Is It Time To Replace Your Bathroom Cabinets?

Your bathroom should be a special and comfortable place where you can get ready for your day, cleanse your body and relieve yourself. If you are starting to feel crowded in your bathroom, always wading through clutter, or searching for a place to put something, you may need to consider replacing your bathroom cabinets.

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You may think it is strange that bathroom cabinets can make such a big difference in your bathroom, but they can be designed in such a variety of ways that they can really make or break a bathroom. Having the right bathroom cabinets can truly be the difference between enjoying your bathroom and dreading having to go into it.

Maybe you are considering a change in your bathroom and you are not sure what is the best chance to make, or maybe you are just looking for general bathroom cabinet ideas, whatever your goals are, in this article we will show you how to tell that it is time to replace your bathroom cabinets.


Bathroom cabinets get used a lot, and they can really take a beating over the years. If they have escaped with just some chipped paint and a wonky hinge, you may be able to repair them to avoid getting new ones. Once damage goes beyond minimal, it may be time to consider replacing them entirely.

Water damage can be a big problem for bathroom cabinets, especially for bathroom vanities. If your bathroom cabinets are made from particleboard, which is basically wood fibers that are glued together, they will not be able to stand up to much water damage. Check to see if your cabinets have a laminate or wallpaper-like face and if it is peeling off anywhere. This could mean that it is time to replace the cabinets.

You are more likely to be able to repair your cabinets if they are made of solid wood, but few cabinets are made of solid wood because it is more expensive. If you do need to replace your bathroom cabinets, you should talk to a cabinet maker about getting custom bathroom cabinets installed, they will last a long time and look beautiful.

If any of the shelves in the cabinet are sagging or broken, the cabinets should be replaced entirely. If one shelf is broken, more will probably follow and you might as well get new cabinets.


If you find that your bathroom always looks cluttered, no matter how much you try to organize, the problem could lie in your cabinets. If you have moved into a home where you did not put the cabinets in, it could be worth it to look into some new bathroom cabinet ideas that could transform the storage space you have.

It may not even be an actual lack of storage space that is causing the problem, sometimes the cabinet design can just make the space feel cramped. Bathroom wall cabinets especially can block light and make the bathroom feel smaller.

A good place to start getting ideas of all the ways you could improve your bathroom is at a bathroom cabinet store. You can look at all the different bathroom vanity cabinets and bathroom wall cabinets and imagine how they could improve upon your current bathroom cabinets.

After you have some new ideas, you can meet with a custom bathroom cabinet maker to see if they have some ways to put your ideas into practice. You will be really surprised by all the creative ways to make your bathroom storage space work for you.


Sometimes people notice a strange odor when they open their cabinets, and even after cleaning they can still smell it or it comes back quickly. This is a sign that some bacteria or fungus has taken root in the cabinet.

This is a very bad sign, as the root of this problem, the bacteria or fungus, could be impossible to eliminate and the odor could be there forever. The only way to make sure that this problem is eliminated is by replacing the cabinets completely.

Unfortunately, the odors can get locked inside of the cabinet, and it is just not worth the effort to try to rehab them. In this case, you are looking at getting some new bathroom cabinets or else living with the odor.


If every time you walk into your bathroom, you feel like you have stepped back in time, it may be time to update and get some bathroom cabinets that match our current times. Having a modern-looking bathroom will feel cleaner and better.

Cabinets usually reflect the style of the era they were built in, if they were built in the ’70s, they will look and feel like the ’70s.  Updating the cabinets will make a huge difference in helping you to feel better in your bathroom.


If you are considering selling your home, replacing your bathroom cabinets could make the process a lot easier. Revamping the bathroom can be a fairly simple project, but it can really help to make a home buyer feel better about putting an offer in on your home.

Bathrooms are so small that new cabinets are not terribly expensive, but they can certainly add some value to your home. If you have old cabinets, it can be a real turn-off and may make them give you a lower offer, or could make them consider a different home with better bathrooms.

Replacing your bathroom cabinets could be a great way to make sure that you are getting the most value when selling your home.


If you are a young family and your children are growing up, there will soon come a time where your current bathroom cabinets and vanity will not be enough for all the grown-up people living there. You may want to consider replacing your cabinets to create more space, or you could add another sink into your vanity so that more people can use the bathroom at the same time.

It may not be feasible for you to upgrade your home or add a new bathroom, but simply replacing your cabinets could be just enough to make you and your family comfortable for the years to come.

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