in a galley kitchen can totally kill the atmosphere and make you never want to be in your kitchen. Having a proper lighting system designed and installed will make cooking so much more enjoyable for you and your guests. 

Consider Open Shelving

Here we are talking about how kitchen cabinets can feel too bulky in a galley kitchen (take note and be sure to discuss cabinets a lot with your design team). Open shelving has a much lighter presence in a galley kitchen than fully enclosed cabinets. 

When you choose open shelving over full cabinets, you might lose a little storage space and you have to be tidier with your stored items. You have to be careful with what you keep on your open shelves because they will be so visible.

You might consider commissioning a local ceramics artist to create a set of plates, bowls, mugs and cups to go along with your galley kitchen. This will raise the fanciness of your galley kitchen to a whole new level and will be something you can show off to friends when they come over. 

Install A Skylight

Putting a skylight into your galley kitchen is one of the ultimate ways to open up the space and help you breathe. Skylights don’t only come with a lot of extra daylight, they also make the room feel bigger because they go all of the way up to the roof line, then into the heavens.

Not only do you get incredible sunlight that can help you cut down on electricity to run lights, you also might get a glimpse of the moon and stars on a clear night. This really improves the atmosphere of your kitchen and you can feel a lot happier cooking in there under the night sky.

A skylight might not be possible in a galley kitchen that has a living space above it. One solution to that is to install solar tubes. They can penetrate through a second story and bring an incredible amount of natural light into your galley kitchen. 

Large Format Tiles

A great trick for a smaller space like a galley kitchen is to use the biggest tiles you can find, with small grout lines. This can make your galley kitchen feel bigger than it really is and it looks amazing.

A popular tile pattern now is real marble or imitation marble. The bright colored floor tiles will also open up the kitchen and help you feel less crowded in your galley kitchen.

Big tiles can have a monolithic look when installed by trained professional tilers. This makes you kitchen feel grand and inviting, and will make it seem less like a narrow galley kitchen.

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