6 Easy Tips in Small Kitchen Remodeling

A small kitchen remodel can seem like a real daunting task, bringing up questions like “how am I going to fit everything I need into my small kitchen?” Remodeling a small kitchen does present its own set of challenges, but with the right planning you can make a small kitchen function and feel just as lovely as a big kitchen.

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A small kitchen redo should always be attempting to maximize the space available while leaving the kitchen looking as open and airy as possible. The best way to start a small kitchen remodel is to get in the mindset of having fun and being creative about maximizing your small kitchen space. This is a chance to practice your critical thinking skills and find unique ways to solve the problems that you will encounter.

To help you get your small kitchen remodel off to a great start, we offer the following six small kitchen remodel tips. Follow these tips in your planning and it will help your small kitchen remodel turn out the way you want.

Use Light Colors

Employing white and its many shades may seem boring, but in a small space light colors really do make it seem larger and cleaner. This is because light colors are brighter and can appear to be farther away.

Dark colors on the other hand will make the kitchen feel small and closed in. You can use dark colors on the floor or for counter tops, adding contrast, but vertical surfaces like walls and cabinets should definitely be a light color.

You don’t necessarily have to choose only shades of white, light yellow, pink and blue can all work, but they have to be a very light shade. White really is the best, but as long as you choose a light shade of color you will achieve the illusion of the kitchen being bigger than it really is.

Shop For Smaller Appliances

Many appliance makers are offering smaller size units that are meant for apartments and small kitchens. Especially European brands, where houses and kitchens are typically smaller, come in small sizes that could really give you some needed counterspace.

You may need to adjust some of your habits to work with smaller appliances, like having less food stored in the fridge, or not being able to cook as big of meals because of a more limited stove and oven space. You will need to consider whether having the extra room is worth making these changes for.

You can also consider keeping a large refrigerator or chest freezer in another room or in the basement, with a smaller or mini fridge in the kitchen for those items you like to have on hand at all times. If you have a covered patio or porch you might consider keeping a refrigerator there.

Add Windows

Increasing your field of vision by adding more windows is a great trick for a renovate small kitchen project. Seeing out the windows will make your eyes think that the room is much bigger and will help you avoid feeling cramped.

The bright, natural light that added windows brings in will really make a huge difference in the appearance of your small kitchen. You should consider making your windows able to be opened as well, so that on nice days you can let fresh air in, making the kitchen that much more comfortable.

If your budget and your homes design allow, a skylight will really open things up. Not only will you be able to see up to the clouds, but the hole for the skylight expands the actual space in the kitchen, helping to make it look just a bit roomier.

Improve Ventilation

Having proper ventilation in your kitchen will make it a whole lot more comfortable to cook in. One thing homeowners usually wish they had spent more effort on in their remodeled small kitchens is the ventilation.

Small kitchens are prone to too easily fill with smoke and steam, which makes them a lot less comfortable. They will also tend to trap more cooking smells, which could linger for days, making you feel sick of the food you have cooked.

Improving ventilation will normally involve adding new vents, or widening existing ones. You will also need to get a quality range hood which is capable of blowing your smoke and cooking odors outside.

Custom Cabinets

To really maximize your storage space, you should seek the help of professional cabinet makers to design cabinets to fit your kitchen exactly. Custom cabinets come with a higher price, but having them use every inch available and getting better storage will be worth it.

To add a little more storage space, design cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling, instead of leaving a gap. Taller, thinner cabinets will also draw the eyes up and make a small kitchen seem bigger. You may need a stool to help reach items up so high, but you can keep your seldom used things up there so that you are not needing them too often. 

You can also design special cabinets for if you have an odd space next to your refrigerator, or some weird shape to work around. Custom cabinets will use every inch possible to make sure you have enough storage.

Installing lights underneath your kitchen cabinets that shine onto the countertops will help you see better while you are preparing food. The shadow cast by a cabinet can make the kitchen feel smaller, so bringing in some lights to this area will help make your small kitchen feel bigger.

Keep It Simple

This tip applies to every aspect of a small kitchen remodel. The simpler you keep it, the bigger and more open it is going to feel.

You don’t want anything to appear too big and out of proportion, keep colors matching, don’t use patterns that are too busy and make your hardware less noticeable.

You also want to keep your kitchen items to a minimum. If you can’t hide things inside of your kitchen cabinets, find another room to keep them in. Keep the countertops clear, and create as little chaos as possible. If you find yourself not using something, get rid of it.

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