4 Expert Tips for Choosing Your Bathroom Cabinets

It’s time to renovate your bathroom! There are a lot of exciting ways to face a remodeling project, but at the same time this can also be overwhelming. You have to think about function without forgetting style while trying to make it the least expensive possible. 

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So to help you navigate this process, we have come with four expert tips for choosing your bathroom cabinets.


We all dream about having a bathroom that’s worthy of being on a vision board. But the most important thing to consider if you’re planning on renovating your bathroom is to make it a place that is both functional as well as aesthetic. 

Bathrooms fulfill a lot of roles in a limited space, that’s why taking in account the deepness of the swing of a door,  the accessibility and the type of use they have is of the essence. Understanding how you will use the space is the best way to help you decide about style, materials and configuration.  

Do you like showers or baths? Do you do your makeup in the bathroom? Is there more than one person using the space at the same time? These kinds of questions will clarify what kind of layout suits best your needs considering that the bathroom is a notably challenging room because water, drainage and electrical factors have to be taken into consideration. 

Bathroom vanities are one of the most prominent focal points. They contain the sink and usually a countertop. They can utilize and optimize the area around the plumbing (remember to leave enough space around it to install mirrors and lights). When installing bathroom vanities it is very important to place them somewhere they won’t interfere with the traffic flow. 

Using bathroom storage cabinets will help you save space and define a style for the room. They can have built-in drawers, dividers and appliance garages that are both functional and tasteful. You can find them in various styles: finished or unassembled, custom or stock, modern or classic. Cabinets tend to set the tone of your bathroom remodeling. Cabinets will help you get organized, usually they integrate different sections for cosmetics, electronic appliances and hygienic products.

Elements of Design 

We have talked about vanities and cabinets, but these are not the only elements that constitute a bathroom. Mirrors, sinks, countertop, walls and decoration should also be taken into consideration while thinking of renovation. 

But let’s start with some bathroom cabinet ideas. Cabinets are essential to achieve a clean and organized look. They can be used to store away linens, make up, medicines or any hygiene product you don’t want to see in plain sight. 

A bathroom wall cabinet works on so many levels! If you are struggling with storage space, this types of bathroom cabinet helps you optimize any blank wall while making it a focal point. You can visit your favorite bathroom cabinet store to find one that suits your function and style necessities. But in the case that your needs are very specific you can always resort to custom bathroom cabinets that fit your space and taste. 

Remember you always have a choice to make your cabinets match the rest of the house or to make a unique spot! 

Other features that will help you create your dream bathroom are units placed over the toilet, shelves and bins. These elements are very versatile and you can use as many as you want. 

Shower curtains, mats, window curtains, and light fixtures are fun ways to capture your own style without having to spend a lot of money. 

Make ends meet

So you’re excited to begin this project but you’re worried about the price? Of course any renovation venture can be expensive but this doesn’t mean it has to be your case. 

Don’t lose sight of the fact that you don’t need to replace everything you already own. Considering existing plumbing is an easy and cheap way to save up, moving plumbing around can be really expensive. 

There are a lot of ways to refresh the look of the things you already have,  in this way you save up money and stamp your personal style on your bathroom. 

You can freshen up the look of your cabinets by giving them another coat of color, you can also change the handle and change their style completely.  You have to make use of your creativity to recognize the opportunities to stretch your budget. 

Keeping up with the trends

Inspiration can come in many forms. Sometimes you‘re randomly looking over a magazine and fall in love with a look you see printed in it’s pages. Other times you are decided to see what’s booming and go through a research process to see what’s trending. 

Contemporary, classic, shabby chic or country, whatever your style is, staying on top of the trends has a lot of positive outcomes. It can help you increase the value of your property and keep your design up to date. You don’t have to follow each and every one of them, finding your own voice is the most important thing. 

Cabinets with a built-in illumination are becoming very popular right now. It helps you create a warm feeling and it’s very practical when you’re looking for something inside the cabinets. As we already mentioned, having a consistency with the overall house look is also currently in vogue. Keeping a uniform look in your cabinets is on trend. 

If you’re worrying about spending too much money on having a timeless yet trending bathroom style, remember there are a lot of ways to renovate your look without throwing your budget down the drain! Something as simple as changing your shower curtain or painting the wall in another color, can completely change the feeling of the room without spending big bucks. 

Renovating a bathroom can be an overwhelming project, but now you have the tools to optimize your budget while creating a space that is both functional and beautiful.

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