10 Ideas for a Small Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

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Finding the best small kitchen ideas on a budget can help you get a new kitchen at a great price. There are definitely a lot of small kitchen remodel designs that don’t cost too much and still look amazing.

It might take a little bit of careful planning and creative thinking to figure out how to remodel a small kitchen on a budget, but it can certainly be worth some effort. Once you have your small kitchen remodeling budget, your contractor can help you find solutions to make it work. 

We have asked our small kitchen remodeling experts for their best ideas on making a small kitchen turn into an amazing kitchen. These ten small kitchen remodel ideas on a budget will help you to get excited about your project and find beautiful solutions to your needs.

Keep Your Existing Floor Plan

Small kitchen remodeling can start to get really expensive when you change the location of sinks, dishwashers, electrical outlets, and walls. Changes like this take more work, from design to plumbing to electrical, and those costs add up fast. 

Leave your kitchen layed out the way it is and you will have an easier time sticking to your budget. Use your creativity to find solutions to the problems of your layout and you will still end up with a functional and beautiful kitchen.

Shop Second Hand

Just because an item is used, does not mean that it can’t be a great addition to your kitchen. There are many options out there for finding used building materials for the kitchen, like craigslist or Habitat for Humanity’s Restore.

Shopping for second hand building supplies also keeps them from filling up landfills. This is a very environmentally friendly way to acquire building supplies.

Finding used building supplies can feel a lot like treasure hunting, and will make your kitchen remodeling feel more fun and personal. 

Keep the Same Kitchen Cabinets

The most expensive part of a typical kitchen remodel is buying and installing new cabinets. They usually make up about 25% of the overall kitchen remodeling budget, so finding a way to save on kitchen cabinets will make your project a lot more affordable. 

If your kitchen cabinets are in working order, and they have enough storage space for your needs, think of giving them a new coat of paint to make them look new and help them last another decade or two. 

If you really hate your cabinets, it is probably best to find a way to afford new ones. But then you will need to save money in other ways.

Define Your Priorities

Having a strong sense of what you want your kitchen to be will help you focus your resources on what is important, and save money where you don’t care so much about having the best. You can find ways to have luxury items that will make you happy each day, and save money on things that don’t matter to you.

If, for example, you know that having beautiful countertops is something that makes you love a kitchen, spend more money getting the best countertops. Then, you might need to buy a budget option for your sink, but the happiness that your beautiful countertops will help you to not notice your sink.

This is one of the best pieces of advice we can give to small kitchen remodelers with a budget. Thinking hard about what is important to you will make you much happier with your small kitchen remodel.

Focus on Light Fixtures

Making some beautiful and unique light fixtures the focal point of your kitchen is a great way to add something special to your kitchen that is not too expensive. Light fixtures easily become a centerpiece of a kitchen, and it is a great way to change the whole atmosphere of the room.

The eyes will almost automatically go to an interesting light fixture, so making them the focal point will sort of distract people from noticing any parts of the kitchen that get neglected for budget reasons. You can basically leave the rest of the kitchen the same, but people will be amazed by how different the kitchen looks.

Shop for a vintage light fixture, or see if you can find a local artist who makes light fixtures. This will make your kitchen look extra special, and you will love your unique and cherished piece of art. 

Choose the Right Paint

Having the perfect paint color will make your kitchen feel totally upgraded and amazing. Find a color that you love and choose a high quality paint that will keep looking great for many years. 

The walls are such a large part of the kitchen that painting them will be a huge difference maker in the appearance of your kitchen. Finding the best paint that looks amazing in your kitchen will make remodeling a small kitchen on a budget much easier.

Install a Tile Backsplash

A beautiful tile backsplash adds a fancy look to your kitchen that doesn’t cost too much. Focusing on this part of your small kitchen remodel can make your kitchen look a lot better without breaking your budget. 

Tile backsplashes are also fairly easy to install as a DIY project, so if you feel like doing some work yourself, this could be a good option. You should ask how much it would be to have your contractor do it though, as you might be surprised by their bid and they will do a much better job.

Work In Stages

If you have your ideal small kitchen remodel in mind, but it just doesn’t fit into your budget, you might be able to work in stages so that you can keep saving funds. You can speak with your contractor about the best ways to accomplish a small kitchen remodel in stages.

If you have kitchen cabinets in mind that you just can’t afford right now, finish the rest of your kitchen, then in a year or two you can have the cabinets installed. This should be pretty easy to do, and you can talk with your contractor about other ideas to work in stages. 

Cool Range Hoods

Having a range hood installed in your kitchen is not too expensive, but it adds a lot of style that changes the look of a small kitchen. They can also help to ventilate your small kitchen, which is a common complaint of many homeowners with small kitchens.

You can get a fabulous range hood that will be a great focal point for your kitchen for not too much money. People will see your cool range hood and barely even notice that you didn’t get the most expensive countertops. 

Open Shelving

Choosing to have open shelving in the kitchen instead of cabinetry is a great way to save some money and bring an open, modern design look. Your kitchen will feel a lot bigger with open shelves because they won’t crowd the field of vision nor block any light.

Open shelving is a perfect, budget friendly alternative to kitchen cabinets. It is a big bonus that open shelves are trendy right now and it will seem like you were designing a modern kitchen, not trying to save mo.

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