Top 15 Gorgeous Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Every Taste

Just because you have a bathroom that is a bit on the small side, does not mean that you can’t make it an incredible space, you just need the right small bathroom remodel ideas. A good small bathroom design will make it seem bigger than it is after a small bathroom remodel.

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When preparing to do some small bathroom remodeling the best way to start is to look at some small bathroom ideas that you can use in your own home. From simple small bathroom ideas to modern small bathroom ideas you are sure to find some small bathroom remodel ideas in 2021 that will make you excited to start your project.

For this article we have curated the top fifteen small space, small bathroom ideas from our contractors and designers. Reading this will give you a great start on getting the small bathroom renovation of your dreams.

Wall Mounted Toilet

A wall mounted toilet hides the toilet’s water tank in the wall behind the toilet, giving you some more space in the bathroom. This is not only incredibly useful for a small bathroom, it also looks amazing and will be easier to clean because there is not the dead space behind the toilet. All you have to do is sweep and mop right under the toilet, no more reaching back behind the toilet and finding goodness knows what!

White Walls

Going for a white themed small bathroom can be a great idea because rooms that are white look bigger than they really are. The white color will reflect more light, the bathroom will feel larger and it will be more comfortable overall.

Large Format Tiles

Having some larger tiles with smaller grout lines will make your small bathroom seem larger than it really is. Large format tiles look great and all you have to do is pick a color or style that you enjoy. They are great for floors and walls, you could go with all the same tiles, or different tiles for the floor and walls.

Open Shower

To save some space, you can skip the barrier between your shower area and the rest of the bathroom. This is actually a pretty trendy look, but you will have to make sure anything in the showers splash zone is ok to get wet. 

Floating Vanity

You can mount your bathroom vanity to the wall, which looks very elegant. The vanity provides some storage space underneath, and it makes cleaning the floor a bit easier. These types of vanities have a nice modern look and you will be happy to have it in your home.

Darker Walls With White Trim

Going for some dark blue, or grey walls with whtie trim around the mirror and window can make those areas pop, and add some more depth to the field of vision. This will make the bathroom seem a little bigger and is a gorgeous look overall.

Inset Medicine Cabinet

You can have the medicine cabinet set into the wall so that it will not take up any space in the bathroom. This is a really beautiful look and can help to save some of that precious space that you need in your small bathroom.

Add A Skylight

If you really want to make your small bathroom more impressive, a skylight is a great way to go. You will get to take advantage of beautiful natural light and your view will go all the way up to the clouds or the stars! One of the best feelings in the world is being woken up by a shower lighted by the rays of the sun. This is also great for your sleep rhythms, as the sun help put you in a natural cycle and you will feel more rested and ready to perform.

Open Shelves

Instead of a boxy bathroom cabinet, open shelves will help to make your small bathroom feel more airy and light. Sometimes a full cabinet just doesn’t work in a small bathroom, but having some shelves for storage can be a huge plus.

Japanese Soaking Tub

These bathtubs take up a lot less space than a regular bathtub so you can have the luxury of soaking in the hot water without filling your entire small bathroom. You could have a separate, small shower stall, or you can take showers right in the soaking tub with the right equipment.

Marble Tiled Shower

To make a luxurious and elegant statement in your smaller bathroom, you can use high end materials like marble tiles. They will be so beautiful with their natural veining that you won’t even notice the size of the bathroom. When you have some really beautiful tiles in your bathroom, it feels a lot more comfortable and less crowded.

Quartz Vanity Top

Choosing the engineered stone known as quartz for your vanity top is another way to bring some luxury into a small bathroom. Quartz looks amazing and will be a solid surface for you to use for preparing yourself for your day or getting ready for sleep.

Pedestal Sink

While a pedestal sink doesn’t give you much in the way of storage, their sleek design helps to make a small bathroom feel less crowded. You may need to have some storage in another closet or another space, but a pedestal sink is a great look for a small bathroom.

Focus On Lighting

Equipping a small bathroom with the right lighting can make all the difference in the world. You want a small bathroom to be nice and bright so that you can always see what you are doing and you. A bathroom with the wrong lighting can feel a lot smaller than it really is, which is truly tragic in an already small bathroom.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets

If you want to maximise your storage space, hiring a cabinet maker to design and build cabinets for your bathroom could be a life saver. A cabinet maker will help you to use all of the available space in a way that stays beautiful and non- intrusive. Custom cabinets are more expensive, but having them fit your small bathroom exactly will make a big difference in your enjoyment of the space.

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