Top 8 Newest Bathroom Renovation Ideas in Springfield VA this 2022

One of the most important steps you can take to make your home more comfortable is to do a bathroom remodeling project. To get a bathroom renovation started, one of the first things you can do is to find some interesting and practical bathroom update ideas.

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Finding some amazing bathroom remodel ideas in Springfield, VA will ensure that your bathroom remodeling project turns out as something you feel proud of. There are so many great bathroom remodel ideas in 2022 that it is a wonderful time to be undertaking this journey.

To help you narrow down the best bathroom remodeling ideas in Springfield, VA we have talked with our expert bathroom remodeling contractors from Springfield, VA and will share their valuable knowledge here. These bath remodel ideas in Springfield, Virginia will be your guiding light to get the most incredible bathroom that you will enjoy for a long time.

Japanese Soaking Tub With A Walk In Shower

Most people want to have a large walk in shower installed these days, they are a lot more practical and comfortable. But then of course there are those occasions where soaking in a hot bath is necessary, and that is why a Japanese soaking tub can be a great addition.

Soaking tubs are smaller and so they compliment a nice big walk in shower and won’t make your bathroom feel too crowded. They are more tall and thin and are meant to be used with the legs tucked up against the chest.

You still get a wonderful soak from a Japanese bathtub and you will have plenty of space in your bathroom. They are also very attractive pieces that will fit with a contemporary bathroom style.

Large Format Wall Tiles

People are really loving the look of big tiles on the walls with small grout lines so that it can appear to be a monolithic wall. This is a sleek look that can work really well to achieve that modern bathroom look that is very popular this year.

The large format tiles look really good if you choose marble or a marble imitation. The veining of the marble adds a touch of wonderment to your bathroom that will be pleasing to look at and add some natural beauty.

Large tiles might be more expensive, but the installation is easier because the tiler doesn’t need to place as many tiles and so the labor costs will be lower. This is a great addition to a bathroom remodel that will make your bathroom feel modern and trendy and of course cleaning wall tiles is much easier when hiring this cleaning company in Springfield VA.

Floating Vanities

You can create a vanity that appears to be floating by mounting it to the wall. This creates a very elegant look that can really make your bathroom look a lot more beautiful.

It is possible to have a single sink vanity or a double sink vanity to accommodate any sort of bathroom that you are designing. A floating vanity is a cool look that doesn’t put any limits on your style.

A great look is to have a white quartz vanity top, and then a beautiful wood finish for the vanity box. This makes your bathroom feel clean, but also cozy so that you can feel great while getting ready for your day.

Eye Catching Wallpaper

Going for some bold wallpaper is a trend this year that looks really amazing in a bathroom. Going with some wild colors and interesting patterns is a really fun way to spice up your bathroom.

There are several places you can find interesting wallpaper and you can even get a custom pattern designed to fit your tastes. You can coordinate all of your bathroom fixtures with your wallpaper for an amazing atmosphere.

Matte Finishes

There are several colors of matte finishes that are making a splash in the bathroom remodeling world this year. Black is an especially unique color that many people are surprised to see working so well as part of their bathroom.

There are also matte gold finishes that look incredible and you won’t have to worry too much about cleaning smudges off of a glossy finish. Gold is an ever popular color that you might find goes well with your aesthetic goals.

Incorporating Plants

One way to add some beautiful colors and a calming environment to your bathroom is to use some plants in your design plans. Some designers are choosing some plants before starting their bathroom remodel designs and then making them an integral part of the atmosphere.

Plants bring a jungle or forest-like feeling that can help you to relax and feel comfortable to get ready for your day. It is also really wonderful to come home to a room full of plants and unwind with their soothing energies.

Modern Toilets

This is a great time to be shopping for toilets because there are a lot of new models available that will make your bathroom experience a lot better. We have entered the age of smart toilets and no modern bathroom remodel is complete without getting the latest and greatest toilet.

You can have a hands-free toilet which will sense you coming and open the lid for you, then when you are finished will flush itself. This is a great way to stay more hygienic and will let you feel a lot more clean when using your bathroom.

Even if you don’t want a smart toilet, toilets these days have new designs that are easier to clean. They don’t have so many crevices and don’t create that hard to clean dead space.

Better Lighting

Having great lighting in your bathroom is critical to making sure you are ready to leave the house. Adding modern Lighting fixtures will give you great light that reveals how you truly look.

One neat trend we have seen this year is behind the medicine cabinet lighting. This creates a light source that won’t be blocked or make shadows.

These lights are installed behind the mirror and can make it seem like the mirror is floating on your wall. This is a cool illusion that is also totally practical.

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