Top 7 Split Level Kitchen Remodel Design and Ideas

Split level homes were a very popular design from the sixties to the eighties, and now to bring them into the modern era a lot of people are taking on a split level remodel. A split level remodel is a very exciting opportunity to take a well built house and update it to make it the kind of home you could see yourself and others wanting to live in for decades to come.

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One of the more interesting parts of a split level remodel is split level kitchen remodeling. The kitchen in a split level is the number one area that many homeowners want to change and there are so many amazing things you can do with a split level kitchen remodel that can bring the home into the modern era.

If you are one of the many owners of split level kitchens who is thinking of finding the perfect split level kitchen design, this article is for you. We hope to help you find the right split level kitchen ideas that will help to guide your split level remodel and make it turn out as beautiful as possible.

Split Level Remodel: Kitchen Problems

One of the first steps of split level kitchen remodels is to examine the problems of your split level kitchen and find great ways to make them better. With so many split level homes now coming to the age where they need to be remodeled, we can use our experience to lay out some of the common problems of a split level kitchen remodel and how people solve them.

The largest problem we have found with split level kitchens is that people feel the kitchen is too closed off from the rest of the home. The current trend is for open floor plans, and a split level kitchen that is separated from the rest of the house makes it feel old fashioned.

The obvious solution is to open up the split level kitchen to the rest of the house, and there are several split level kitchen ideas that can help you accomplish this. We will mostly be discussing these split level kitchen ideas in the rest of the article.

Your split level kitchen remodel may present unique challenges, so a good place to start a split level remodel is to identify all of the problems you have with your kitchen. Then you can work with your split level kitchen design team to find the best solutions and make your kitchen the one you have dreamt about.

Split Level Remodel 1: Take Down A Wall

The obvious choice for opening up split level kitchens is to take out one of the walls to create a free flow between the kitchen and the rest of the home. Taking out a wall is no easy task though, and there is a lot to consider before making this a part of your split level kitchen remodel.

The first thing to consider is if the wall is load bearing, because if a load bearing wall is to be removed it will add considerable expense. You may have to install a steel beam or find some solution to support the structure of the house. This can often mean that removing the wall is unfeasible for your split level remodel.

Once you know that you are able to take out the wall, you have more problems to solve. If the wall holds cabinets, how are you going to make up for that storage space in your new kitchen? If you are removing counter space, will you have enough counter space remaining? There should still be some transition between the kitchen and the rest of the home, how do you want that to look?

Split Level Remodel 2: Half Wall

Some homeowners during their split level kitchen remodels decide to leave a half wall instead of removing the entire thing. This can leave some of the cabinet space in the kitchen, makes a good transition and can open up the kitchen enough so that it does not feel totally separated from the rest of the house.

A half wall can be a great compromise between a fully open kitchen and a kitchen with lots of storage space.

Split Level Remodel 3: Flooring

Removing a wall will be a good way to create a split level ranch kitchen remodel, but you still want to find a way to distinguish between the kitchen and the rest of the home; one way of accomplishing that is with flooring. 

Having one type of flooring like tile in the kitchen, then making a transition to another type of flooring outside of the kitchen like carpet will be a subtle way of dividing the different areas of the home. Using flooring as a room divider leaves the kitchen open and airy, but still a space of its own.

Split Level Remodel 4: Kitchen Island

After you take a wall down, you may still want some substantial division between the kitchen and the rest of the house, a kitchen island can be a great way to do that. Also, if you have eliminated some counter space or storage that was located on the old wall, a kitchen island can help you with that as well.

Kitchen islands are a lot more versatile than having a wall, and they keep the kitchen feeling open to the rest of the home. A great thing to do with an island is make bar seating that looks into the kitchen, so that people can sit and eat or drink while someone is cooking. This makes a great social setting without having people getting in the way of the chef.

Split Level Remodel 5: Windows

If knocking out a wall is not possible, or even if it is, adding more windows or enlarging existing ones is a great way to make the kitchen feel larger. It will let in more natural light, but also add depth to the field of vision, all making the room feel more open.

Skylights are also a great idea for a split level kitchen remodel. They will add more light, but also allow you to see up into the heavens, making the kitchen feel much bigger than it really is. 

Split Level Remodel 6: Light Colors

Choosing light colors for your kitchen remodel is another great trick to make the space feel bigger and more airy. Split level kitchens with dark colored wood cabinets can look especially dated now, so adding some light colors to your kitchen design will definitely help bring your split level kitchen into the modern era.

Split Level Remodel 7: Open Doorways

If your kitchen was designed with doorways, they will definitely make your kitchen feel cramped and closed off. Taking the doors and door frames out will help to open it up and make it feel more modern.

To take it a step further, you could possibly expand the opening for the doorway, even creating a beautiful archway that would add some real wow factor to your home. 

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