30 Top Small Kitchen Remodeling Design Ideas

When we are at home we spend much of our time in the kitchen, whether it is preparing a meal to share or to enjoy by ourselves, the kitchen is one of the most used spaces.

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Having a small kitchen is not an impediment for having a functional area in which one can enjoy cooking and spend time with our loved ones. 

There are many ways to turn a small kitchen into a functional and charming room.  You can start by looking for small kitchen design ideas or  hiring a small kitchen remodeling service to help you optimize your space. Either way.

We have  gathered the 30 best small kitchen remodel ideas to get you on your way!

Vertical space

One way to start your small kitchen renovation is by giving new life to vertical space. Any wall can be used for hanging pots and pans.


If you are looking for modern small kitchen ideas, sorting dishes, glasses and appliances by color makes your kitchen look neater, while keeping things easy to find.

Shelves on blank walls

If you’re short on space in your kitchen, an easy way to get more storage space is by placing shelves on the wall.

Sliding doors

With the help of small kitchen remodelers you can install sliding cabinet doors that will help make your space look cleaner and more organized. 

Bring in pops of color

Introducing  color to an all white space is a fun way to give a modern feeling to a small kitchen, without compromising space. 


They are especially helpful to create the illusion of open space. They are also useful to bounce light and make the kitchen seem brighter. You can play with different styles of mirrors to adapt to your taste. 

Install a pull-out pantry drawer

You don’t have to worry about space if you are working on a small kitchen remodeling project,

building a pull-out pantry is an easy way to create storage in a discreet and effective way. 

Keep produce in drawers

Dedicating a drawer to products that don’t need refrigeration is a smart way to free up space and have an organized kitchen. 

Add a rug

When a space is small but you still want to give it a personal style, a rug is a perfect way to add color, texture and to warm up a room. 

Add a breakfast bar

Instead of having a table and chairs which take a lot of space, you can use any nook in your kitchen to create an eating space with the help of a board and a few stools. 

Storage under benches

Having a breakfast nook is a charming way to optimize space while having additional storage room hidden underneath the seats. 

Island cart

A moveable island is possible if you use a wheeled cart that you can roll in and roll out of the kitchen. Have it as a pre station and take it out once the meal is ready. 

Use the ceiling

When space is limited you have to use every resource. Don’t doubt looking up! Using the ceiling is a really easy way to free shelves and cabinets while making the kitchen look super modern. 


Plants make everything better! They help clear the air and make any space feel full of life. Besides, you can have potted herbs like basil and oregano to add fresh flavor to your meals. 

Glass doors

They help you create an illusion of a bigger space, while they let more light in. 

Pare down

Cut down the excess. Take away everything you really don’t need and exchange it for more space. Your kitchen will really appreciate it!  

Mirror the walls

A way to make any space feel larger is to mirror the walls. In this way you can have the illusion of a bigger space. 

Put things on top of appliances

if you don’t have enough space, the spot between your appliances and shelves becomes extra storage space. Use it to store rarely used elements. 


Using color to create a visual flow will allow you to have a more cohesive space, no matter the size of your kitchen! You can do this by selecting appliances, dishes and towels of the same shade. 


A way to make an aesthetic statement is to use wallpaper. A good thing is you can choose between using it on an entire wall or just as an accent. The choice is yours! 

Paint an accent wall

If you want to transform the look of your kitchen, but you don’t have a large budget or space, painting an accent wall is an easy way to make any room pop.

Opt for small appliances

High quality appliances come in every size and form! If you’re struggling with a small kitchen, opting for a smaller appliance can really help you clear the space and make the room feel bigger. 


Using baskets is an innovative way to find storage space. Shelves and pantries can run out of space, but baskets fulfill the double objective of being storage and decoration! You can bring them from your travels, vintage stores or any department store.

Unexpected Pattern

Using a patterned floor will create the illusion of a bigger space. You can also use patterned tile, wallpaper or wall decals to give extra life to your walls. 

Open Walls

If you cannot open your kitchen wall completely, don’t worry there are still ways to make your room brighter. You can remove just a section and create a portal to connect the kitchen with the rest of the house. 


Forget the idea that art only goes in the living room! Art can go anywhere and using it in the kitchen will help bring your style to every room. 

Cabinet drawers

Installing cabinet drawers will help you organize your space. They are easy to install and will make your life a lot easier. 

Conceal your fridge within the cabinetry-

With the help of small kitchen remodelers you can achieve a clean and seamless look in your kitchen. Forget about the clutter and welcome a new modern style. 

Add lights

There is nothing worse than cooking with a dim light. Adding lights will make your kitchen look brighter and more welcoming. 

Make your kitchen island the focal point

The island in the kitchen is already the focal point. Instead of disguising it, make it special.

Now you have all the elements to make the best of your small kitchen, it’s time to get to work!

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