9 Tips for Your Small Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is the smallest room in the house with some very specific tasks; some bathrooms are in fact extra small and they challenge us to find the best ways to make them function for their tasks while looking beautiful. A small bathroom contains a lot of nuance and the fun of tackling a small bathroom remodel is that you have to make a lot fit into the space while leaving enough room to feel comfortable while using it.

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When there are a lot of limitations on a project, like with a tiny bathroom remodel, we have a chance to really bring out our creativity and let it shine. If you are thinking of embarking on a small bathroom renovation you may be dreading having to fit so much into a tiny space, but so many small bathrooms turn out gorgeous that you need to see this as an opportunity to build something great.

There are so many great resources about remodeling small bathrooms that you will have no trouble getting some inspiration and then making your little bathroom into a comfortable and stylish space. In this article, you can find nine of the best tips for your small bathroom remodeling project so that you can end up with that awesome small bathroom you have been hoping for.


A loo that hides its water tank inside of the wall is an attractive option for someone renovating a small bathroom. Having those few extra inches of knee room when you are going potty can really make the bathroom feel so much more comfortable.

Wall hung toilets are ideal if you are tearing the walls out or starting from scratch anyway, as there will be a lot of work to put the plumbing into the wall. This work will require a plumber and could get a little spendy because of that. It is totally worth having the space in a tiny bathroom though.

In case you do not know what a wall hung toilet is like, it is where you put the toilet’s water tank (the big bulky thing behind the toilet bowl where the flush handle is located) inside of the wall behind the toilet. It frees up space because the toilet water tank has to protrude from a normal toilet to give you a place to sit and do your business, but a wall hung toilet puts the tank in the wall so it does not take up space in the bathroom.


Instead of having a bulky towel bar in the middle of your tiny bathroom wall, use hooks. They take up so much less visual space than a towel bar, leaving the bathroom looking bigger. The best location might be to have the hooks on the inside of the door, so that when the door is open you really do not even know that they exist. 

The hooks functionality can be just as high as a larger towel bar, and when designing a small bathroom renovation you always need to jump at the opportunity to do that. Hooks will look great, whether they have towels on them or not.


Tucking your bathroom sink in the corner of the room can be a great way to maximise the space. The corner can often become a sort of dead space, but if you have the ability, you might as well capture that space and make it one hundred percent more functional.

A corner sink could require some more specialty parts or even some manufacturing because it is not a very common design, but it can certainly be achieved and end up looking beautiful. Corner sinks are normally small, and look super cute with the right design techniques. They can sort of have the feeling of the place where a leprechaun washes their hands.


It may seem like having small tiles would make the room look bigger in comparison to the size of the tiles, but in fact the opposite is true. When you have large size tiles and you have small grout lines between the rest of the bathroom actually looks like it is bigger.

It is only an illusion, but it is just the illusion we want to employ when designing a tiny bathroom. It is all about how you feel in the bathroom and if you do not feel cramped, the small bathroom remodel is a success. 


If you have a bath tub in your bathroom, it could make the space feel larger if you use a clear shower curtain so that there is no obstruction of light. Having more visual space is important for a small bathroom, and a clear shower curtain can give you at least a few extra feet of vision.

Even if you have a shower stall in your bathroom, if it has a swinging door, you might want to consider going with a shower curtain instead. Not having a swinging door that takes up a lane of traffic can really make the bathroom seem bigger. You could even have a half glass wall and then a bit of clear shower curtain for the door.


Niches or nooks can be a great way to add some shelf space without intruding into the bathroom. It does not have to be too difficult to build the niches into the walls, as long as there is no electricity in the wall, you just have to make a hole in the wall, make a shelf and then finish the edges. 

Bathrooms need to have some storage space, and a nook in the wall can provide just that. You can even decorate them with some candles and plants to make the bathroom come to life with charm.


Pedestal sinks are a trendy and elegant option for a bathroom. The best thing about them for a small bathroom is that they do not take up much visual space, so the rest of the bathroom can look bigger. In reality though, pedestal sinks take up a pretty big footprint and create dead space underneath.

Before your remodel, you need to decide what is more important: having some storage space under your sink, or having your bathroom look bigger and more elegant. If you want more storage space, it is definitely best to have a bathroom sink vanity with some storage under the sink. You can really fit a lot of necessary items under the sink.

The best of both worlds might be to install a floating sink or wall mounted sink. With this type of sink, you get the visual space of a pedestal sink, and if you find that you need some storage, it is easy to install shelving under a floating sink or you can keep a waste basket underneath.


Having a medicine cabinet over the sink can be pretty awesome, but if it sticks out too far into your visual space it can easily make the bathroom feel crowded. Building the medicine cabinet into the wall will eliminate this problem and will look fancy.

Use a good quality mirror on your medicine cabinet, as this can also help to make sure that the room looks and feels as big as it can. 


White really is the best color to make a room look bigger. It may seem boring but there is just no denying the fact. You also want to be careful about any tile patterns you use, as they can sometimes make the room look too busy.

It is possible to use darker colors in a small bathroom, you just have to be sure to use a semi gloss paint. This will reflect some light and make the room not feel too small. 

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