The Current Cost of Bathroom Remodeling In Ashburn VA

It is no surprise that Ashburn, Virginia was ranked fifth in Money’s 2021-22 Best Places to Live in the United States. With its quality of life, employment opportunities, and affordable bathroom remodeling cost, this place is close to being heaven on earth. 

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If you are lucky enough to live in the “Data Center Capital of the World”, as Ashburn is usually called, and you are thinking about renovating one of the highest traffic rooms in your home, look no further, here you can find all about bathroom remodeling cost. 

When you are thinking about bathroom remodeling cost in Ashburn VA there are a lot of factors to consider to get accurate bathroom remodeling prices like pipework, fixtures, appliances, cabinets, tiles, and countertops, all of which are fundamental elements to knowing the cost of remodeling a bathroom

Whether you have decided on remodeling your bathroom or you are thinking about working on another room, the next few tips will help you figure out the kitchen and bathroom remodeling cost in this Northern Virginia city. 

Let’s Talk About Money

If you want to know how much remodeling a bathroom cost in this part of the world, it is time to take out the bathroom remodeling cost calculator to get the answer. 

The bathroom remodeling cost in Ashburn VA falls between $10,000 and $59,000. It may seem like a big spread, and it is, but many factors can make your budget go lower or higher. One of the most obvious is size. It is not the same to remodel the guest bathroom as the master bathroom

So, you have to ask yourself: 

  • Do you want your bathroom to have more space? 
  • Do you want to change your shower to a bathtub or the other way around? 
  • Is the toilet in the right place or should it be somewhere else?
  • Do you share your bathroom with someone else and should you add an extra sink?
  • Would you like to change the flooring, maybe have it heated?
  • Do you want to have more light, are you thinking of making a window or perhaps a skylight?
  • Do you like your cabinets or do you want to upgrade them?
  • What do you think about adding more storage space, maybe some shelves?

These are important questions that would determine the cost of your renovation. But like Jack the Ripper said: “Let’s go by parts”.

The Size Does Matter

So, you want to know how much money you are going to spend remodeling your bathroom, the size of the space you are going to work on has a huge impact on how much you will end up paying. The bigger the bathroom, the bigger the budget. 

If you want to have an idea of how much you could end up spending, we are going to share with you a breakdown of bathroom sizes:

  • Basic or small bathroom remodel can cost from $9,000 up to $22,000.
  • Medium bathroom remodels can cost about $18,000 on up to $44,000.
  • A large or master bathroom can cost $38,000 and up to about $59,000.

If you do not know if your bathroom is small or medium, or medium or large, there is a way to tell how big your bathroom is by how it is rated. For example, if you have a shower a toilet, and only one sink it would be considered small. If you have a large shower or a bathtub you can call it a medium size bathroom. Do you want to know what you would call a large bathroom? This would be a place that might have two sinks and be about 200 square feet. 

Piping Up!

Do you want to know where to find the heart of your bathroom? It’s in the pipes! While working on a renovation the budget dedicated to the plumbing can significantly vary. For example, if you do not have any plumbing problems or you are not interested in changing your toilet to another space, you might spend as little as $250 to install new shower heads, a toilet, and new faucets. 

But if you have leaks and want to change the location of your pipes, this will make the price rocket as much as $1,650. You must consider that in a remodeling project the plumbing takes around 15 percent of the budget. 

Replacing Toilets And Sinks

Changing your toilet and sink can be a game changer for your new bathroom. It is not only functional, but it is a great factor for the new aesthetic. This makeover can go from $200 to around $1,900. Put away about 10 or 20 percent of your budget for these pieces.

Let it Rain

Have you ever been to a fancy hotel and had one of the most amazing showers of your life? The dream of having that kind of experience every day comes with a price. The price of having your shower change goes between $300 and $3,000. This would include new tiles for the flooring and walls. 

Around 25 percent of your budget would be used for this goal. 


It may seem like an understatement, but your bathroom floors need to be waterproof to avoid rotting. Having new flooring installed may go from $200 up to almost $3000. 

It Is Not All in Vain

When you are thinking about upgrading your Vanity you can go as big or small as you want. You could have just one sink with storage space, or you could have a custom-built vanity. Just remember that in this area you will spend around 10 or 20 percent of your budget, which means about $300 up to $3,800. 


Getting the humidity out of your bathroom is a must. Installing a ventilation system cost about $2,000.

If you want to get air more naturally by installing a new window you can expect to pay from $200 to $2,000.

Last details

For a fresh new look giving a fresh new coat of paint will cost you from $150 to $550 and installing a new 

Lighting system you can expect to pay $300 up to $700, but if you want to change the location of your light you would have to pay more because it requires the work of an electrician. 

Helping Hand

If you are wondering what the most expensive part of a bathroom renovation is, the answer is labor. Usually, this would take about 40 to 65 percent of the budget. 

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