Small Bathrooms with Bathtub Ideas

If you want to do a small bathroom renovation with a bathtub the first thing you need to find is some small bathroom ideas. Keeping your eye out for the latest small bathroom design ideas puts you ahead of the game so when it is time to execute you will be ready and waiting.

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A small bathroom remodeling with a bathtub project can seem like quite an uphill battle if you are not sure how you will fit everything into your space. But the most genius bathroom design looks at the small space as a challenge and opportunity to get creative, rather than as a burden.

To help you get the best small bathroom with a bathtub ideas, we are having each of our experts share their favorite small bathroom hack in this article. These genius bathroom hacks are guaranteed to make your small bathroom look incredible and amazing.

Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Planning out your small bathroom decor before getting deeper into your design can be a great place to start. This style of small bathroom design often leads to a cohesive feeling because all of the elements of the bathroom match with your decor. 

Bathroom decor can include many parts of your bathroom, from pictures, to vases, to candles and house plants. Anything that you know you want to include in your bathroom can be part of your initial bathroom design process. 

When you choose to think about your bathroom decor from the start, you are sort of turning the design process on its head, which can have surprising results. Knowing your bathroom decor can help you pick your color schemes, including:

  • Walls
  • Tiles
  • Hardware
  • Faucets
  • Trim

Wall Mounted Toilet

Some of the best small bathroom ideas involve saving space without sacrificing comfort or luxury for your bathtub. One of the best ways to do that is with a wall mounted toilet, which takes up much less space than a traditional toilet and functions the same, if not better.

A wall mounted toilet puts its water tank inside of the wall behind the toilet bowl, instead of having the water tank sit at the back of the toilet bowl. The water tank takes up easily a whole square foot, so having that space back can really help with your small bathroom remodel that includes a bathtub.

The traditional toilet also creates dead space behind and underneath the toilet that is hard to clean. A wall mounted toilet maximizes your space and is easy to clean, which makes a small bathroom much more comfortable in the long run.

Add A Skylight To Your Small Bathroom With A Bathtub

If you are fortunate and your roof is right above your small bathroom, you can add a skylight that will make your space much brighter during the day. There is also the fact that skylights add more than six inches of height to the ceiling, which can really help open up a small bathroom.

Skylights are treasured because they deliver precious and healthy sunlight into your bathroom in a passive way. Using all the natural light in your bathroom will improve your mood and help you cut down on daytime electricity use.

Having that daylight first thing in the morning when you wake up will help get your day started in the right way. You will feel more focused and ready to take on any challenge that your day gives you when you have a skylight as part of your small bathroom renovation.

You can also sit in your bathtub and gaze up at the stars and moon at night. This is one of the great moments when you have a small bathroom with a bathtub.

Consider A Japanese Soaking Tub

Some folks with small bathrooms have been choosing to have Japanese style soaking tubs installed. These tubs are smaller and deeper than the traditional USA bathtub, so they have an appropriate footprint for a small bathroom remodel.

Japanese people live in smaller apartments than USA people, but they also have a cultural affinity for soaking in wonderful hot water. This is why a Japanese soaking tub is so practical in a small bathroom, it fits perfectly and still feels like a luxury item.

You could save so much space with a Japanese style soaking tub that you could have the room for a small size shower stall for those times you don’t want to take a bath. This would really up the luxury factor in your small bathroom and put you over the top.

Pedestal Sinks Compliment A Bathtub In A Small Bathroom

Choosing a sink that doesn’t take up much visual space is a great solution to balance out having a bathtub in your smaller size bathroom. Pedestal sinks have a sleek look that helps the rest of the bathroom seem bigger, while also looking very elegant.

Pedestal sinks are the top choice of many bathroom design experts for smaller bathrooms because they take up so little space. They can balance out a bulky bathtub to make the proportions of your small bathroom renovation look just right.

The drawback of a pedestal sink is its lack of storage space, so you might need to rely on a bathroom cabinet or closet to keep your bathroom necessities. If you can figure that out, your small bathroom could certainly use a nice little pedestal sink to compliment its bathtub.

Large Format Tiles With Tiny Grout Lines

If you want to have floor tiles in your small bathroom, going with large format tiles is the best way to go. They will help to make the bathtub not dominate so much visual space, and they will look great as your bathroom floor.

Smaller grout lines between large tiles helps them seem more monolithic, which in turn helps the bathroom feel bigger. This is a great small bathroom hack to use in your home.

For the color of tiles, you need to base that on the rest of your bathroom decor. Most people love installing a sandy, or light gray colored large format tile in their small bathroom remodel.

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